Friday, July 29, 2011

On Vacation -- see you mid-September

After one year and two months of running this blog, I am actually amazed. It has, as I have expressed before, been an illuminating process. I've so enjoyed meeting you via your generous and colorful words and ideas. This time has been a special treat for me. I never planned to have a blog. The truth is, this blog was an accident. During my exploration of a blogging web-site, out of curiosity, I inadvertently created one. And I'm probably more surprised than you are that I've kept it going ever since.
Right now, I'm feeling almost organically like I need a good, long break -- a hiatus, if you will. I have resisted the urge to do this in the past. But now, the time not only feels right, but necessary. And so, I plan to cast "Santa Barbara Sketches" into the realm of summer reruns.

I don't plan any new posts until mid-September. I'm thinking, September 15th. I will check in from time to time, and perhaps change a photo in the sidebar. But all in all, it's time for my vacation.

I know I'll be thinking of you, as you have played a special part in my life, and I know that after being with you for over a year now, I will see things and have ideas that I will long to share. I surely hope to see you when I return.

And so, even though this blog will be quiet, these months we have shared will be with me, that is certain! I want to wish you a summer that delivers cool breezes. safe enclaves and beautiful surprises. Sending you all my Warm Regards, ~ Anitra


  1. Jonathan ChesterJuly 29, 2011 at 2:44 PM

    Hi Aneet,

    Whatever you do and wherever you go, please take me with you-I can use a break myself! Nooo, just kidding. I really wish you a great time.

    Go safely and have fun!


  2. Jonathan,

    What a charming message. I love your sense of humor; I'm going to miss it.

    Sending Smiles and Warm Wishes Your Way, ~ Aneet

  3. What's the Loch Ness Monster doing in the bottom of that last pic then, eh? I thought Nessie was bigger than that!!

    Seriously though, have a wonderful vacation, Luv. A break does a body good every now and then. Even though I'm a latecomer here, you've certainly made me fell like I'm part of the group - thank you, Dear Heart.

    Thanks to your efforts here, I've got my own blog going again, so I'll be able to be distracted away from missing you. You enjoy yourself, and come back refreshed, ya hear? Two months will zing by, believe me.

    Enjoy, and be well!!

  4. Hi Aneet-

    It has been an absolute pleasure being a part of this blog and reading your insightful words and taking in your beautiful photography. I happened to stumble upon this site by accident but I'm so glad I did. Like I mentioned to you before, I feel so fortunate that not only can I express my appreciation to you for your work on TPIR, but I can enjoy your many other talents on this forum as well. Have a wonderful restful break, and I look forward to more inspiring entries in September.

    Warm Regards as Always,


  5. Dear Joseph,

    Thank you for your lovely and eloquent words. I have so enjoyed your presence on the blog. You have contributed in many ways here, and I thank you for that :)

    May the rest of your summer bring fulfilling moments and special treats, ~ Anitra

  6. Hi Chris,

    That baby monster is a grebe. We often see them bobbing around the harbor. I enjoy your humor. It's been nice to meet you.

    Have a rip-roaring good time on your blog.

    Sending My Regards, ~ Aneet

  7. Stay well, Anitra. Should you decide to return with some new photos, I look forward to seeing them and to having you regale us with tales of your adventures.

    Ciào, chérie, and godspeed in your travels...


  8. Dave, hello,

    It's nice to hear from you again. Your past words on photography got me thinking, and that's a good thing.

    Thank you for your kind and thoughtful sentiments. They are warmly received.

    Wishing you my best, ~ Anitra

  9. Hi Aneet
    I dont know where to begin.I have so enjoyed your blog,its been a positive experience for me.I am grateful for all things in my life,and amid the world
    chaos,its good to know there are still some good people out there.
    I have my whole Family reading your blog,especially my sons who Ive
    raised to appreciate art,and to be kind but strong young on behalf of the Smith family we wish YOU a healthy Vacation.May the Universe's Light surround YOU

  10. Dear Roger,

    Your kind and encouraging words from early on have helped to shape the tenor of this blog. I've so enjoyed hearing about your family and the depth of your bonds.

    Thank you, Roger, for sharing from your heart. It's a gift to all of us.

    Sending warm wishes to you and your family, ~ Anitra

  11. Have a great hiatus Aneet!! Thanks for everything!!


  12. Mark, hello,

    Lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your well wishes and all that you've contributed this past year. It's been much appreciated.

    Sending you my fond regards, ~ Anitra

  13. Hi Anitra my name is James and i am all the way from the Nottingham in the UK and it has took me a while to track you down. I wish to jog your memory you stared in a film called Invasion of the Bee Girls just wondering if you know how i could contact a actress called Anna Aries who played Nora Kline as we wish to ask her about another Cult film she was in called The Omega Man. Any help would be very grateful good to see you looking well. All the best James

  14. Hello James,

    Nice to hear from you, and thanks for your kind words. As far as Anna Aries is concerned, I'm not placing her. My best suggestion is to contact the Screen Actor's Guild. They may be able to forward a letter from you to her. I believe that this is always the best and safest way to contact a performer.

    Good luck to you James. Sincerely, ~ Anitra

  15. Dear Anitra,
    Where oh where have you been?
    We've missed you!
    Hope you've enjoyed your R&R!
    Looking forward to your return!


  16. Terry, hello, hello,

    Great to hear from you. Hopefully I can answer your question as to where I've been in a revised way. Your timing was perfect, just on the heels of my new post. I plan to slow this blog down through the first of the year, but to continue to post once a month.

    I've missed you too. Warm wishes, ~ Aneet