Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ruing, Rowing and Flowing

Right now I want to rue, rue the fact that everything is passing. The pink light from the sunrise casting its pastel color onto my writing page is measured. Each day is like those grains of sand in the hourglass, spilling. Now I have a new perspective of the hourglass, so different from those days in the past -- days when I was outer-driven, always reaching, always striving, always hoping to attain my ever-present goals.

With those days of racing behind me, my pace has changed, and my focus has gone inward, not in the sense of navel gazing, but of savoring moments, of being in  my body instead of casting it about. And as I stop and look around me at patterns of sunlight illuminating the French doors to my deck, I see one shaped like a butterfly. And in the distance, a small crimson heart glows mid air, suspended in the leaves of the pepper tree. And I wonder how could that be -- a heart suspended in space -- what is that? And then, I see it's part of a stained glass strand dangling from the eaves of my deck and glinting in the slant light. And I realize, I am holding this journal to my chest, feeling the smooth tooth of its paper under the pads of my fingers and being with this day as it it were a person; as if it were a dear relative who I love.


  1. Anitra, this positively scintillates, as if you've seen the world though a spinthariscope and seen its secret quiet radiance. You honor everyone who shares this day with you. Brava.

  2. Geo,

    It's lovely to hear from you. To receive such words from a poet of your talent is a gift. I'm glad your light is shining.

    My good wishes, ~ Anitra

  3. Hello Anitra!

    What another beautiful post. Time is indeed flying so quickly by.

    The heart -shaped glass reflecting the autumn sun, to me is a symbol of the love you continue to show for your craft, whether it be your writing, or your photography, or reminiscing of your time on TPIR. How lucky we are as your readers that we get to share in the radiance generated by it.

    Wishing you a bountiful harvest season with fondest regards,


    1. Oh Joseph,

      Thank you for your beautiful message. How thoughtfully your words are expressed and with a wonderful cadence. I am the lucky one to have readers as kind, generous and talented as you.

      May you have a lovely Thanksgiving and a fulfilling Holiday Season.

      My sincere regards, Anitra

  4. Rue not, Anitra, rue not! In those outer-driven days of yore, the frenzy of taping schedules and such would have robbed you of more moments of finding the magic of a glass heart in a pepper tree (oh, what an image that could be in a story of love lost found in Mr Faulkner's Old South) than it would have granted you. And this pace has brought you to your readers. And that is a lovely gift! Wishing you the happiest of Holiday Season and looking forward to the gift of more Anitra in the New Year.


    1. Louis,

      Once again your poetry astonishes. I am humbled by your beautiful words. You are a generous, kind and gifted man. I so enjoyed your take on the glass heart. It's fascinating how you take words and images and enhance them by viewing them through your lens.

      I trust that you are creating and finding beauty in your days and environment.

      My fond wishes, ~ Aneet

  5. Hi Aneet,

    As I was reading your post, I was imagining everything you were saying. Very deep thoughts of reflection was the glue that put this all together it seems. I will never look at an hour glass the same way ever again!

    Congratulations on your new blogs and Facebook pages-I will certainly check into them. How is your writing assignment going? You're keeping nice and busy it seems. I like the Incognitra look in the sidebar.

    Wishing you and your family the very best of Thanksgivings! Trader Joe's came out with a Cranberry Upside Down cake that's a winner!

    Best as always,


    1. Jonathan Hello!

      So good to hear from you. I am wondering if your baseball season delivered for you this year. Thank you for your personal impressions of my post; I always enjoy your perspective on things. I hope that you are having a happy, healthy and fulfilling season thus far, and that your Holidays will bring camaraderie, laughter and delicious food.

      Thanks for the Cranberry cake tip. You are my go to guy for Trader Joe's.

      Happy Holidays Dear Jonathan, ~ Aneet

      And oh, PS: my work projects are going well and have been expanded. I expect to continue with this blog schedule well into the future :)

  6. Thanks for this, your words gave me new perspective. I have been dealing with blood pressure out of control. Synthetic drugs didn't help, made me sick and feel lifeless. Started wondering, what kind of a life is that? So am treating it naturally and losing the weight which is most likely culprit. Got the energy back and am using it to complete my latest CD. 14 songs down, 1 to go. I hope it not to be my last, but I know that it could be if my blood pressure doesn't get under control. So lately I have learned to set aside things that once mattered to me and focus on the finer points of life, family, loved ones, and simplicity. Thanks again Anitra, your thoughts are beautiful and resonant! :)

    1. Chris,

      Hello and welcome. Thank you for sharing here. I glad that my post resonated with you. I think, more often than not, a health crises brings us to look at what really matters in the larger scale of things.

      In most cases, there are ways to work with health problems naturally. They usually take more patience than the traditional route, but often with less toxic results. I want to wish you much good luck in finding the right direction for solving your blood pressure problems. I hope and trust that with diligence you will find the answers you're looking for.

      Thank you for your kind words, Chris, I'm glad you paid this blog a visit :) And continued success with your music.

      My sincere good wishes, Anitra

  7. Hi Anitra,

    I read recently that despite all the technological advances (or more likely because of them), we work more than anyone in history! It's probably necessary but hopefully technology has made life more fulfilling for more people. At least for me it has as television initially brought you to me and now the internet continues to bring your thought-provoking words and images. Where is the image of you in this post from? So beautiful! Your beauty is truly timeless.

    I'm so grateful you are sharing your introspection and experiences. Thanks for reminding me to savor the moments.


    1. Alan, hello once again,

      Thank you for your high praise. It means a lot, and I am honored.

      The photo above is a still from an episode of Columbo, filmed in 1972. The guest star was Jack Cassidy and Steven Spielberg was the director.

      As to the Internet, it surely is a phenomenon. An amazing tool. But balance is something that can be difficult to rein in under the hypnotic sway of electronics. I love the reach and creative potential of Cyberspace. I also love nature and those quiet moments devoid of the electronic buzz.

      I am grateful you visit my blogs, Alan, I hope you are finding the time for your talent and for your own creative endeavors and expression.

      Sending you and your family my warm wishes, ~ Anitra

    2. Hi Anitra,

      Thank you for letting me know where the photo originated. Mr. Spielberg apparently gained some valuable experience working with you that served him well in his career! I haven't watched much of Columbo but will now have to look for one particular episode.

      If you don't mind my asking, why did you leave the business? I hope it wasn't the business leaving you as that would have robbed us of more of these archives.

      Wishing you well.