Sunday, November 22, 2015

Do Da Days and a Photo Montage of Recent Sights

Sunday, the most perfect morning of the week is here. No gardeners blasting leaf blowers, no carpenters pounding hammers, no tree trimmers with shrieking saws. Only a couple of crows protesting the silence, and a rogue commuter rounding a curve on A.P.S. Highway.

Why is it

in my imperfect life
I keep bumping into perfect.

The lack of space

the unstructured room

without a closet

the chores -- endless they seem -- and convoluted:

tasks folding into tasks:

unraveling tangles, loosening knots--

and then

I breathe a pocket

of electric air

and a sudden joy

washes through me

for no reason,

just the precious musk of this day

inside a world riddled with chaos

but beneath it

and around it

light --

pure light.

Dear Lovely Viewers,

Welcome! It's so good to see you again. I want to wish you all a beautiful Thanksgiving. And these days between now and the 15th of January (when I will return with my new post), including Christmas and New Years, I trust you you will find and discover light.

~    Anitra <3 nbsp="">


  1. The only thing to really about this lovely poem is that it stands alone so nicely that analyzing it would only detract from its craftsmanship; however, that doesn't mean I can't say I do love the way it is, by itself, a pocket of electric air...

    What to say about the photographs... sunset trees that look like our desert mesquites against a sky of fire, Reynard the Fox sneaking away from an old French folktale to stir up a bit of mischief in southern California, a manmade leviathan gliding across the ocean...

    A happy holiday season of light for you and yours, Anitra...

    1. Oh Louis,

      It's always such a treat to hear from you and to read your wonderful and generous words. And Reynard the fox, wasn't he a special find. Especially with your French folktale embellishment. Thank you so much for sharing.

      Let me return wishes for a holiday of peace and light for you and your family.

      With gratitude,

      ~ Anitra

  2. Anitra, your poem --"...electric air and a sudden joy washes through me for no reason,.."-- took me two directions: to the love of solving questions within; to the physical constant of light in interstellar space. A remarkable combination of reaction and realization, different aspects of character that guide us through time. Your photos are full of light.

    1. Geo,

      I so enjoy the gift of your words and perceptions. Yes, there are two aspects here, and it's interesting to have them pointed out. As well as the 'physical constant of light in interstellar space.' I love that. Thank you.

      May you and Norma Have a light filled holiday.


    2. Anitra, your line, "tasks folding into tasks", returned me here tonight. I have thoughts of my loved ones, grown children living where their love and work took them, and the manifold task of communicating with them all. I delight in an efficient postal system and long-distance communications. These are good times. My best wishes to you and yours in this and all seasons.

    3. Geo,

      Delightful to hear from you during this season. And that you were visited by my line, "tasks folding into tasks," as it related to your family and loved ones moving into their own lives, and your challenge to communicate with them.

      A line in a poem can have a broad meaning. I too find -- particularly right now, in this holiday season -- my thoughts going to the passage of time and the unfolding of generations. These can be particularly poignant when the season brings us to reflection.

      Your kind wishes are happily received. Yes, these are good times with great meaning. Wishing you and yours an abundance of treasured moments,


  3. Hello Aneet!

    While the seasons change, it's clear that Santa Barbara provides visual delicacies for every month of the year. Sunday morning is indeed the most perfect morning of the week. I've spent so many Sunday mornings enjoying the simplicity of a cup of coffee while listening to soft music or reading the newspaper.

    It's hard to believe that 2015 is already racing to a close. I think this year has gone faster than any other that I can remember. May your holiday season be merry, bountiful, and bright, and may the new year bring you endless blessings.

    Best wishes and fondest regards,


  4. Joseph,

    Hello! What a treat to see you here. I so enjoyed reading your words and description of your Sunday Mornings. It's wonderful to receive your light-filled message.

    Wishing you a glowing Thanksgiving, a radiant Christmas/Hanuka/etc., and of course, a happy and successful New Year.

    Blessings and joy,


  5. Greetings Aneet!

    It's truly amazing to me how many different hues of color light can offer through dawn to dusk. In this post you captured many different aspects of that. The water looks so serine, not even a ripple.That sly fox to the vintage turquoise car. That fox though does bring back memories of a particular game of golf I played at Bethpage here on Long Island. In the middle of walking the fairway, 2 beautiful foxes, Mr and Mrs no less, ran side by side across the fairway and into the woods as if the dinner bell rang and they were alerted to come.

    On another note, that photo in the side bar came out so nice but then again you have never taken a bad picture I'm sure. Real classic beauty and elegance!

    Wishing you, Erin and family a happy Thanksgiving filled with plenty of joy,peace, not too many chores, tasks, tangles and knots. And of course plenty of light!

    Best always to you.......


  6. Hey Jonathan,

    Delightful to read your words. They are always so engaging. I'm happy that the photos connected, and that the sneaky fox brought you memories of the Mr. and Mrs. you once saw harkening their dinner bell, while you were playing golf.

    And thank you Jonathan, for your nice response to my photo with Mr. Terrell. And also for you beautifully expressed warm wishes for Erin's and my light filled holiday.

    May you and your family experience a safe and satisfying Season of Light.


    ~ Aneet

  7. Anitra,

    You surely must live in one of the most beautiful places on earth! As always, your images are stunning and your words are very inspiring. It makes me wonder about my retirement someday and how I need a break from the busy metropolitan city of Los Angeles. So much to explore, but so little time it seems when the calling of showbiz keeps me going.

    My wife and I send you and your loved ones best wishes for the entire holiday season! Looking forward to 2016 :)


    1. Ah yes Tom, it is beautiful here. Thank you for sharing your words. We all need those breaks to slow down and appreciate nature. There is a time for everything. Showbiz is an exciting and heady world. I am so happy for you that you are realizing your dreams. And I do believe that there is, and will be time for you to have it all.

      Wishing you and your lovely wife a beautiful holiday season and a fulfilling New Year.


      ~ Aneet

  8. Hey Anitra,

    I love your photography, but I think I love your prose even more. Thanks for sharing! Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!


  9. Bradley,

    Lovely to see you here. What a nice complement on my prose. And especially coming from such a gifted writer. Thank you so much for your kind words.

    I plan to do just that: have a wonderful holiday. And I want to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday as well, and a New Year filled with happiness and realized dreams.



  10. Hi ma'am,I'm from India and just watched 'The big bird cage'.Tried to find you on internet but its surprising that there's no fan page of yours on facebook or twitter.Read somewhere that you're a photographer and a poet now.Was going through your blog only,nice pictures.Just wanted to say that 'The Big Cage' is an amazing movie.

    1. Mr. Malhotra,

      It's nice to hear from you. And all the way from India. I'm delighted that you were impressed with "The Big Bird Cage." It is a remarkable film, visually stunning in many ways. Humorous, camp and entertaining.

      Thank you for sharing your impressions here. They are appreciated.


      ~ Anitra

  11. Just came across your page on facebook but its strange that only few people have liked it.

    1. Mr. Malhotra,

      So glad you found my public Facebook page. Interesting that you think my numbers there are low. I have no frame of reference, but do not promote it. Some of my friends have publicists who run their pages for them. Not I.

      Anyway, welcome to both this blog and my sleepy little Facebook page.

      Anitra :)

  12. Aneet....Hi Hi..Hey Hey...and a Ho Ho!

    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year filled with everything you want!!!

    This year in New York, the holidays feel a little different as the temperature on Christmas day is forcasted to be 73! No white Christmas this year....

    Best always.....Jonathan

    1. Ah Jonathan,

      Thank you for your music! And for your good wishes. Christmas in N.Y. at 73 degrees -- that's a luxury that I'm sure you and your kitties are enjoying.

      A mountain of good wishes to you and your family at this special time of the year.

      Health and happiness, ~ Aneet