Sunday, March 15, 2015

Nearing April

Poppies closed at dawn
open to full sun
and I catch my shadow picking blossoms.
A white-crowned sparrow pecks seeds beside stone Buddha
acorn woodpeckers, clutch bird feeder-- twirl in twos and threes
Air, thick with scent of orange blossoms
sweet and soft as velvet
and I am adrift
between sunrise and sunset
on the cusp of a season sparking.

The flowers of my past
and the garden of my future
eluding to the fact

today is enough.

Hello you beautiful people. I welcome your comments and messages. Wishing you a scintillating springtime. It's wonderful to see you again. My next blog will remain true to my current schedule, and be published on the 15th, in two months. That will be in May.

Until then, expressing my warm regards. Health and happiness,    ~   Anitra