Tuesday, September 15, 2015

These Days . . .

Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life.
                                                                                               ~  Seneca

Now is what drives me. The way each morning arrives new. Opening my eyes to the clean slate of the fresh day. This is what I live for, the essence of the moment: slowing the hours down to rich substance. Not simply chores to be crossed off a list, or chasing after a clock, but lolling in the dynamic air.


Not letting the sounds of distant traffic from the freeway down the hill rattle me, but letting them become white noise, a resonance akin to a forest waterfall.

And fall crisping leaves; and falling in love with what is; and falling away from what was; but not forgetting the brilliance of days gone.

Remembering the lights, the craft, the art of performing. My true love, where I gave myself completely to what mattered more than anything. Acting. The art I learned in childhood from my actress mother, but discovered truly for myself at age sixteen, and vowed then to forever keep it in my life.



Knew there was nothing better than this magic art of transformation, of becoming another. Of studying not just people and how they spoke and moved, but the psychology of life itself. What could be more worthy, I thought at age sixteen, while pacing the boards of the theater during my high school play.

And today, it still whispers -- at times even shouts.

But I'm lucky to have stepped off the track, become more seasoned, and in my September, found something deeper. An essence, a heart beyond the old delicious art. Life itself my breakfast, and the air within me and around me, alive and resonating like a smile.



Hello, hello lovely friends. Welcome back. Happy to see you here. The season is in flux. In the midst of record breaking heat with humid hurricane drifts, we are moving toward a new wave of 2015 and cresting the hill toward the New Year. Over the next couple of months, I want to wish you all luminous days. 

I will return in two months, near Thanksgiving, on November 15th. Until then -- savor.

Sincerely,    ~     Anitra