Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

When I began this blog 7 months ago, I arrived with minor curiosity and absolutely no knowledge of how to navigate a blog. But here it is.

And as by trial and error I continue, much to my surprise, I'm finding that, with your interest, creating a blog illuminates what I see. I so enjoy sharing my environment and perceptions with you.

And so, thank you Dear Readers and Viewers. I want to return a bit of the favor to wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day and a warm and fulfilling season ahead.
~ Anitra.


  1. Hi Anitra,

    Wow,I picked one lousy week to give up chocolate! What's your favorite? Dark,milk,or white?
    Wishing you a very "sweet" and happy Valentines Day.

    Sincerely,Jonathan Chester

  2. I love your precious blog and the valentine sent from the sea.

  3. Jonathan, somehow lost the first messsage I posted to you. So these responses are out of order. But what I wanted to say is: I would suggest you abandon your vow and give up chocolate in March instead. And to answer your question from my biased perspective, how could it be anything other than dark chocolate?

    And once again, thank you for your "sweet" message.

  4. and to Chris: Aww, it's lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your tender message. :)

  5. Oh, Jonathan, one more thing in regard to your chocolate question: On Valentine's Day, it would be fun to know what kind of chocolate you and other viewers like and why.

  6. Anitra, My whole life I have always been a big fan of milk and even white chocolate. Dark chocolate is a little biting(pardon the pun). I do however eat some dark here and there for the wonderful health benefits it has to offer though. I find milk chocolate to be most tasteful especially when it's of a creamy texture.

    So to sum things up: Since you like dark and I like milk and white,we can easily share a box without ever fighting!

    Once again Anitra,a happy Valentines Day to you!


  7. Jonathan, as always, I enjoyed your post. The way you express yourself with words -- and the charming content.

    Would love to hear more on chocolate preferences from viewers and their reasons why :)

  8. Dark Chocolates are my Favorites.I also love champagne truffels.I've been fortunate to have toured the Lindt's chocalate factory in switzerland.also Belgian chocolates are delicious,and you can never go wrong with Godivas! Anitra I hope you had a wonderful Valentines day,and i wish you lost of love,peace,and light

  9. Hello Roger,

    So nice to hear from you. Lindt's chocolate factory, wow! You must have felt like Charlie--and with samples not doubt. I haven't tried champagne truffels, but I can add "Ditto" to all the rest.

    Your comments are interesting and educational as well. It's fun discussing these truly important issues.

  10. I love all chocolate, but my absolute favorite is white chocolate, and then dark (I think they used to call it semi-sweet). I find that not everyone likes white chocolate, but I have wonderful memories of waking up on Easter and finding that the Easter Bunny had left me a delicious white chocolate bunny. I'd sit and devour the whole thing, much to my mother's dislike. Perhaps it's those wonderful childhood memories that are responsible for my feelings about white chocolate...and YAY...Easter is on the way!!

    Love to you Anitra!!

  11. Hi Mark!

    Ah, a white chocolate fan. I do understand its appeal. For me, it has to do with the texture. Lindt has a very thin white chocolate bar that almost made me a convert. Wonderfully flavored with vanilla.

    I so enjoy hearing these chocolate stories; each one is delightful. And as you say, Easter is on it way :)

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Mark. My regards to you, ~ Anitra