Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Sightings

View From Channel Drive

Glimpse of Gibraltar Peak

Convergence of Crows at Alice Keck Park

Dashing Caddy

Mini Racer

Dodge Surprise


  1. Aneet,

    I remember you did a post on Alice Keck Park. There's that Caddy in that turquoise color you love! Couldn't help but to notice that!

    Anitra, I remember you also did a previous post on Milwaukee. I was just curious as to how a California girl like yourself ended up in Milwaukee for a while?


  2. Hi Jonathan!

    It's super to hear from you. I'm having computer glitches right now. Needing to borrow a friend's computer at the moment. Hope all prints properly.

    And yes, that turquoise color reappears. There's a dog in the back seat too and a sticker on the window that says, "Woof."

    As far as Milwaukee, I had a friend who inherited a house there and he asked me to help him organize it. I thought it would be an interesting adventure. I began going there for a week or so, and then, after finding out how much I liked it, extending the time. As I believe I've said before, I spent 10 months there over a period of two years. It was really a great experience.

    My good wishes Jonathan, ~ Aneet

  3. Hi Aneet. How do so many people have 50's vintage cars in Santa Barbara? I really like that Caddy-notwithstanding that I'm generally a Lincoln person. It's probably the color.
    Do you get foliage color in Santa Barbara?
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hello Joe,

    Good to hear from you. Just wrote a long response to your comment and it disappeared. Shoot! I'll begin again.

    Glad you liked the Caddy. I'm not sure if we have more vintage cars than elsewhere. It may be that I take notice of the ones we have. I don't see them all that often, and I've begun to watch for them. Vintage cars are something I've only begun to take note of this year. If we do have more, it may be due to a certain esthetic and the prevalence of sunshine. I think sunshine elevates the spirit and makes people more playful.

    As for fall foliage, no, we get very little. You on the East Coast and in the MidWest, corner the market on that glorious phenomenon.

    Again, Joe, good to hear from you. Sending my regards, ~ Aneet

  5. HI Aneet,
    Such beauty! your photographs really capture Santa Barbara's
    natural beauty.these photos inspired me to get my Blogs going
    again! it is really hard to do a blog with so many commitments.Work,traveling,family etc............Sending you
    good wishes of Health Roger

  6. Roger,

    It's always lovely to hear from you. Glad to know that your back to your blog. I found it very interesting and enjoyable. You had many beautiful photographs and engaging commentary as well.

    I really understand how you feel about keeping up with a blog. It's much more time consuming than it appears. There is synergy in the give and take of writing a blog and getting feedback and comments. It's energizing and stimulating, and I really enjoy that. But there is a great cost in time.

    I'm impressed with all that you do.

    Thanks for your thoughtful message Roger. Wishing you health and happiness, ~ Aneet