Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sleepless in Santa Barbara

It's 5:00 a.m. My bare windows read black sky. I've had too little sleep, yet some part of me is eager, like a deer in the forest ready to greet sunrise with an early morning drink at the lake.

I hate to slog a tired body through a bright and glistening day, but I simply can't get back to sleep. It's not wild expectation that fuels me. In fact, for all appearances, this particular Saturday looks dull -- nothing on my calendar but one blank square smack in the middle of October. Even so, I'm prompted to look outside at what surrounds me -- to view the changing colors of the leaves, and to watch the shifting shadows of autumn as they intersect summer's light.

On this one, small day, in these hours before dawn, I'm reminded of that substance that the Buddhists call "The Arising" --and as I contemplate this concept, I can almost hear the day breathing, its heartbeat pulsing somewhere beyond the horizon, pacing forward like a promise -- like a silent serenade.


  1. Well hello there,

    Beautiful photos as usual, especially the top one where you successfully caught that rainbow. The only thing I caught recently was a mild cold to kick off the autumn. The weather here in New York has actually been delightful as of late, I must say.

    Now think of this: If you were here in New York at the time you woke up (5:00am pacific time), it would have been 8:00am eastern time and you would have woken up right on time. Hence a visit to New York is in the cards!

    I imagine you will be tired enough tonight to catch up on a few more winks of sleep. When you go off your internal clock, you somehow always make up for it the next night. (If that doesn't happen, then try catching a rerun of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" on Antenna TV and just listen to his introduction. You should be asleep in T-minus 7 seconds).

    No really just read a book and that should do the trick for you.

    Best to you as always.....Jonathan :)

    PS- That picture of you in the side bar is stunningly beautiful. Then again I don't think you're capable of ever taking a bad picture.

  2. "I'm too low for zero
    Insomnia attacks
    Watching flies with my eyes till sunrise
    It's daylight when I hit the sack."

    This is just my knee-jerk reaction to your description, Luv. Sir Elton John's "Too Low For Zero" has long had an appeal to me, and remains relevant as I am preparing to resume working the graveyard shift again.

    I expect I'll have more than my share of these vignettes you've thoughtfully set to prose and illustration, in the weeks and months ahead. However, I'll also get to experience the quiet beauty one can find whilst living on "the other side of time," that is evident in your photos.

    Be well, Dear Heart.

  3. Hi Aneet-

    Insomnia is something I have become all too familiar with in recent months. During my unemployment there were numerous nights when sleep was a luxury. Sometimes wide awake at 2:00 or 3:00 AM, I'd contemplate the almost complete silence of the world outside. For some reason that time of night is an interesting one simply being because it's so quiet. It's that "limbo" in between the evening and morning.

    The picture of the double rainbow in the park is something out of a painting. You always seem to capture the perfect image. Every time I see a rainbow, it gives me a feeling of hope that one day I'll find my own "gold" at the end of the rainbow.

    Oh and when I saw your self portrait on the sidebar, I immediately thought about that TPIR showcase I mentioned to you a few weeks back, the one with you pointing the movie camera at the CBS camera. =)

    One thing that helps me with insomnia is soft music. I listen to classical music at night on the radio, and the station I listen to also broadcasts in Santa Barbara. It's KUSC 91.5 FM, although I think they're on a slightly different frequency in Santa Barbara. In any event, that usually soothes me to sleep.

    Warm regards and best wishes as always,


  4. Hello Jonathan,

    Sorry to hear about your cold. Hope it's over quickly.

    I so enjoyed your message, as always. I particularly enjoyed the tip about watching Alfred Hitchcock; your humor is intact. The fact is, I don't have trouble sleeping very often, and what you say is true--the body does readjust its time clock, and all is then restored.

    Glad you liked the photo of me. That back lighting reflecting in the mirror was extra flattering.

    Lovely hearing from you, Jonathan. Sending my best wishes your way,

    ~ Aneet

  5. Joseph, hello, hello,

    So nice to hear from you. I know that you've had trouble sleeping and I want to thank you for your suggestions; I will remember them when I am sleepless again. Fortunately, I'm not plagued by this dilemma. It only surfaces once every few months.

    As always, I enjoyed hearing your perceptions discovered in the still of night. And yes, rainbows are extraordinary. When they appear, it always seems like magic to me. You have expressed before that you are hoping to one day find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I think one day you will. If we're speaking of gold as a metaphor for happiness, my personal view is that it's not out there in the future, but instead, right here in the center of the present moment, and as the years go by, it can become easier and easier to find :)

    It would sure be fun to see that showcase with the camera.

    Thank you for your lovely message, Joseph. My sincere good wishes,

    ~ Aneet

  6. Chris,

    So good to hear from you! I haven't heard that Elton John Song, but now that you have quoted it, I simply must.

    Wow, The graveyard shift, that's challenging. It does require a different mindset to live, as you say, 'on the other side of time.'

    Thank you for your kind words about my photographs.

    I really enjoy your fluid and inspired writing.

    Sending my good wishes your way, Chris,
    ~ Aneet

  7. An added, general note:

    I've been having trouble accessing the Internet for about a week. Santa Barbara is now, and has been, buried under a thick bank of fog. This often wreaks havoc with my wireless reception. Since I'm having to haul my computer to Starbucks to check in and answer comments (and even to make these two, current posts,) please bear with me if things are a bit out of order or my timing seems odd. Hopefully things will be set straight by the weekend when clear skies are due.

    Warm Regards to All, ~ Aneet

  8. Aneet-

    I'll keep my eyes peeled on youtube in case anybody puts up that showcase.

    I also forgot to mention how much I enjoyed the picture of the palm tree and crescent moon at twilight. The pinkness of the sky reminds me of a big, delicious grapefruit. It also reminds me of beautiful sunsets in Hawaii. Have a great weekend that will hopefully have some sun and little fog for you.



  9. Hello Joseph,

    Well, you never know, it might come up. I appreciate that you're tracking it the showcase. So glad you like the twilight shot. I love your analogy of the grapefruit. It's rare that we get that kind of light here and color.

    I'm still not able to get On-line. It may be more that a weather problem. Though, I must say, the weather the last two days has been remarkable. An ever-changing exotic mix of fog and sun.

    Again, lovely to hear from you Joseph. With appreciation, ~ Aneet

  10. Hello Aneet,

    The world has a mysterious surreal quality in the middle of the someone who yearns for the luxury of a full night's sleep, I've experienced this unusual silence. The world can seem alien at 4 am! Though I'm sure the sights of Santa Barbara are still beautiful, 24/7.

    I enjoyed this "pause", reading your blog...very interesting thoughts.

    My best wishes,

  11. Tom,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well. I find that deep silence of the early a.m., to often be scintillating.

    Glad you enjoyed the "pause."

    Sending my regards, ~ Aneet

  12. Hi Aneet,
    I can so relate to sleepless nights,with my constant traveling,and changing time zones.Ive just learned to live with it.As always your photos are inspiring,and beautiful.Today I"m sleepless in Paris! sending you good Vibrations Roger

  13. Roger, hello,

    Thanks for your kind words and good vibrations. They are very welcome. Good to hear from you Roger.

    Sending warm wishes your way, ~ Aneet