Sunday, January 23, 2011

remembering Milwaukee

This morning as I think about Santa Barbara: its sunshine and recent spate of 70 degree weather, I stop myself and bite my tongue. The reason is, I've been to Milwaukee, spent time there trying to toughen my soft, Santa Barbara skin. And over a period of two years, I saw fresh snow dust pines with powder and create scenes of visual splendor that would have made Walt Disney swoon.

Santa Barbara's beauty is no secret, but when it comes to majesty, we don't corner the market.


  1. Hi Anitra, Beautiful pictures but I must admit, I'm more of a fan of warm weather. By the way, I do believe a happy birthday is in order!
    With best regards.......Jonathan Chester (

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    Nice to hear from you. It's fun receiving your feedback and as far as weather is concerned, I understand how you feel. In regards to my birthday, somehow, word's gotten out that mine's in Jan. Fact is, it's 8 months away. But it's the sentiment that counts, no? And so, thanks for your well wishes.

  3. Anitra,I love the change in season,Although I'm not of Fan of freezing cold weather,I love the snow.I live in a warm tropical climate now after so many years in New York,Then south Florida,And now in Panama.there seems to be no pleasing me I cant stand the heat,And I dont like very cold weather.
    Santa Barbara would have been perfect for me.I love it there been there many times.I feel its the Riviera of the United States.Today after your Comments I ask my self is there really a perfect place to live? love your work

  4. Roger,

    As always, so nice to hear from you. I enjoy getting your take on things and receiving your impressions. And isn't it true, it seems wherever one lives, there is always that trade off.