Monday, February 13, 2012

On Valentine's Day

I love it when synchronicity arrives. When it delivers gifts and I can say to myself, "Look, look at this beautiful coincidence." That's exactly what happened last year before making my Valentine's Day post. A heart-shaped mussel shell greeted me on the seashore, glowing in the late day sun. It was the perfect image for my Valentine's post. But this year, even though I took myself to the beach twice for long walks at low tide, in the glorious, unseasonably warm weather (which is the ideal environment for inviting synchronicity), I didn't find the image I was looking for.

I saw a snowy egret posing in a tide pool; a man and a woman trotted past me on horseback; and I found a couple of heart-shaped rocks clustered on the sand, but the special something that I knew I would recognize when I saw it, didn't materialize. The next morning when I awoke with my creativity in high gear, I switched to plan B. In this mode, I decided to create a heart from the heart.

Fully immersed in the delight of Valentine's Day and fueled by one, dark, pyramid-shaped chocolate drop, with espresso cream filling, I allowed myself to play with paint, paper and scissors. When I took my completed project outside to be photographed, a blue jay that's been appearing daily on my deck, was sitting on the back of a chair waiting for me. After paying him the high wages of dry-roasted almonds, he agreed to be my model and even tolerated the flash.

And so, Dear Readers, here it is . . . my Valentine's post to you, topped with much appreciation, warm wishes and a heart-shaped chocolate filled with chocolate chipotle ganache.


Sincerely, ~ Aneet

**I will likely post a photo on March 17th and make a post on March 20th as well. Hope to see you then.