Sunday, November 22, 2015

Do Da Days and a Photo Montage of Recent Sights

Sunday, the most perfect morning of the week is here. No gardeners blasting leaf blowers, no carpenters pounding hammers, no tree trimmers with shrieking saws. Only a couple of crows protesting the silence, and a rogue commuter rounding a curve on A.P.S. Highway.

Why is it

in my imperfect life
I keep bumping into perfect.

The lack of space

the unstructured room

without a closet

the chores -- endless they seem -- and convoluted:

tasks folding into tasks:

unraveling tangles, loosening knots--

and then

I breathe a pocket

of electric air

and a sudden joy

washes through me

for no reason,

just the precious musk of this day

inside a world riddled with chaos

but beneath it

and around it

light --

pure light.

Dear Lovely Viewers,

Welcome! It's so good to see you again. I want to wish you all a beautiful Thanksgiving. And these days between now and the 15th of January (when I will return with my new post), including Christmas and New Years, I trust you you will find and discover light.

~    Anitra <3 nbsp="">