Friday, March 14, 2014

Where are These Crows Headed?

Above is a video of my neighborhood crows. They were clustered at the very top of an oak tree in my front yard and were aligned in a picturesque manner. As usual, they were squawking their heads off. When I saw them, I hurried into the house for my camera, not expecting them to still be there when I returned. But I was in luck, they were still in action. I began to take a photo, and was sorry that the viewer would not get the full effect without sound. That's when it dawned on me to employ my little-used video application. In short order, the crows delivered a perfect surprise. I've decided they're on their way to visit my new blog "Anitra's Book of Days." You're welcome to follow them and stop by for a visit.

It's wonderful to see you here. I will return to post on this blog May 15th, two months down the road. In the meantime, you may visit me on Facebook at "Anitra Ford's Celebrity Page" and also at my Facebook Artist's Page: "Anitra's inspiration." Keep the wonder going.

My warm regards,     ~    Anitra


  1. An impressive detonation of crows, Anitra. Nicely done!

    1. Geo,

      A 'detonation of crows,' that's wonderful. Glad you enjoyed the serendipitous catch.

      My good wishes.

  2. That is definitely an Alfred Hitchcock moment!!! Shades of Bodega Bay. :)

    1. Tom,

      Hello good to hear from you. And yes, I had that thought too when I first viewed the video. Those noisy crows rule my neighborhood (especially in the morning.) Glad I thought of using the video. It was quite surprising when they all took flight.

      My good wishes Tom, ~ Aneet

  3. Hi Aneeeet,

    Just returned the other day from Australia and so jet lagged. My body can't tell whether it's time for dinner or breakfast, night or day. This was my 4th trip there and by far the worst case of jet lag I have ever experienced. Upon the return flight, as I was coming in to land at LAX, I saw on the plane navigation just up the coast from LA was Santa Barbara and thought of you. Great trip but you really need a full month there. Somehow, each night I tried to get to sleep, these obnoxious Cockatoos would know exactly when I was heading for bed and would sing on the top of their lungs keeping me up until they were done.

    Speaking of birds........the only thing missing from this clip of the crows is Alfred Hitchcock narrating the scene. I'm sure glad I wasn't underneath them when they decided to take flight!

    Anyhow, it's good to be back and will check out Book of Days.


    1. Jonathan, hooray!

      Welcome back! I hope you had some fun in Australia, and didn't spend the whole time wrestling with Cockatoos. I have never been there, but imagine in so many ways that it's quite a different world.

      We all need a change of scenery from time to time. So glad to hear from you. Your words are always happily received. And yes, Mr. Hitchcock could have well appreciated my, as reader Geo described it, 'detonation of crows.'

      Always love your words Jonathan. Happy Days, happy days, ~ Aneet

  4. HI Anitra
    I love the Video of the Crows! YOU are blessed to have nature come
    and visit.You were lucky to be able to capture this on video.Just one
    more special moment in your wonderful life cheers Roger

    1. Roger,

      Thank you for your beautiful words. I hope that you are finding time to create. It is true, this was a serendipitous moment, and I knew it when it was happening. I'm so glad that I can share it, and that you are able to perceive it as it was.

      Once again, GREAT good wishes to you and your loved ones,

      ~ Anitra.