Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hello Summer!

There's a saying that the sun always shines in Malibu. My experience is that it always shines on Santa Barbara's Summer Solstice Parade as well.

Every year a community of artists and volunteers creates this exquisite parade. The non-motorized display of flamboyant floats proceeds up State Street powered by the sturdy resolve of strong arms and legs alone. This year's theme was "The Jungle." In our city with its population of two-hundred thousand, the Summer Solstice Parade often draws an extra one-hundred thousand people to our town. I could write pages of description on this joyous celebration, but instead I'll let the photos tell the story and offer a short list of words.

& reverberating drums
Smiling children
Happy oldsters
And everyone in between
Roller skates
Brilliant color
Tears of joy


  1. Hello Aneet-

    Summer has arrived here in full force hasn't it? Looks it was a lively and colorful event, adding even more color to picturesque Santa Barbara. Looking forward to more of your beautiful pictures of summer. =)



  2. Joseph, hello,

    Lovely to hear from you. Hope you are finding some beautiful ocean views where you are. Yes, this parade is a colorful event. So glad I can share it.

    Wishing you cool breezes, ~ Aneet

  3. Hello Anitra
    Just loved these photos!It looks like everyone is enjoying themselves.
    this parade reminds me of carnavals in Brazil,and Trinidad.but it also
    has a family feeling to it.The sun shining so brightly,it looks like summer
    is in full bloom there.Thanks for sharing,and Im trying to stay cool this summer LOL Roger

  4. Hi Roger,

    So good to hear from you. . I've never been to Carnaval, but I've often thought that our Solstice parade had some similar flavor. And I hadn't thought of it that way, but your preception is true; Solstice does have a family feeling. So glad you enjoyed the photos :)

    Wishing cools breezes to you too, Roger, ~ Aneet

  5. Jonathan ChesterJuly 8, 2011 at 5:29 PM

    Heeey Aneet,

    Just got back from Pennsylvania. Was there on business. Came back in a wild thunderstorm to settle by my computer to see your beautiful pictures of the Parade. I can tell you that if I was there, I would be marching naturally with the drum line. Looks like a whole lot of fun!

    I also understand that Santa Barbara is receiving a special guest tomorrow in Prince William. He will be playing in Santa Barbara's Polo Club.

    Next time you're in Trader Joe's, I strongly recommend their Swiss Dark Chocolate Bar. It's 72% dark and the most delicious one I've ever had. Remember on your post on chocolate, we were talking about texture? This is the winner by far! It comes in a green hard cover. Normally I favor the milk however this one I got for the nutritional properties. This just might make me a convert!

    Best to u as always,


  6. Jonathan, hey,

    Good to hear from you. Yes, I'm sure you would fit in perfectly with the drum line :)

    Thanks for the T.J.'s chocolate tip. I've heard their Belgian chocolate is also excellent. I will have to try it (soon!) I'm shocked that you've changed from your preference. It sounds like you were going for the antioxidants and flavonoids. I can't help but think a little bit of chocolate is good medicine.

    Hope you're keeping cool Jonathan. Sending my regards, ~ Aneet

  7. Hi Aneet! Wow - what an event! Thanks for sharing the fabulous photos!

    Enjoy the weekend!


  8. Bits, hello, hello,

    Always lovely to hear from you! I enjoy the fact that you have a special appreciation for Santa Barbara. Hope things are going well with you and your family :)

    Sending my fond regards, ~ Aneet

  9. And, oh, Jonathan,

    You're right about Prince William and Kate--the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge--being in our city today. Prince William will play at the polo fields in Carpinteria at 3pm.

    Business owners in the small town, just 10 miles down the road, are daydreaming about the prince and pricess strolling down their main drag and dropping in, thus immortalizing them.

    The sporting side of my personality, that was a tomboy at age 10, would love to try to capture some photos of the royal two, but the reclusive side, who shies away from crowds, will surely win.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Jonathan, ~ Aneet

  10. Jonathan ChesterJuly 9, 2011 at 9:23 AM


    If you do decide to "Come On Down" to Carpinteria, hopefully Prince William and Kate will be able to get a glimpse of YOU. After all, it's not every Duke and Dutchess that gets an opportunity to see the most beautiful of the Barker's Beauties!


    Jonathan :)

  11. Awww, Jonathan, that is so sweet! Utterly charming. You have made my day with that one.

    Continuing along this line of thought, perhaps if I met Willian and Kate, they'd be able to overlook my typos :)

    Sending Warm Wishes Your Way, ~ Aneet

  12. Just discovered this today!! Anitra, you've always been my favorite "Barker Beauty," bar none. I've long had a thing for gorgeous brunettes - you, Jaclyn Smith, and Nancy Bleier were the ladies that always turned my head as a youth. Of them all, I'd have to say that you are the most intriguing; "sultry" is only the tip of the iceberg. Your passion was always clearly projected as well, which can be seen in the TPIR clips, along with your film work.

    I can strongly identify with such passion, having been a professional drummer now for 28 years. I can also identify with wanting to indulge the introspective angle - Mr. Hyde has to be Dr. Jekyll once in a while {and vice-versa}. I could go on and on, but for now I'll just be happy having made contact with one of the most beautiful women I can remember.

    Hope life is treating you well these days, and you've got the time and inclination to smell a few roses. Lord knows you've earned the right!!

  13. Hello Chris,

    How delightful to hear from you. I enjoy your enthusiasm. And you are a drummer! 28 years is a long time.

    I'm pleased with the ways in which people can communicate On-line. It opens many marvelous avenues and can illuminate the past. I'm glad you found this site, Chris. It's nice to meet you. Welcome!

    Thank you so much for sharing your impressions and for your kind words.

    Sincerely, ~ Anitra

  14. Aneet-

    I agree entirely with Jonathan, the Duke and Duchess should consider themselves so lucky if they were to meet one of the original Barker's Beauties.

    The idea of you taking photos at a Polo grounds conjured up an image of a photo shoot for a magazine like Vogue or Vanity Fair. I can see you posing in a smart pants suit by the likes of Ralph Lauren or Brooks Brothers in front of a Jaguar or similar luxury car. Even though the Duchess is becoming a fashion icon, I'm quite sure that there are some things she could learn from you. =)



  15. Before I forget: I forwarded birthday greetings to our second favorite Barker's Beauty, Janice, via Facebook!


  16. Bits,

    Thank you for letting us know. We shared an adjacent dressing room with a connecting door--that we left open--for many years. She's a beautiful person.

    Take Care Bitsy, ~ Aneet

  17. Joseph, hello, hello,

    You describe such a clear and succinct picture. As I've said before, you have the gift of a wonderful imagination. It's a flattering image, Joseph. As far as the Duchess is concerned, she appears to have just about everything going for her: beauty, charisma and class.

    Lovely to hear from you. Hope your weekend is delivering some delightful moments, ~ Aneet