Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Is There No End to the Depths of Which One Can See

It started with a band of coral glowing through my drapes early Saturday morning. I stepped into my slippers, grabbed my camera and went out onto the deck. I then crossed the lawn to where a tiny patch of ocean was visible. The warm December air hung around me like a shawl. Below the coral sky, the sea was glassy and silvered. I took photos.

When I turned back to go inside and begin my morning ritual of writing, the sun was cresting the canyon, and I noticed the stone Buddha beside the pepper tree was now outlined with light. I clicked more photos. Before I stepped away, the jay that visits every morning requesting his handful of peanuts, hopped onto a stack of rocks on the banister of my deck. Again, I clicked my camera. That's when the Elvis Presley birdhouse caught my eye. The birdhouse -- a yard sale find -- I keep, not because it's a great likeness, nor is it that attractive or well-made, but simply because it's an ELVIS PRESLEY BIRDHOUSE!

And that was the thing Saturday morning, the ocean, the Buddha, the jay, the birdhouse, the air, the light, the warmth, just grew more and more heady, and I was beginning to feel as though I couldn't stop or rest for one moment. Everywhere I looked -- everywhere -- I saw something remarkable. I looked to my right, and the heart-shaped bird feeder dangling from the eaves framed the pristine mountains in the distance. On and on it went until I felt dizzy from all of the sights unfolding.

Here it was, the same world I saw every day, the same shadows, the same morning light -- but this day, it was more. The molecules in the air seemed to be humming. Things that had looked just so-so, or hadn't even caught my attention in the past, appeared charmed. And the imperfections all around me: the unattractive wire fencing, the awkward mix of pots and saucers, the dust, the faded wood and even the rough corners were all smoothed and invisible to me that morning, and I found myself wondering what had happened.

How did this eclectic hodgepodge become a kind of Eden?

When I finally went back inside, the projects on my table looked like art, and I continued taking photos, stumbling around my house snapping and clicking, unable to stop seeing image after image illuminated.

View another chapter of this story by going to my new blog: Anitra's Book of Days. You can find it on Google, or by clicking the bottom line under my profile in the sidebar that reads "view complete profile." It will be listed at the top of the page under "My Blogs." Click on the title and you will be there. The post is titled "Magic Morning" and was made on Jan. 15. Happy travels


Have a fulfilling and charmed 2014. My warmest regards,

~   Anitra


  1. Bravo, Anitra! Bravo! This issue of the blog is a wonderful celebration of the magic of every day-- and the fact that it is possible not to notice ugly wire fences, dust, and saucers and cups arranged in ways that trigger OCD in the sanest of us. And it's a beautifully illustrated issue: the second photograph from the top is definitely a wowser-- no disrespect to the woodpecker or the Buddha or the mountain.

    Ah, you ask a question-- how did this eclectic hodgepodge become a kind of an Eden. I do believe you posted the answer, cleverly hiding it in plain sight-- love the life you live!


    1. Louis,

      I so enjoy your words. You have a way of taking what you've seen and experienced and coloring it with your own art and talent. It is generous and I am fortunate to be the recipient.

      I'm happy that you enjoyed this post

      Beautiful days to you Louis, ~ Aneet.

  2. Hello Aneet!

    What a magical description of this beautiful Eden you live in. I particularly love picture of the bird on the Buddha. It's as if the bird was making some form of offering to the statue.

    I apologize if I seem to be lacking for words. I've been working 6 days a week for the last 3 months, and need to replenish my own creative cup to get inspired to write again. I hope all is well with you, and again I eagerly await your next post. Thank you again for creating those pages on FB. I enjoy the interaction on there.

    Best wishes and warm regards,


    1. Joseph,

      Hello, hello! So good to see you here. you are not lacking in words, though I know how it feels to be spent from overwork, and to simply be tired. I'm delighted that you enjoyed this post and that you are sharing here. I looked at the Buddha and bird photo again after you mentioned it, and I saw something I hadn't noticed before -- that it appears as though the Buddha is also aware of the bird :)

      I trust that you will find a way to take time for yourself and to continue to nurture your talents. I've noticed that there is an ebb and flow to these things, and usually the tide turns and the time is there again.

      I hope life brings you delightful surprises, ~ Aneet

      And oh, PS: Have you visited my Book of Days?

  3. Thank you for sharing this special morning. Read it 3 times and each time found some new point of focus --very much like sunlight gradually revealing a morning. Enchanted. Indeed, brava.

  4. Geo,

    It's lovely to hear from you. I'm delighted to know that you read it 3 times. It seems we see that which is within us. I appreciate your sharing. Your words are like sunlight -- thank you Geo.

    Sparkling days, Anitra

  5. Hi Aneet,

    First of all, a very healthy and happy new year to you!!! This post brings back some interesting memories.

    Having family in Sydney, Australia, I've had the good fortune of visiting there 3 times. One thing about that place is that you always see flying by some interesting birds. These birds are typical of what you would expect to see in an exotic pet shop. All different colors and sizes. You would truly have a field day with your camera!

    I have always had a deep love for animals. One time, a while back I remember playing football with some friends and a very friendly squirrel followed me. This became a daily event. Whatever I did, he would just watch me. I gave him a peanut by hand, he came right up to me, took the peanut in his mouth, I played a little tug of war, he then pressed his paw against my hand as to jesture to let go. I did just that and he had a little feast for himself.

    Buddhas sometimes can give me the creeps. Why are they always in front of Chinese restaurants though? Are they trying to warn us not to go inside? Maybe we should rub their bellies for good luck? Perhaps it beats throwing a coin into the fountain. They watch you go in, and if you happen to be done in by the food, he watches them carry you out.

    Anyhow.....I'm glad things are well with you and hope your new year brings only great things for you!


    1. Jonathan hello,

      Great to hear from you. I enjoyed your message. So interesting that you have spent time in Australia. I haven't been there, but I know I would like it.

      Your story about the squirrel is fascinating. Thanks so much for sharing that. It must have been a delightful experience to have the squirrel respond to you, even to the point of touching your hand. He knew an animal lover when he saw one. What an amazing experience.

      I hadn't thought of it, but I can understand how someone might feel creeped out by Buddhas, especially the smiling ones. The quiet serene image of a Buddha has always evoked in me a feeling of peacefulness and compassion. Your idea of a Buddha watching at a Chinese restaurant, especially when they carry you out on a stretcher is a good one Jonathan. I will now remember that when I eat at Chinese restaurants.

      Thank you Jonathan for enlightening me in so many ways. I hope and trust that 2014 brings health and happiness to you.

      My fond regards, ~ Aneet

  6. Just wanted to wish you a "Heart" felt Happy Valentine's Day Aneet!

    Jonathan :)

    1. Jonathan,

      You are so thoughtful. Thank you for your "Heart" felt wishes; they are happily received. I hope you had a wonderful day, and I would wish you lavender chocolate only if you desired.

      Fond regards, ~ Aneet

      And oh, I think I might post some little thing on my other blog, Anitra's Book of Days :)