Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Lagoon

One Santa Barbara location that never disappoints is the lagoon at UCSB. It covers several hundred acres on the south side of the campus, and is a sanctuary for birds and wildlife.

A winding path around the inlet connects to the ocean on its southern and eastern edges. Here, it rises into bluffs to deliver sweeping views of the coastline and the Santa Ynez Mountain Range


  1. Hi Anitra,

    Very scenic and serene. A perfect way to unwind ones self is to delve into these nice photos you posted. Being from New York,that comes as a nice gift!

    You'll probably get a kick out of this: The photo of the bird reminds me of a scene you were in on "Baretta" when in one of the episodes you were speaking yiddish to Baretta's bird.Thought that was a funny scene. Two of my other favorites were of course "The Longest Yard" and "SWAT" where you played opposite Cameron Mitchell. I was wondering what your recollections were from these scenes and what your personal favorite acting roles were.

    Great work! Jonathan

  2. Jonathan, hello,

    Gosh, your questions give me much food for thought. Once again, I'm amazed that you have caught so many of my performances; some of them quite obscure, like the SWAT.

    I'm not able to fully answer here, but I'd like to say that working on The Longest Yard, with the great action director, Robert Aldrich, who also directed The Dirty Dozen, was a marvelous creative experience.

    A side note on the Baretta: Robert Blake is a gifted actor and was exciting to work with. I enjoyed the humor in that Baretta role. What most people didn't notice, is that being taller than Blake, I was forced to spend most of the scene bent down chopping onions so that he wouldln't appear short.

    And so Jonathan, thank you for another interesting message. ~ Anitra

  3. Anitra,as Artie Johnson used to say on LAUGH-IN, "Very interesting"! Thanks for sharing your behind the scenes experiences. Jonathan

  4. Anitra,

    Is this part of the college open to the public (or just those associated with the school)? I'd like to make a mental note for our next weekend vacation to visit this location.

    Btw, I too loved those one hour dramas you guested on in the 70s. Thanks to tv-on-dvd, I've seen most everything in the past 10 years. The second SWAT ep. (Courthouse) is not available on dvd unfortunately, but it can be downloaded from Amazon.

    Best wishes,

  5. Hi Tom,

    So nice to hear from you. And, yes, the lagoon is open to the public. Parking might cost a few dollars. There are several ways to access it, though, once on campus, you might need to meander around in your car a bit and perhaps ask someone for directions. But, all in all, it's quite accessable, and, as I've already said, well worth it. I'm delighted to think you might visit the campus.

    I enjoued hearing of your releationship to 70's TV and receiving your info on the availability of these shows.

    Thanks so much Tom. My regards, ~ Anitra