Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Price is Right - Marx Brothers Showcase

These were my favorite moments on The Price is Right: doing the wacky, zany Flaky Flick showcases.

I remember how much fun it was to depart from my model/hostess role and unleash my playful actress side. When rehearsing our Flaky Flicks, I never quite knew how they would play out. I just let go and allowed my background in improv to run free. What usually happened was a completely spontaneous and wild ride.

It was so much fun breaking loose from the tightly choreographed constraints of the show, where every tiny increment of motion needed to blocked and rehearsed wtih the camera. I don't think you would guess from watching Price, that being a TPIR model was so exacting. It was, in fact, very hard work.

My all-time favorite Flaky Flick moments were when I performed in "Phony Lady," a parody of the movie funny girl. For the sketch, the makeup department glued a unibrow across my forehead that looked like a scrawny cat's tail with mange. They also attached a huge Jimmy Durante Schnozz to my nose. From there, the hair department borrowed one of Cher's long black wigs for my tresses (At the time, the Sonny and Cher Show also taped on our sound stage.) In this hideous getup, I lip-synced to Barbara Striesand's passionate rendition of "People," and when I did, I pulled out all the stops.

I'd love to see that Flaky Flick again. In fact, I wish there were a collection of all the Flaky Flicks of that 1972-76 era.

And now . . . am I dreaming . . . or do I detect the scent of chocolate in the air? Ah, but yes, it's the sweet aroma of Valentine's Day, wafting in from the future. I will make my next post then -- on the 14th.**