Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I love them, simply love them.

Even as a child, the pebbles in the driveway drew me in. I found them fascinating. The textures and the colors of those tiny fragments seemed to me like secret and unrecognized jewels.

And later, on the beach, searching for smooth moonstones and jade, I could loose myself for hours.

I think of rocks a testaments of time, miracles of nature. Some are miniature mountains, others have fantastic shapes, and many exhibit images and patterns that I find as remarkable as paintings by Picasso.


  1. Hi Anitra
    You've touched on one of my Favorite subjects rocks,stones,and minerals
    I too have always loved rocks! Infact i landscaped my driveway in my home
    in South Florida with stones. As a child I spent my summers on Martha's vineyard,and would always spend hours colecting rocks,and bringing them home in my Wagon.Those memories were buried until I saw your beautiful of my Sons has a real passion for Rocks,by The way he loved these photos.sending you Love light,and good health

  2. Hello Roger,

    What you say tickles my heart. I love your messages.

    ~ Aneet

  3. Don't look now, but that rock in the second pic has termites........ 8^)

    Seriously though, lovely pictures. Reminds me of the rock garden we had when I lived in Idaho in the '90's. Lots of igneous {volcanic lava} rocks, of course, but there were also quartz, geodes, basalt, etc. My favorites were the geodes - normal looking stones on the outside, and pretty silica-glass on the inside, in just about every color and pattern imaginable.

    Which do you prefer, Luv - sandy beaches, or stony ones?

    {Thanks for the compliments, 'Neet - I've been fooling around with the blogging thing since late 2005, and I'd like to think I've learned SOMETHING about it by now!}

  4. Chris, hello again,

    Yes, there are just so many kinds of rocks. I had to leave many photos out -- just couldn't show them all. Maybe another time. Geodes are so exquisite! Surprising, really, all the beauty they contain. And as for beaches, unless they're in some oily port, they're all pretty fine to me.

    And yes, your blogging experience shows.

    Keep on truckin Chris, ~ Aneet

  5. Jonathan ChesterJuly 13, 2011 at 2:19 PM

    Hi Aneet,

    These pics of the rocks, especially the flat rocks, remind me of when I was a kid. I used to use my baseball arm and throw them as hard as I could skimming the surface of a calm lake. Love the sounds that would make!

    You're right. Each rock by nature is really like an individual work of art. Just like in jazz music, no tune will ever be played exactly the same way twice. Same with rocks-no two rocks are exactly identical. Rocks are as individual as fingerprints.

    Were these photos of the rocky beaches taken in Santa Barbara?


  6. Jonathan,

    Lovely to hear from you. Isn't it fascinating how our interests are often formed so early in life. There you were practicing baseball with flat rocks way back then. You convey a delightful picture.

    I'm really enjoying this subject and the feedback I'm getting. I love your comparison of rocks to jazz (which is something you know well) and fingerprints. It's beautifully expressed.

    And yes, the photos were taken in SB County, about 20 miles up the coast. At certain times of the year, in that area, some of the beaches are covered with rocks. In the midst of cold January, a rare, warm week developed. Some of our best weather materializes then.

    Thanks for sharing, Jonathan. Sending my warm regards, ~ Aneet

  7. The photo of the rocks along the ocean - so serene, peaceful.

    Have a good weekend Aneet. We will survive the much-mentioned Carmageddon - LOL!


  8. Bitsy, hello,

    Lovely to hear from you. So glad the photos brought you a moment of serenity :)

    As for Carmageddon: hope it turns out to be like the much touted Millenium debacle that never happened. But the fact that the 405 is closing is quite real. I wonder how it will all play out? Get plenty of food in the fridge and some good books and camp in. I'm hoping all will go smoothly, and you will fare well.

    Sending warm wishes your way, ~ Aneet

  9. Hello Aneet-

    Often times when I see rocks especially by the beach I wonder how old they are and what they were originally a part of. There are some cliffs along the Palos Verdes peninsula in which one can see the exposed layers of rock, and it really does cause one to think about how many years those layers have been there. Of course last year when I went to the Big Island of Hawaii, I saw newer rocks created by lava flows from Kilauea.

    Hope you have a sunny and relaxing weekend, and sending my warm regards as always,


  10. Wow!! The water and skies are gorgeous!! And I'd know those feet anywhere!! LOL!!

    Mark :-)

  11. Mark, hello, hello,

    Glad you like the photos. Your comment makes me smile :)

    ~ Aneet

  12. Hey Anitra,

    This post reminds me of my younger sister. As a child, she would take creek rocks and break them open with a hammer. Sometimes there would be crystal formations inside of them. She would pretend that they were jewels and display them on the shelves in her bedroom.


  13. Tim hello,

    It's nice to hear from you again. Thanks for sharing these charming details about your sister. She sounds like a bright and inventive individual. I'm wondering how these qualities have translated later in her life?

    Sending my good wishes your way, ~ Anitra

    1. I've been doing photography on and off for a long time and a few years ago I was talking to a guy who is pretty good. He was telling me that an excellent photographer can take a picture of anything, even a rock and make it look good. I've tried myself to do the same but never have gotten good results. For the first time now I've seen what he is talking about. Your picture of the log and rocks is great. A great photographer inspires others to shoot and that's just what this picture does. I enjoy all your pictures as you have a very good eye for photography. keep up the great work, your inspiring to us all.


  14. Ryan, hello,

    It's so nice to hear from you. I enjoy getting feedback from other photographers. What your friend said about photography is very true. Of course there are many different genres of photography. I would take your friend's comment to extreme and say that there are times that I think an inspired photography could do nothing but take photos out of one window in his house and create a masterful body of work. Of course this is over the top and a bit far-fetched, but I have pondered writing an article about this.

    Photography is the language of light, as well as composition and line. I love the fact that it allows me to slow down and look more deeply into the things around me. It is a beautiful and fulfilling art.

    I'm so glad to know that you have visited this blog and that you have shared your thoughts. I am curious as to what type of things you like to photograph?

    Thank you for your kind words, Ryan. Sending you my regards, ~ Anitra

  15. Ryan,

    Hello again. I asked you the question above before taking a look at your website. Your photos are beautiful. I love the detail in the lights on the bridge and the mist rising from the silver sculpture. You are a talented photographer.

    Again, so glad you commented here. ~ A