Saturday, October 29, 2011

Zombies, Ghosts and Ghouls . . .

are coming to your neighborhood. The signs are everywhere. It's now, when the moon is closest to the Earth, that many cultures believe lonely ghosts and departed ancestors hover around us, "All Hallows Eve," "The Day of the Dead" and "Feeding the Hungry ghosts" are celebrations to honor this time.

And so, if over the next week, you dress like a pumpkin, or play an eerie flute, or indulge in more than your share of dark chocolate, please be very, very creepy about it when you do--and let me remind you to be sure to have a blast. And oh, don't forget to leave an apple on the porch for dear old Grammy McAllister.

**See you again on the 20th of November :)


  1. Hi Anitra,

    I actually do believe that there is definitely some supernatural element that always surrounds us. I,like most people I'm sure,have had my share of interesting experiences. I had one experience that made my hair stand up. ( It took weeks before my hair style returned to normal!)

    Meanwhile, here in the northeast it's freezing cold! Truly unseasonable temperatures that are freezing my tailfeathers off.

    Last night I was watching "Night of the Living Dead" and didn't realize that most of the actors in that movie worked behind the camera as well! That was one of my all time favorites. I know you're not a fan of horror films.

    Well, for the Halloween season one of my most favorite treats besides the chocolate of course is a caramel apple. Nothing like slicing open a nice juicy, thick caramel coated apple! I imagine that your favorite halloween treat is a bar of Lindt dark chocolate. Do you like the chocolate bars filled with anything like raspberry or caramel or anything like that or just plain?


  2. Aneet,

    I love Halloween imagery!!! It's one of my favorite times of the year. So your post really made my day! I guess I'm still a kid at heart.

    Btw, in celebration of these festivities, we watched Messiah of Evil last night. Ralph's never seemed so creepy! It was my wife Mary's first time seeing this film and her first words as the end credits rolled were "very creepy".

    Happy Halloween to you!

  3. Hi Aneet-

    Well Halloween doesn't have the significance for me that it did when I was a kid. I guess the spirit doesn't move me anymore, no pun intended.

    However, I've been wathcing some thriller, as opposed to horror movies over the weekend ie: "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?", "Dead Ringer", "Dial M For Murder", etc. Tonight I did do some grocery shopping at my local Ralphs, and yes I thought about "Messiah of Evil" and you walking across the empty parking lot. Fortunately there were still no zombies in the meat section.

    So my Halloween with be rather mundane, just work during the day, then handing out candy to the neighborhood trick-or-treaters in the evening.

    Oh by the way, I was thinking, that when you used to do the "Flaky Flicks" on TPIR, it was Halloween all year round, getting to dress up in costumes and so forth. Will you be reprising your role as Svetlana Svelte from "Captain Klutz" or the role as the possesed child in "The Eggsocist" tomorrow? =) Have a fun Halloween and I look forward to your next post.

    Regards and best wishes as always,


  4. Jonathan,

    Hello, hello and happy Halloween. I have noticed, in the past, that there does seem to be a strange feeling in the air this time of the year.

    Sorry to hear about your cold weather. It's too soon for winter.

    Night of the Living Dead, that's a classic. It seems the perfect movie to watch for Halloween. Except, of course, MOE :)

    I'm so glad you mentioned chocolate. And you're right, I do prefer plain, dark chocolate. I wanted to let you know that you converted me to Trader Joe's 72 percent. It's now my favorite! I used to have a fan when I was on Price, who sent me Lindt Chocolate bars in his fan mail. They were usually rasberry filled. I always ate them. They were delish.

    Good to hear from you, Jonathan -- be well. Sending you my regards, ~ Anitra

  5. Tom,

    Lovely to hear from you. Yes, I agree, the Halloween imagery is really fun. I hadn't planned on posting until 11/20, but I just couldn't resist sharing those gold skulls.

    I must say, this Halloween I've been thinking a lot about Messiah of Evil. It's a perfect Halloween film. I really love that quality they captured in those lonely, "Ed Ruscha" streets.

    My warm and "creeped-out" Halloween regards to you and your wife. ~ Aneet

  6. Hello Joseph!

    So nice to hear from you. Those old movies were really great--and they were surely "creepy." Very suitable for the season. Perhaps you'll find some delightful surprises during your mundane Halloween. I hope so.

    Yes, we did dress up every day on Price. I remember one all time record day with something like 30 different changes. One was a full miliary outfit with boots. Don't think I'll be dressing up this year. But, I must say, it can be great fun to don a creative costume. And yes, that would be a good one, me dressing as my role in The Eggs-O-Cist.

    Take care, Joseph. My Regards, ~ Aneet

  7. Happy Halloween Aneet! Have a good week!


  8. Bits, hello!

    Hope you have a super Halloween too. Always great to hear from you. So enjoy your refreshing and exuberant spirit.

    Warm Regards, ~ Aneet

  9. Aneet,I'm so glad you like that Trader Joe's chocolate. I thought you would! Nothing beats the texture of that particular bar they have.

    If Trader Joe's ever does a commercial on that product, I couldn't think of a more beautiful spokesperson than you!

    Enjoy and all the best!.....Jonathan

  10. Jonathan,

    Hello, hello. Yes, you're so right. The texture is exceptional. Hmmm, a commercial for chocolate, what an interesting idea.

    Thanks for your "sweet" thoughts Jonathan.

    My good wishes, ~ Aneet

  11. Hi Aneet!!

    Hope you had a spooktacular Halloween!! Do you have any trick or treaters?? Imagine trick or treating and having Anitra Ford open the door!! LOL!!

    Love that pic of the colorful decorated porch. Is it yours??

    Hope you are well!!
    Mark :-)

  12. Mark, hello,

    So good to hear from you. Love that word, "spooktacular." I must remember it. No, we don't get trick or treaters, but I really enjoy just seeing all the Halloween imagery and zeroing in on things that grab my attention.

    Glad you liked the colorful porch. It's not mine; just something I noticed when I took a different side street and it caused me to drive around the block and find a suitable parking place.

    My guess is that you had a super Halloween.

    Sending My Good Wishes Your Way, Mark.

    Sincerely, ~ Aneet

  13. Hello Anitra,
    My name is Tim. I just "discovered" you very recently. I bought the DVD set of "The Best of T.P.I.R.". On the early episodes, Mr. Barker called your first name only and I did some digging to find out who you were. I've since watched clips from 2 films that you participated in as well. I know that was in your past but I just wanted you to know that you've got another fan. I love to watch television and films from the 1970's and earlier (I'm 40, by the way). However, I realize there's much more to you than your public image. I wish you well and hope that perhaps I might get a little response from you. Sincerely, Tim Duncan
    P.S.-I commented as Anonymous because I've never posted on a blog before.

  14. Hello Tim,

    It's so nice to hear from you. It's wonderful to know that the work I did in the 70's still communicates and reaches people today.

    Thank you for your kind words; I'm delighted that you chose to comment here.

    My good wishes to you, ~ Anitra

  15. Hello Tim,

    Thank you for your interesting second message. If you have a Facebook page, you can contact me through the message application on Facebook.

    Once again, good wishes to you, ~ Anitra