Tuesday, January 11, 2011

not readily seen

When I first started this blog, it was an experiment. Just a toe in the water test of what it might be like to actually have a blog. I thought I'd keep the subject matter fairly neutral and then, if and when the time was right, I'd crank up the focus to something more timely and personal.

What I've found in the past 6 months, is that the focus of my blog tends to automatically go toward beauty and peace. It wasn't my purpose. It just seems to be my drift.

But lately, as I trudge across the Santa Barbara beach, catching pelicans and black skimmers with my lens; and as I follow the graceful curves of the shoreline and the foam crested waves, I'm tempted to show something else, some of the other sights in view. Like the crumpled blanket on the sand where a homeless man sleeps, or the small tent 100 yards beyond it, that shelters another.

In this world that is torn in so many ways, I question if it's fair, in beautiful Santa Barbara, to bypass these visual truths. And I think, sometimes, it's important to let certain images slip through


  1. Anitra,

    I love coming to your blog and seeing your beautiful photos and the words that you write. In this world that is in such turmoil, you remind us that there is still beauty to be found.

    You are certainly an inspiration!!

  2. Hello Mark,

    Your generous words are much appreciated -- and inspiring as well.

    Thank you.