Monday, July 9, 2012

Large Splash of Ocean

After my last few posts: my visit to L.A., Father's Day and then photos that illuminated the past, I'm in the mood for a change -- something to cleanse the palate -- I think a large splash of ocean might fill the bill.

It's summer and most of the country's been sweltering under record-breaking heat. Our beaches are full, the parking lots are crowded, and perhaps that's why my thoughts keep drifting back to a cooler, quieter time. I've been thinking about a day last November.

I'm not sure what caused me to stop at Shoreline Park that day. I think it must have been the dramatic clouds (something fairly rare in Santa Barbara's perpetual blue sky.) I stood at the edge of Shoreline on a bluff above the ocean and drank in the expansive view. Leadbetter Beach curved in the foreground, with the mountains beyond it to the east.

After taking in the view from shoreline Park, I drove the short distance down the hill to park at Leadbetter Beach. There, I got out and walked to the beach wall, where I stood, basically, in one place. At the wall, I simply gazed at what I saw around me. Here is a vignette of what I found.

Wishing you all soft breezes and cool mists. My next post will be on the 20th. Hope to see you then. ~ Anitra


  1. Perhaps it was those rare clouds that caused you to stop along Shoreline Park that November day, Anitra... perhaps it was Rachel Carson whispering to remind you that "those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life." Perhaps a sixth sense told you there were youngsters soon to find a piece of driftwood on the beach. Ah, who knows what stories they told themselves about where it came from or what speculations they had about the beautiful lady with the camera...

    Speaking of the beautiful lady with the camera, my sister recently gifted me with the first season of Columbo. My wife and I were watching the Jack Cassidy episode last weekend when (before I could say a word, I swear, hand on a stack of Talmuds)she said, "Roll that back. Isn't that your Beloved Anitra?"

    As always, best wishes and my many thanks for sharing the magic you find along the way.


    1. What a charming message Louis. I love the easy glide of your words -- the stream of consciousness flow. They are musical and poetic. Delightful!

      And, you saw the Columbo with Jack Cassidy. Do you know that a very young Steven Spielberg directed that episode? I am so flattered by your wife's words.

      Sending you both my good wishes. Sincerely, ~ Aneet

    2. Jonathan ChesterJuly 10, 2012 at 9:36 PM


      As always, you've captured the beauty of that "large splash of ocean". Some of these photos remind me of Jones Beach which isn't too far from where I live. One thing I love to do is to take a power walk from one end of the beach to the other. It's really great for your legs and endurance. I'm so fortunate to be surrounded by nice beaches here on Long Island. One of my most favorite beaches is Bondi Beach in Sydney Australia. I've been there 3 times in my life. My relatives live out there and it is real nice. When you're flying over there,you never think you're ever going to land. That's how far it is.

      We have had our share of the heat wave here but for me, I don't mind the hot weather at all. It sure beats a harsh winter!

      I was wondering what your recollections were of a SWAT episode where you played opposite one of my other favorite actors (besides yourself-of course)Cameron Mitchell. I remember the scene where the two of you were at a bar having a drink. The name of the episode was "Jungle War".



    3. Anitra, thank you for the kind words and kind wishes!

      I did notice that Mr S directed the episode. There's always something fun about discovering the early work of an artist who you didn't know about until they "suddenly" (after many years of hard labor) become famous. When Spielberg is at his best, his films remind me a bit of Marc Chagall's paintings-- joyful and lyrical snapshots of places where the invisible world of the spirit sneak through a door into the world we see.

      I'll steal a line from one of my favorite bloggers and wish you soft breezes and cool mists. And may a little desert beauty wander your way, as well.


    4. Good Day Jonathon,

      It is always a pleasure and fun to hear from you. In regards to Jones Beach, I did a shoot there once when modeling in N.Y. in the 60s. That whole stretch of coastline was beautiful and impressive then. Walking on the beach is always a wonderful tonic, and your power walking is a great idea.

      Thanks for telling us about Bondi Beach. It's something I will remember to see if I'm ever in Australia.

      I have fairly clear memories of most of the work I've done, but as far as those SWATs are concerned, I remember them in name only. The actual experience eludes me. Perhaps if I were to see them again, it might ignite some recollection.

      I'm pleased to hear that you can tolerate the heat. I can understand how it can be preferable to enduring the freezing winters.

      I surely hope that you and your family of cats are having a beautiful and hearty summer Jonathan. Sending my good wishes your way, ~ Anitra

    5. Hello Louis,

      Once again, your beautiful prose. Thank you for sharing the Marc Chagall comparison. It illuminates my vision of them both.

      On another note, I've been so happy that my comment section finally delivered an application that allowed me to answer each comment individually, no matter what order they came in. Today, the feature disappeared. Hope you find this out of order message.

      And as to your good wishes, I welcome the wandering desert beauty.

      Peace and joy, ~ Aneet

  2. Hi Aneet,
    I love the Pics with the Children! It brings back a memory or two.Ive walked many
    beaches around the world,but sometimes we dont have to travel to far to connect
    with great scenery,and I see Santa Barbara is quite Magnificent! Ive been in New york
    almost all summer,Yes its been quite Hot.....But I took the great Advice you gave me
    a couple of Summers ago,Ill just "be cool".enjoy your Summer Aneet.Thanks,once again,
    for your kindness.

    1. Roger, hello,

      Its always a delight to hear from you. So glad you like the children :)

      That you remembered the advice I got when modeling one summer in N.Y. makes me smile. I'll never forget the oppressive heat! But that advice really did make it easier.

      I hope that life is treating you well Roger. Sending my good wishes your way, ~ Aneet

  3. Hello Aneet-

    I must admit, you threw me for a loop a bit, I wasn't expecting another post until the 20th, but something told me to drop by the page. =)

    It's amazing how tranquil and serene the coastline can be, isn't it? One of my favorite simple pleasures is looking out at the ocean on a sunny day and just watch the world go by. Needless to say I was at my favorite Starbucks this past weekend looking out at the ocean, seeing Catalina shrouded in a veil of fog, seeing the pelicans flying back and forth in their "V" formation, and seeing all the different boats out on the water, from small sailboats to frieghters.

    My best wishes and warm regards as always,


    1. Joseph,

      So nice to hear from you.

      And yes, the coastline is serene and inspiring. I have such a clear image of you at your "favorite" Starbucks. I'm so glad you get those exquisite views from your tables there. Seeing Catalina in any form is always a special treat, as are the pelicans in "V" formation.

      I hope that your summer is going smoothly and that fulfilling moments are coming your way.

      Warm regards, ~ Aneet

  4. My, my!! Such a sexy-looking puddle you've captured, Luv!!

    I'm teasing, of course. One thing I admire greatly about you Aneet is the fact that you never take your home turf {or surf, as the case may be} for granted. I've befriended plenty of coastal-dwellers over the decades, and I reckon about 75% or more of them are totally blas`e about the natural beauty surrounding them. When they do notice the surroundings, it's usually a bunch of moaning and groaning about heavy fog, coastal erosion, etc. Perhaps if they had the skill for documentation that you do, their eyes might open a bit wider.

    I'm somewhat guilty of such a mindset myself. Having been born and raised in St. Louis, I often take both the mighty Mississippi and our famous Gateway Arch totally for granted, whereas an "outsider" like yourself would be instantly spellbound and captivated by both the stream and the monument. Knowing you, you'd probably try to capture a shot of the Arch at sunset, with the silhouette of a feeding bald eagle centered between the legs!! {Our portion of the Mississippi is a protected natural habitat for the bald eagles, and actually was instrumental in helping get the species as a whole entirely off the endangered list}.

    Your pictures of the ocean - a very, very familiar sight to you - nonetheless both capture and eloquently express the almost lyrical qualities of such a large body of water. Better still, your images also perfectly illustrate the many ways the ocean can be viewed - massive body of water; feeding ground for seagulls; a pleasant "highway" for sailboats; playground for a couple industrious kids; or all of the above, plus a lot more. You pictures retain the essence of the sheer size of a given ocean, but they also make the concept much more understandable through the vignettes; the countless ways that such a body of water can be interacted with. Charming, attractive and most enticing, in other words. Kinda like a certain Sveltana I'm quite fond of.............

    Keep up the excellent work, Luv!!
    See ya soon.

    1. Chris, Hello,

      And once again, your fluid words. Thank you for sharing your musings. The Gateway Arch in St. Louis sounds like an extraordinary sight. For sure I would photograph it exactly as you describe.

      Your final paragraph is so thoughtful, and that last sentence (the icing on the cake) makes me smile.

      Once again, good wishes to you dear Chris, ~ Anitra

  5. Hi Aneet. This post reminds me of a post snowstorm trip I took to Jones Beach. The wind was mighty that day and I was there circa sunset. New York has a seabreeze that cuts through your clothing like a knife. But, the knife can be blunted with the right layers or in the right places.
    And, like you, I photographed what I saw (somehow, calling them as I saw them seemed inapposite to the activities we both experienced). However, I did not stay in one spot. I walked around, but, did not deviate from a landmark.
    There is one key difference between us. Although there were people at Jones Beach that day, I did not immortalize them in photo. Question of timing, I suppose.
    Thank you for reminding me of that happy day, from a time in my life that I would rather forget.
    Keep sharing. And, hopefully, bring your sharing and photography to the East.

    1. Joe, hello,

      Thanks for sharing your Jones Beach experience with us as well as your photographic outing. I'm glad this post reminded you of a happy day in your past.

      I remember visiting Jones Beach in the Sixties; it was in the summer and not cold as you described. That New York coastline was beautiful and memorable.

      Sending kindness and good wishes your way. Sincerely,
      ~ Aneet