Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a bit more on Milwaukee

I could fill page after page with images of Milwaukee and continue to shine light on its beauty. I could reveal Milwaukee's textures in winter, spring, summer and fall. But what you wouldn't see are its people: their intelligence and warmth.

And as I post these photos: a scarlet cardinal brightening the winter landscape, Milwaukee's art museum designed by Santiago Calatrava, and a bunch of bushes that look to me like cupcakes, I'm thinking, Santa Barbara grows oranges the size of grapefruits; Milwaukee raises people with large and generous hearts.


  1. Anitra,that must be true of Wisconsin.One of my dear friend is from Madison,and is so kind and generous.I went to milwaukee maybe 30 years ago only overnighted so did not get to see the city.What a Beautiful museum.Ive been in Barcelona,Spain now for a week,partly due to the
    snow that fell in New york so my return flight cancelled.i Thought of you while visiting many of Gaudi's work.I thought how you would capture it with your Camera.take care my friend may the Universe continue to inspire you

  2. Roger,

    Thank you once again for your kind words and for your insights. Guadi was a genius! Of a realm not touched before or since. It would be beyond wonderful to loose one's self in the magnitude of such beauty, but in the words of Garth on SNL, my small camera isn't worthy.

    Perhaps YOU took photographs with your new camera :)

  3. That is a very idyllic photo of the Cardinal.
    And I love the snow-notwithstanding the attendant cold and ice that needs breaking up. Although, I can be quite good at doing the latte.r
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hello Joe,

    How nice it is to see that you are enjoying my prior posts.

    I'd never seen a cardinal until I spent time in the Mid-West. They are glorious creatures. And yes, that's one thing you can guarantee about the East, you surely need a snow shovel :)

    Be Well Joe, ~ Aneet