Monday, September 19, 2011

I Want Sun

Light, gold light is burning off the fog and delivering a sun-drenched Sunday. And just as I write this, a foghorn groans. That mournful cry that permeates the air and washes across the city until it hits the wall of our mountains.

I've been living with gray skies and fog for the better part of this summer, and today, I want sun. The weatherman promised sun, and today I'm going to demand it. Not just for me, but for all those kooky succulents in my garden. They're fine, good, so adaptable and acquiescent. They survive in most every kind of weather. But I want to see their edges turn purple and their yellows pop; and that bud that's emerging from inside what appears to be a split rock, I want to see it bloom.

Yes, I want to see the succulents bake and watch their mysteries unfold. I also want sun for the lizards. I want bright light to illuminate the rock wall so that Huey, who's shedding his skin, can sprawl across his favorite chunk of sandstone and catch the rays.

(See you next time on October 20th)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Greetings from Charles -- with blog revisions

Dear Cherished Readers,

My time away from the blog has brought changes and new perspective. I've recently received a writing assignment, which will include travel and, of course, time. I now realize just how much time creating my blog has required. And I see that it's simply not possible to generate the time I need to keep this blog going as it has been.

During this time away, I have thought of you all, those of you who comment often: Roger, Jonathan, Joseph, Mark, Bitsey, Tom, and so many others. It's been a fantastic experience to have met and interacted with you all and to have revisited my past.

I am a person who lives in the present and rarely thinks about her past. But in this process of sharing myself here, my past has resurfaced and I have been so surprised to find how alive and vibrant it still is.

I also enjoy sharing my experiences with you, especially the personal tidbits of prose and a particular moment captured in a photograph. The photos I post take an inordinate amount of time. George Bernard Shaw, who was not only a great writer, but also an avid photographer, said, "Photography is like the cod that lays two-thousand eggs in hopes that one will hatch." Photography is definitely like that for me. Over the past year, in creating this blog, the photos alone: taking them, editing them and posting them On-line, has involved many hours of every day.

I want to keep the blog going, but I must simplify my posts and comments at least through the first of the year. My plan is to post just once a month, on the 20th, beginning next week.

It's lovely to be back in this arena. My warm wishes to you all. Welcome, welcome, ~ Anitra