Monday, July 18, 2011

Residual Images From Santa Ynez with author's flight of fancy

Supermodel Karina Fabuloso
on the runway in Paris
modeling the latest creation
by Jean Paul Gaultier


  1. Looks like Karina needs to lay off the Soloflex for a while - her hair fell out, and she's burned the shape out of her legs!!

    I'll bet Bjork's also p*ssed at her for stealing her wardrobe.........


    {Love the humor - you seem to be as warped as I am!}

  2. Hey Hey Aneet,

    The least they could have done was fit that ostrich for nice shoes for the runway!

    Did you survive Carmageddon? Over here in the east, we have an incredible heat wave starting. Coupled with the humidity, this won't be fun.

    Hope you're feeling some better temperatures than I am!


  3. Ah, but Jonathan, that's the NEW LOOK!

    And, you must have heard that at Carmageddon things went as smoothly as Y2K. In fact Letterman said that he was so worried about the closure of the San Diego Freeway, that he didn't drive all weekend and he lives in New York :)

    So sorry to hear that it's now too hot. That's a problem these days. Summer ain't what it used to be. After more weeks of fog here, it's broken (for now) with some pretty hot, but still tolerable days.

    Fun to hear from you. Wishing you cool breezes Jonathan. Be well, ~ Aneet

  4. MT

    Good to hear from you. But what do you mean? Karina is PERFECTION! Her fellow models would kill to have those legs, that neck, her haute couture intensity. And yes, you're right, Bjork is justified in feeling threatened.

    I don't think of myself as warped -- I would call it playful.

    Hope all is well with you Mr. T. My Regards, ~ Anitra

  5. Jonathan ChesterJuly 20, 2011 at 8:00 AM


    I sure hope your wishes for cool breezes comes true. This Saturday, we have a baseball play-off game at 1:00 and the forecast is for 96 and humid. I have a feeling that #8 just might melt off the back of my jersey! LOL

    JC :)

  6. Jonathan ChesterJuly 20, 2011 at 8:29 AM

    Anitra check it out!

    I found your Batman performance on YOU TUBE. Just enter "Catwoman's Dressed To Kill Part 2". This runs a total of 8 min 28 sec. Your scene is the first 3 min and 40 sec.

    What are your thoughts and memories of filming this scene?


  7. Aw Jonathan,

    I'm so sorry, that's miserable. I spent a summer modeling in New York and the heat was unbearable. Had to create a cool oasis in my mind to get through it.

    As for the Batman episode, thanks so much for this simple address. I viewed the clip recently and it was so much fun to see it again. Hadn't seen it since the 60s, when it first aired. That was when I was still strictly a model. Rudi Gernreich, the designer, hired me for the show. He was a fashion icon and it was such an honor to do shows for him. How fitting that this would come up right now on this post with our Dear Karina Fabuloso!

    Lovely to hear from you, Jonathan. Sending Cool Wishes Your Way, ~ Aneet

  8. Hi Anitra
    YOU chose the perfect model.This Ostrich is walking down her runway
    with poise,and class! She is a true beauty.I love the comparison! yes There is a heatwave in New york city! But I thank God for my ability to be able
    to Runaway.........I hear London im heading with my family
    to catch a play,or two,and eat some bad food just kidding.Just saw the Batman clip,and I see you got to work with the Great Eartha kitt.Actress Mila kunis hails from the Ukraine,and reminds me so much of YOU.Have a wonderful weekend.Roger

  9. Roger,

    Lovely to hear from you. London sounds like the perfect place -- and with the whole family, how ideal! You've got some good wiring.

    Thank you for the Mila comparison. I didn't know about her Ukrainian origins. Glad you caught the Batman tape. Yes, Eartha Kitt was a rare talent.

    I always enjoy your comments, Roger. My warm (or should I say cool) wishes to you and your family, ~ Aneet

  10. Aneet...

    karina is certainly fabuloso!! And she knows it!! You HAVE to have confidence to be a glamorous fashion model, I would imagine!!

    Have an awesome weekend!!

  11. Mark,

    Love your comment. Delightfully whimsical. Summer sunshine must be fueling your muse.

    Sending lilting breezes and happy days your way, ~ Aneet

  12. Oh Aneet: Where, oh where, are Karina's Louboutins?!

    We survived Carmageddon. You were right, it was an over-hyped event.

    You were a guest star on Batman? Oh wow! I watched the clip. Correct me if I'm wrong, but were you the first model to appear on the runway?

    Daddy and Mama always said nothing bad would happen to The Dynamic Duo - they would survive. At the time I was 6 years old and didn't know better. LOL!

    Have a good weekend!


  13. Bitsey, hello, hello,

    You're ahead of me on this one. I had to look up Louboutins to find out they're shoes. I live in the slow lane and wear Payless tennies.

    And yes, I saw the empty freeways on the news. All the advertising panned out.

    On the Batman, I was still a wordles model. And yes, that first model was moi. It was one of my first appearances on a television series.

    Sounds like Mommy and Daddy were kind and protective :)

    Always lovely to hear from you. Sending cool breezes your way, ~ Aneet

  14. And oh, Bitsey, you're right. I think Karina could use some Louboutins. I'm sure they would add to her mystique.