Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer's Light

Summer's Light is Different

softer, muted
sunlight sifting through haze.
The crisp mornings of winter
with their bold hard colors
are erased
and replaced with dusty pastels.
And in the evolving light
I carry luggage
of my years
here, in California:
my frolicking childhood,
my roller-skating teens,
my mothering twenties,
my realigning thirties
and the decades
leading up to now--
a time
when I've come to love
open space
and the freedom
to cull quiet
and the beauty
of living
beyond thoughts.

This early morning
outside my French doors
a breeze
waves the tendrils
of a pepper tree
and the rising sun
wraps leaves with tinsel.
Only the birds are stirring:
tweeting, chittering, cooing . . .

It will not last.

Within the hour
as the sun oozes upward
leaves will lose their dazzle
and soon after, the day
will break open,
and I will enter fully
this summer day.

Ambling along a sidewalk
on Upper State Street--
or perhaps in the heart of town--
wearing a T-shirt and jeans
my blood simmering,
my mind extracting thoughts
of where I'm headed
and where I've just been--
I will step off the curb
into a crosswalk
on a street like Figueroa
and notice
the green light
shining like a knuckle of hard candy
and beneath it
red numbers
for pedestrians
of the seconds counting down:
8, 7, 6, 5, 4,
and in that moment,
I will forget my mental chatter
and notice my footsteps pattering on the pavement
not that different from a drumbeat
on a Miles Davis soundtrack
or the soft shush
of brush scrapes
swishing on cymbals,

and I will realize
this day
of July 11, 2015
is swathed
in silk.

Welcome back you beautiful people. Wishing you all a summer of peace, joy and treasured moments. I will make my next post on September 15th.

Hope to see you then,    ~   Aneet


  1. Oh gosh, what a beautiful poem. Anitra, you've lifted me out of the heat of summer by cataloguing the visual delight of it. I'm going back to read it again and think of the friends I have --especially our children-- by the sea. Norma has been after me to drive us those 80 miles west. You are remarkable.

    1. Geo, it's a delight to see you. I joyfully soak up your kind words. I'm delighted that a poet of your extraordinary gifts, enjoys my poem.

      And yes, we are in the thick of summer, where inland temperatures scorch. The sea and its (generally) cool breezes offer a respite. It sounds like a road trip west is in order. Hopefully the children have a spare room.

      You and Norma are beyond remarkable
      A bow to you both,


  2. Hello Aneet!

    Your lyrical poem captures perfectly the essence of Santa Barbara. I'm so happy that I took the time to spend an afternoon there that one Sunday in June. I doubt that any other city in California has such an array of colors as Santa Barbara. From the blues of the ocean, to the red tile roofs of State St., to the salmon, pink, and orange hues of the mission, to the greens and browns of the mountains, Santa Barbara is a living palette of colors.

    Lovely portrait of you as well. Again, your smile brings back to mind those Marc Breslow close ups.

    May your summer continue to be filled with sun, sea, and vibrant colors.

    Best wishes and fondest regards,


    1. Joseph,

      Hello, hello! So good to hear from you, as always. Speaking of lyrical, your writing has such a lovely cadence and rhythm. All of your references to SB and the "salmon" color - such a good choice. A beautiful paragraph -- just perfect.

      It's fun to hear of your reflections, having been here recently. It sounds like you were able to cover a good bit of ground. I'm so happy you could pay a visit.

      I hope and trust that life is bringing you opportunities for expressing your creativity, and that all in all you are doing well. You words and tenor reflect that.

      Sending my fond regards, ~ Aneet

  3. Summer's daylight whispers to the soul
    briefly eternal in the way it takes hold
    of memory grown suddenly bold

    Summer's traveling birds touch the skies
    far-seeing with their focused eyes
    while my feet wait for the traffic light

    Summer's thoughts are music by Coltrane
    or cool blues sung in the morning rain
    by hot dusty men waiting for a train

    Summer's breezes kiss our mornings
    with nothing lovely gone missing
    should we travel with Aneet

  4. Oh Louis,

    Thank you for this extraordinary poem! And rhymed in three-lined stanzas no less -- wow! What a treat.

    'Coltrane/cool blues in the morning rain/dusty men waiting for the train', how wonderful all of it is. I am once again awed by your gifts, and your direct line to the whimsical and lyrical magic of poetry.

    I am stunned and smiling.

    Joy and blessing to You and Your Lady..

    1. You're most welcome and many thanks for kind words and wishes. Joy and blessings and the magic of endless summer days to you and yours too...

    2. Ah yes, the magic of endless summer days . . .

  5. Jonathan ChesterJuly 18, 2015 at 9:24 PM

    Aneet, hi!

    This really is a lovely summer poem......enjoyed reading this! I know I will probably re-visit this particular post during the height of winter. Loved your reference to the brushes scaping on the cymbals that you've likened to your footsteps. As a drummer, there are so many sounds that come from brushes......I guess in a way, that's my expression of art.

    From now on when driving,I will never look at a green light the same way again. It will appear to be a spearmint hard candy. When the light is red, I will think of it as a cinnamon candy. When it turns yellow, butterscotch!

    Pictures are scenic and beautiful! The most beautiful is the one with you. Very cute he part chihuahua? (did I mispell that?)


    1. Helo Dear Jonathan,

      It's a pleasure to hear from you. But of course you are a marvelous artist, as I well know! Delighted that you responded to my brushscrapes, and the hard candy. You added spearmint, cinnamon and butterscotch, which now brings new and delicious elements into the mix. I will be thinking of your colorful images and flavors at my next crosswalk.

      Thank you for your generous words :) And yes, you got Chihuahua right (a tricky word). She claims to be all Chihuahua, but there's likely some terrier too. Not her best pic, better (model) lighting in the blog (FmrsMkt) below.

      Wishing you a beautiful summer, Jonathan, with cool oases too,

      ~ Aneet

  6. Ms. Ford:
    As usual your photos are the best BUT....This is an exquisite poem; wasn't expecting to be so moved.
    Mitch (all things 70s)

    1. Mitch,

      It's a treat to see you here. Welcome! Thank you for your kind comment. I'm delighted to hear that my poem touched you. That you are an extraordinary musician, I imagine Miles and the brush scrapes resonated.

      Love that photo of you on your FB timeline.

      Warm wishes and cool breezes, ~ Anitra

  7. What amazing words and thoughts u share with us Ms. Ford. Also your photography is as breathtaking as always. Happy u are continuing to enjoy your personal time. Myself, I am almost at my 8th month of my break from the media magnetism as u so cleverly called it. Even though I do miss your facebook pages.
    We still are continuing to have amazingly beautiful weather here in the Pacific NW. I will finish off the month of Aug with a visit from a dear friend from Oklahoma. We plan to go to the Pow Wow of our local tribe which is always a great time. Next, off to Portland in 6 days week to see the touring company of "Wicked". It will be my 3rd time seeing it, but this time the wizard is being played by one of my favorite all time entertainers John Davidson. I have my records out ready to take for him to sign. After that family is coming from Northern Cal and they some of my most cherished relatives. So the end of my summer will be filled with family & fun & I plan on drinking in every moment. Then let fall begin!!. Warmest regards to u as u continue your personal adventures!
    Until Sept,

    1. Riche,

      Hello! It's so good to hear from you! Thank you for your kind words.

      It's been eight months since you began your media break. Congratulations! It takes a lot of strength and self control to do that.

      I enjoy reading about your adventures. That you will be getting the autograph of one of your all time favorite entertainers, John Davidson, is exciting. You are very dear, Riche, and I'm happy to hear that your life is bringing you pleasures and fulfilling experiences.

      Thanks so much for sharing.

      My fond regards, ~ Aneet


    I know I have the month correct and sure I have the day correct as well but either way, a wish for health and happiness always Aneet!!!

    Sincerely, Jonathan :))

    1. Jonathan,

      You are so thoughtful. Thank you for your delightful sentiments. They are happily received.

      I trust that your summer has been fulfilling and that life if treating you well.

      My sincere good wishes, Aneet

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    1. Eldora,

      Thank you for your kind words. Delighted that you like my blog, and that you have shared your words. Welcome.

      I see that you have an essay writing service -- what a useful and helpful service.

      Wishing you Happy Holidays,

      ~ Anitra

  10. Dear Anitra , I think you are a great lady , beautiful , sensitive and talented .
    With love
    Bernard (just a French guy , now aged 59)

    1. Bernard, hello,

      It is lovely to see you here, and to read your kind words. Thank you for posting your generous comment. I'm glad you have visited and enjoyed my blog.

      Many good wishes to you Bernard,

      ~ Anitra