Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seventies snapshot

Just one brief moment
out of oh, so many
in full animation
beside door
number 3


  1. What are some of your memories of those Price days? Do you watch it today? What do you think if how much it has changed. What are your thoughts on all the scandals that were to come like the Dian Parkinson and Holly Hollstrom ones. Do you keep in touch with any of the models like Dian or Janice.

  2. Hi Anitra,

    Your photos speak volumes of beauty,class and elegance. I sure hope that in my next life, I come back as a bottle of "Vinyl Magic"!

    Health to you always...........Jonathan Chester

  3. Hi Jonathan,

    Your comments always make me smile.

  4. My answer is out of order here. This is for the second comment above. You pose interesting questions about TPIR. It would be too lengthy for me to address them here. I rarely watch the show, sometimes communicate with Janice and as far as the other questions are concerned, perhaps one day in the future I will, in some way, answer them in more detail.

    Meanwhile, thank you for your questions and your interest. ~ Anitra

  5. Your picture makes me smile. Your personality was always shining through and that's why you were my favorite model on TPIR! I remember you did Match Game during the TPIR run, which is the first time I heard your voice. Any memories of Match Game? Did you do any other game shows, perhaps as part of a CBS tie-in?


  6. Hi Tom,

    So good to hear from you. You have a great memory. Your right about "Match Game." Doing it was a blast. It was the only other game show I did at the time. Though, much earlier, before "Price", I made appearances on several game shows: "The Dating Game", "Password", etc.

  7. Anitra,
    You and Janice rocked and TPiR, to me, was never the same after you left, and I really stopped watching after Janice was let go in 2000. This Drew Carey thing stinks and I rarely turn it on.

    I also remember your "Match Game" appearance, as well as all of you other guest spots on various TV series. The last time I remember seeing you was on a series called "We've Got Each Other" on CBS with Beverly Archer and you played a model!!

    Sure do miss seeing you!! I really enjoy watching my TPiR DVD set that includes many of your episodes!! Sure brings back great memories!!

    Happy Valentines Day, Anitra!!
    Mark :-)

  8. Hi Mark!

    So nice to hear from you. Wow, your memory is right on and great. Fun to get your feedback and take on things.

    Thanks much for your kind words and well wishes. Sending my good wishes to you in return. ~ Anitra

  9. I was in High School in Tucson AZ, and my grandparents and I would watch TPIR every morning. You were my favorite because you were such a nut. I love the way you flirted with the camera! You were also awesome in "The Longest Yard" with the man Burt Reynolds. If I may ask, do you come to Oregon often?

    Teresa Long
    P.S. Your photos are inspiring.

  10. Hi Teresa,

    I so enjoyed your comments. You have a creative and spontaneous way with words. Thank you for sharing them with us. As for Oregon, don't get there very often, but love it. Oregon is such a beautiful and diverse state.

    Great to hear from you, ~ Anitra

  11. Um this Photo,brings back so many wonderful memories,of a time when i use to enjoy TPIR with my Grandparents in New York.It was a time of great peace and joy in my life! one memorable Showcase,was one that was shot at some Marina featuring ,you Anitra,on a yacht ,or house boat,I cant remmeber.can you shed some light as to where this was Taped?I too stopped,watching TPIR oh so long ago.My favorite era was with you and Janice take care

  12. Hi Roger,

    Again, so nice to hear from you. It's great that you have that time of peace and joy in your past to refer to.

    I'm sorry to say that I don't remember the showcase you recall. In my recollection, all of our shows were taped on stage 33 at CBS. Though I was very busy at the time, working on other projects as well. If your comment jogs my memory, I'll let you know.

    Meanwhile, wishing you well, Roger, ~ Anitra

  13. I cannot thank you enough for your work and life. Before my wife and I were married (now it's almost 38 years! Oy vay!), I would tease her, "Anitra's your only rival!"
    The only show I would watch was TPIR and then only because of you...seriously.
    But I do not want to sound like a meshuganer!
    I just nominated you as the most beautiful actress ever on Aliza Davidovit's page. Gadzooks, maybe I shouldn't have, but I did, and meant it. I sure hope you don't mind.
    I am very happy that you have been able to do so much and that you never became a victim of that world you left. I've a cousin who writes plays and was once married to a rather well-known actress.
    She made it. He didn't. End of marriage. What a shame. What a non-reason to break up!
    Thanks so much for brightening up our lives!
    Steven Edward Aanes

  14. Steven,

    How nice to hear from you! Thank you for your compliments and your spontaneous words. You obviously have a great sense of humor.

    38 years of marriage! Congratulations, truly. There is a quote, 'Those who live in the bright lights of the limelight aren't able to see what's going on.' I think it's true.

    It was fun hearing from you, Steven. And again, thank you for your kind and generous words. ~ Anitra

  15. You have truly made my day as well, and that of Deborah (Sweet Baby), too. She is as happy as I that you answered.
    The factor that triggered my thinking of you was the news the other day that a new Wonder Woman (I have no idea who she is) has been chosen. I thought of the role you played as Ahnjayla. You should have had the lead, I used to complain, but with age I realize that sometimes what G_d may do is protect us when it looks like things are otherwise.
    For evidence of that, all one has to do is to look at your photographs. A beautiful soul is reflected by one's sharing of that beauty.
    I came to teaching late in life, but the joy of helping to prepare the next generation is not just a job, it is a joy, a duty, a mitzvah to me. It too is a beauty in itself.
    immer, mein liebchen and our absolute favorite actress ever!
    Steven and Deborah and Turok, my sweet but cowardly hundred pound spoiled Labrador

  16. Steven,

    Thank you for your thoughtful and heartfelt message. I find life to be just so layered and laden with value.

    My regards to You, Deborah and Turok :)

    And, oh, PS: I'm curious as to what you teach?

  17. Dear Anitra,

    Thank you so very much again. I teach biology at a local state college and I am currently working on my doctorate.

    Deborah had a debilitating stroke four years ago, so I also care for her. It is a challenge, but like Job, the story will end happily, I am sure!

    Besides, every night, I torture her with my agonizing (I cannot sing!) rendition of "Bei mir, bist du sheyn." And, somehow she appreciates it. We are indeed blessed.

    I did take Turok on his morning walk at Flat Creek Beach. We always have a great time exploring and just hanging out. I love my labbie! Indeed, the greatest miracles are always all around us if we would but see.

    Is that your little 'Huahua in the picture with you?

    I am in and I am also on Facebook, plus there is a picture of me at my school website. I don't know if I should name it here but it will tell you at Ratemyprofessors. My students are a great reason for absolutely loving life now. They heal me and renew me every day!

    Love from us all to you and yours!
    Steven, Deborah, and Mighty Turok

  18. Steven,

    Thank you so much for sharing your background and your touching and inspiring story.

    Blessings to you and your family, ~ Anitra

  19. Hello Anitra!

    First off let me say I thought you were fantastic on TPIR. Even though I was born after you left the show, I was able to see your work thanks to GSN reruns in the mid and late 90s, and youtube clips these days. A couple of moments stick out for me. One is from a show not long after TPIR became an hourlong show, and you, Janice, and Dian dressed up like the Keystone Cops in a showcase about Mack Sennett and you all were hitting each other with pies. That looked so funny. Another from from a youtube clip from a showcase in 1973 dedicated to the 1950s and you came out on a 50s-styled motorcycle dressed like a biker. Bob joked that you would get an Emmy for that performance.

    I also enjoy your beautiful nature photography. I have a very small collection of nature photos, albeit amateurish, mostly from Lake Tahoe and a few from Hawaii. I would love to share a few of them on the blog and get your opinion. I'm glad you're doing well. Many blessings to you and your family, and again thank you for such great work on TPIR.


  20. Joseph, hello,

    It's nice to hear from you. Considering that you weren't born yet when I was on TPIR, I think it's fascinating that you have such a clear picture of the show's progression. Those wacky showcases were great fun to do. They were all written by Jay Wolpert, and his talent made them very special: more like comedic art, rather than simply silly spoofs. Somewhere, there is a collection of them. It would be great to be able to watch all of them again. One of my favorites was "Phoney Lady," a take-off of the film, Funny Lady. In it, I lip-synced to the song "People," while dressed in a hideous getup, with a fake shnozz and one of Cher's black, straight wigs from the CBS hair dept.

    As far as seeing and showing your photos is concerned, I'm not sure I have the time now to open the blog to guest photographers. It would establish a precedence and would then require my time to consider other photos, etc. I would love to see your photographs and to discuss this further with you. I will try to contact you through your message page.

    Thank you Joseph, for your interesting and entertaining comments. It was a pleasure hearing from you,

    Sincerely, ~ Anitra

  21. I quite understand about the photography matter. Yes, that would be rather time consuming for you.

    I was laughing about your post about the "Phoney Lady" showcase. One of the many "Flaky Flicks". There's a very funny one on youtube which I don't know if you recall called "The Eggs-O-Cist" in which you played a girl possesed by NBC to say bad things about TPIR. Dian played your mother and Johnny Olson played The Eggs-O-Cist. There's another showcase clip on youtube which was a salute to the Marx Brothers in which you dressed up like Groucho, Janice like Chico, and Johnny like Harpo, and it ended with the 3 of you running around an AMC Hornet station wagon, HAHAHA! All of that must have been so much fun for you.


  22. Hi Joseph,

    I've seen the "Flakey Flick" of the Eggs-O-cist" fairly recently, and it was a giggle. I haven't seen the Marx Bother's piece. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll look for it. Another "Flick" that stands our in my mind, was an old fashioned melodrama, wherein I'm the villain, dressed in black with a mustache and a stovepipe hat. I remember Janice being the heroine and my tying her to railroad tracks. Yes, it would be great if the whole collection were available. They were all instant classics.

    Thanks for your understanding about the photos. And, I would like to see some of your shots. I will follow up later this week. Thanks again, Joseph, I enjoyed your message with it's interesting facts, observations and good humor.

    Wishing you well, ~ Anitra

  23. Anitra-

    You're very welcome. I'm so glad I can share my fondness of TPIR with you and hear your first-hand memories of working on a show that has become a cultural icon. I hope you're having a wonderful week.



  24. Hi Anitra

    I feel like a relic by saying that I watched the
    TPIR when it first aired in 72. I was a around 10 at the time. I remember thinking how beautiful and hip you and Janice were compared to another model from another popular game show. You Bob, Janice, and of course the late Johnny Olson really made that show that enduring classic it is.

    I must say that your look and hairstyle at the time seems to be what all the women nowadays want to emulate (i.e. the Kardashians etc.)

    In other words... you were and will always be a classic and exotic beauty!!!


  25. Looks like we have another Joseph on here too ;-)

  26. Hello Joseph,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and interesting observations. So many of us have fond memories of that time, and it's fun to connect to them now and then.

    When TPIR first began, Mark Goodson, the show's creator, wanted a new kind of gameshow model. He wanted part New York model and part siren. He thought Janice and I fit the bill. I think it's interesting that you connect the current glamour trends to that era. We could probably take it back further to Jane Fonda in Barbarella and Raquel in 1000 B.C. And, oh my gosh, what about Bardot? You were too young to have seen these ladies in their prime. I don't want to go on and on, but I surely could on this thought provoking subject.

    Thanks for your kind sentiments and your food for thought. Nice to hear from you. ~ Anitra

  27. I'm not quite sure why these comments are posting out of order. I may need to give the system more time.

    Anyhow, Joseph (jhecht42), thank you so much for letting us know that we have two Josephs. That's helpful and I appreciate it. :)

  28. No problem Anitra. I guess I'll go by Joe to make things easier for you. I didn't want you to think there was two of me out there, HAHA.

  29. Hi Anitra

    This is the Joseph, that commented on your trend setting look back in the 70's. I was just remembering the other day, that the last time I saw you, was in print, in a Salem or Winston ad, The photo was in the back page of the magazine. This must have been circa 78' or 79'. Please tell me that I am not having a premature senior moment, and that this is true! LOL!

    Thank you for responding to my comment, you are such a breath of fresh air!

    Joseph # 2

  30. Ah, Joseph "Too", It's so nice to hear from you again. And no, you weren't dreaming. Though, I might be wrong, but I recall it was a Marlboro ad.

    They were doing a series of eye-catching ads of a certain style, right around the time frame that you mentioned. I was never too happy with that photo. The day of the shoot, my hair had flopped instead of flipped, and my eyes didn't look quite right. It wasn't until I got home and removed my false eyelashes that I discovered the problem. The first time ever that I'd put them on backwards!

    Your memory is truly amazing. So enjoy your comments and feedback. Sincerely, ~ Anitra

  31. Hi Anitra

    Your story truly made me laugh out loud! It reminded me of watching my three sisters putting on their false eyelashes, in the morning, to go work. My two older sisters, during the mid sixties, would put on two sets on each eye!!! Oh! and the hair had to be teased with the "bump" and long.

    I actually remember your photo ad being rather nice. If I recall you were holding the pack in front of you, and you had on silk type blouse, I want to say burgundy or maroon, as it was called in the late 70's LOL!, but I could be wrong. I remember thinking to myself, Wow! it's Anitra, that's cool! I had never seen you in a print ad before. I believe you had left TPIR at that time.

    I also wanted to comment, that I have read on the internet, that you are the reason that many, many women are now named Anitra. It was the viewers of TPIR that watched you, and hoped that by naming their daughters Anitra, they would have a beautiful daughter as well!

    Always a pleasure writing to you and viewing your photography. You're a woman of many talents.

    Joseph "Too".

  32. Joseph "Too",

    Thanks for the delightful story about your sisters. So glad that you clearly understood my eyelash story. The info on the Anitras is interesting as well. Again, your memory is amazing.

    A pleasure to hear from you, ~ Anitra

  33. Hello Anitra,
    I can remember starting my day with you every weekday morning during my summer vacation as a 13 year old back in 1972 on TPIR and to this day, I have yet to see anyone as stunningly beautiful!
    You are indeed a national treasure and quite the artist as well.

  34. Terry,

    How lovely to hear from you and about your memories of TPIR. I'm glad you have visited my blog. Thank you for your kind words.

    Sincerely, ~ Anitra

  35. And you haven't aged a day. That smile is timeless.

  36. Ah Joe,

    But I have aged, an entire day and a half :) What you say is universal -- smiles are timeless.

    Thanks for your sweet words, ~ Aneet

  37. Thank you for taking my compliment in such good humor, Aneet. :)
    P.S. I really like that over the shoulder look in your profile photo. Thoughtful, intelligent, and lively. :)

  38. You're welcome, Joe. ~ Aneet

  39. Love all the 70s films. Invasion of the Bee Girls is one of the best late night drive in horror/sci-fi films ever. Great days of youth.

  40. Hey Vince,

    Great to hear from you. I enjoyed your message and your enthusiastic Bee Girls sentiment :)

    Thanks for sharing, ~ Anitra

  41. Hi Anitra.
    I can't take credit for this video, someone with superior resources and time can.
    But, the same joie de vivre in that smile shines through beautifully-and your ability to connect with us the audience also shines through.
    Thought you might appreciate it.

  42. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention again. It's a Tribute to Anitra Ford on YouTube and you can find it by searching my name on YouTube. I'm honored by the 7 minute clip of excerpts from The Price is Right, and I think the music is really great with it.

    Nice to hear from you, ~ Anitra

  43. But oh, on the Tribute, the MySpace address they refer to at the end is bogus. It's NOT my page. Someone is using photos of me they found On-line and posing as me. :(

  44. Anitra,
    you're great!, and a classic actress of so many fun and neato movies!

    I wish you only the best in health, life and everything in-between!!!


  45. Hello Kingsley,

    Enjoyed your message and your enthusiasm. Thanks so much for sharing. I'd like to send you good wishes in return.

    Love your name.

    Sincerely, ~ Anitra

  46. Anitra,
    Will you please be my girlfriend?

  47. Hello Bill,

    Thanks for your charming message. It made me smile.

    Sincerely, ~ Anitra

  48. anitra simply the best

  49. Hi Anitra

    Just viewed the javelin fight scene (great scene by the way!) between you and Cathy Lee Crosby, from Wonder Woman, on You Tube. I was wondering if you had any memories of filming that movie, that stand out in you mind?


  50. Dear Anonymous,

    I would prefer to have a name for you or some appropriate moniker, but even so, I am pleased to hear from you and happy that you like the scene from the Wonder Woman pilot. I do have a number of memories of that event. One being that I sat next to Farrah Faucet in the lobby on the interview. We both vied for the role. Another, is that Ricardo Montalban was an incredibly kind and charming man. And finally, something I enjoyed immensely, was the fact that a professional javelin thrower was hired to give me lessons in the proper throwing of a javelin. It's certainly not a skill that I use on a daily basis, but it was great fun learning how to successfully throw that unwieldy instrument.

    Nice to hear from you. Sending you my regards. Sincerely, ~ Anitra

  51. Anitra

    Thanks for the quick response to my inquiry. I really do enjoy hearing about actors backstage experiences and info while filming shows or movies.

    Anitra, I had one more question;if my memory serves me correctly, as a child, I remember Dian Parkinson wearing a black wig, when she first appeared on the TPIR; was that done to make her look like you, while you were out filming movies?

    Sorry for all the ????


  52. Hello Christian,

    It's nice to have a name to relate to. Thank you. As to your question. I'm not exactly sure about the timing with this, but to be sure, I never took time off from Price for other work. I always took smaller roles in order to work around my schedule on Price, or shot roles during our hiatus or longer breaks.

    I was out for a couple of weeks with a back injury once. I doubt that the execs wanted Dian to look like me, as much as they simply liked having the book end balance of a blonde and a brunette.

    Hope that helps your curiosity.

    Once again, Christian, sending you my regards, ~ Anitra

  53. Hello Christian,

    It's nice to have a name to relate to. Thank you.

    As far as your question is concerned, I never took time away from Price to do other roles. I always worked around our schedule. This led me to take smaller roles when they came up and shoot larger roles during our hiatus or our longer breaks.

    As far as Dian is concerned, I doubt that the execs wanted her to look like me, as much as they wanted to keep the book end effect of a blonde and a brunette. I'm not sure about the time frame on the date that Dian wore the brunette wig, but I do remember needing to take a couple of weeks off due to a severe back injury.

    I hope that these answers appease some of your curiosity.

    Once again, Christian, sending you my regards, ~ Anitra

  54. Hi Anitra. I remember you on the Prize is Right. You were so pretty looking. I do have a question for you. Where you a Cheerleader back in High School? Thanks

  55. Hello Anonymous,

    Thank you for your kind comments. As far as your question about my being a cheerleader, the answer is no. In high school I was very busy acting in plays, writing poetry and performing modern dance.

    It's nice to hear from you, and would be even nicer to have a name to connect to your comment.

    Meanwhile, I'd like to send my good wishes your way.

    Sincerely, ~ Anitra

  56. Dear mysteriously wonder, Anitra :)

    I have just been watching "The Big Bird Cage", and I felt really touched. You reminded me of something within, that I had forgotten. An Inner Mystery, that only a remarkable woman can help a man understand.

    I am very happy to be able to tell you this, thank you so much for this blog!

    Dearest Michael, Denmark.


    I wish you your best and good luck! I am happy that a woman, so mysterious and so radiant has been made unforgettable through the big screen ;-) Thank you.

  57. Hello Michael,

    Thank you for your message with its introspective thoughts. You seem like a poetic person. I appreciate that you shared here.

    On another note. My grandmother and grandfather were from Denmark. In my mind and heart it is a wonderful and beautiful place.

    It's very nice to receive your complimentary words.

    Sending my good wishes, ~ Anitra

    1. Thank you, Anitra! You write very lovely...

      Haha, really, they were Danes? That's funny. Perhaps somewhere we have common great-great-great grandfathers and grandmothers :)

      By the way, I think this is such a wonderful way to be able to communicate to you a personal impression and words that were on my heart to be shared. Glad you liked them. Thanks ;)

      By the way, again, I find it a bit sad if you are going to end this blog, hope you will still check it sometimes again.

      Meanwhile, I would like to ask you something. If that is ok with you... :-)

      If you were to give an advice to a young man, like me, about women and how to be a real man, one you would find attractive, what would you tell that guy??

      Anitra, I wish you your best. Good luck forward on, with the kindest regards, gratefully, Michael Josva.

    2. Michael, hello again,

      I want to say, that I'm not absolutely certain that I will be ending my blog in March, but, it is a possibility. I also want to mention that I am not able to carry on very long and ongoing personal correspondence here, as I am very involved in my other work right now, and it's really not the style of this blog to go beyond sharing once or twice and usually that is done on my most recent post.

      The question you pose about how to be a real man, one whom I would find attractive, would be to get to know yourself and become your own best friend. In that, you like and enjoy your own company and learn to fulfill your own needs. A person who is happy and fulfilled within himself (man or woman) is appealing and he isn't terribly interested in what others think of him -- nor does he need to impress. His life is full and rich. This often takes some time, work and self-understanding to develop. I believe this is the most important thing for every aspect of life.

      And so there you have it Michael, my two cents worth.

      Sending you my good wishes. Sincerely, ~ Anitra

  58. Hello Michael,

    I wanted you to know that I got your message and am happy that you found value in what I wrote. It is fine with me for you to share what I have said. Though, I don't think I would want to counsel others.

    I'm not going to be able to continue this comment thread on this post, as it's gotten too long. I want to encourage you to to join the dialogue on my current post. Sharing once is the norm. Now and then, a reader might share twice. I publish reader's comments at my discretion.

    Again, Michael, I'm so glad you have shared from your heart and your honest, open spirit. It is special and unique.

    My good wishes to you, ~ Anitra

  59. You were the most beautiful mode the Price Is Right has ever had.

    1. Gosh,

      Thank you for this sweet and thoughtful message.

      My good wishes, ~ Anitra

  60. Dear Anitra,

    I have watched almost every episode of The Price is Right. Back in 1975 I attended a taping of the show before you guys went to an hour. My mother and brother came along to see the show, and my brother got a nice kiss from you. We had a blast and also asked Bob questions about Truth or Consequences. What do you think of Drew Carey's handling of the show? He ain't Bob, but I beleive he's doing a great job as host. Love ya , hon, hope to see you on the idiot box, soon.

    1. Hello Chuck,

      Thank you for your interesting message. So glad to hear that you were such a good fan. I don't recall kissing any audience members, but it was a long time ago, and so, I guess it was possible.

      I like Drew Carey very much, and I think it's good that he's very different from Bob. We all know there is only one Bob. That's why I'm happy that they went in a different direction with Carey. The truth is, I have only watched excerpts of the show since DC has been on, and so I can't give you an objective answer there.

      Thank you Chuck for your kind words. Idiot box . . . hmmm . . . there are times when it does seem that way doesn't it?

      Again, I enjoyed your message. My good wishes to you, ~ Anitra

  61. Hi Anitra,

    I've seen clips of you on price on you tube. Can I please ask you will you allow Game show network to show your match game week>? I'm sure fans will love it.

    Mike in Ontario.

    1. Hi Mike,

      It's nice to hear from you. Welcome!

      As to my Match Game appearance, you are the second person this week who has heard that I forbade them from airing that episode. It's simply not true. I have nothing to do with it.

      So sorry. I too would love to see it. Don't know why it's being blocked. Some things are out of your hands. Perhaps, one day it will be released.

      Sending you my good wishes Mike, ~ Anitra

  62. Hi Anitra,

    I manage to find whatever videos that I could find on YouTube from your time on the Price is Right. I got to say that you were amazing, much better than Holly Hallstrom. My favorite Price is Right moment would be the Eggs-o-cist (nice pigtails) and Captain Klutz (you make an awesome villain).

    I notice you're a photographer but your blog doesn't state what kind of camera you use. Has your photos been shown in museums across the United States.

  63. Ronald,

    Hello and welcome. Thank you for your kind words on my performances on The Price is Right. There were so many special showcases that have yet to be released to the public. I'm glad that you've enjoyed a few that have.

    As to my photography, thank you again for your appreciation. The camera I use most often now, is a simple point and shoot with a very good lens. It's a Panasonic Luminex. I've used many other cameras in the past; most often Nikon 35 mil SLR (a film camera), and a Canon A2E automatic (also film.) For my first digital camera, I used a Rebel XT. My photos have been published in many books and national magazines, as well as exhibited, mostly in the Southern California area.

    Again, Ronald, so nice to hear from you. Sending you my good wishes. Sincerely,

    ~ Anitra Ford

  64. Hi Anitra,

    If you still talk to Janice I think it would be great if you and her could appear on price with Drew Carey, at least once. I think fans would love it.

    1. Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your message. I am in touch with Janice now and then. It has been mentioned in the past. In my mind's eye, it's a great idea and would be fun, but, in reality, I think certain factors might make it difficult. Anyhow, yes, the idea is great.

      Lovely to hear from you Mike, ~ Anitra

  65. Hi Anitra. I was wondering if you've had a chance to read Kathleen Bradley's new book about her and her time on TPIR? I haven't read it yet, but I'm sure there is going to be some juicy gossip. Anything is probably fair game to get the book sold.

    1. Hello Anonymous,

      I did not know of this book. I will have to read it. I'm sure I would find it interesting. Thank you so much for letting know of this :)