Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bert Convy on The Price Is Right Twice

**Sorry, this clip has been removed from our database. Fortunately, there is much more to view. I invite you to look more deeply into the many moments shared here.

Here is a clip from The Price is Right, something to boost your adrenaline. Actually there are two clips here. One of me and one of Dian Parkinson. I love the audience's response. Those TPIR audiences were fantastic -- great food for the ham at heart.

I want to give credit to our viewer, Bitsey, who first told me about this clip. Thanks so much Bits.

**I'll be making two posts in August. One on the 10th, and the other on my regular date of the 20th. Hope to see you then. My warm regards, ~ Anitra


  1. Always did like Bert. Watched both "Tattletales," and "Win, Lose, or Draw" quite often as a lad. Figures he'd have a sweet tooth for you and Dian, Aneet - what red-blooded male wouldn't? My only gripe from those days is that you never got a chance to wear the revised "Elevator Operator" costume Dian sported on TPIR after you left. I actually wrote a fan letter to Dian many moons ago - and got a signed 8x10 glossy of her in the outfit in reply!!

    Fun clip; I'd forgotten how genuinely entertaining a lot of the earlier shows were. It's a credit to you, Bob, Dian, Jan, and Johnny O. for going the extra mile so often - the added effort still seems fresh all these years later.

    1. Chris, hello, hello,

      Gosh, I never saw the revised elevator outfit you describe. Sounds like a winner. And that you got an 8x10 of Dian wearing it was perfect.

      I always enjoy reading your take on things. Thanks so much for sharing your impressions Chris.

      Happy summer wishes, ~ Aneet

    2. Try copying / pasting this YouTube link, Luv:

      As I said earlier I really wish I could have seen YOU in that outfit, but Dian does it justice too. The autographed 8x10 she sent me was a full color shot of her posed in front of the "elevator" doors and making one of her flirty kissy-faces.

      Note the "state-of-the-art" Philco home entertainment system, complete with 25" tv, AM / FM stereo turntable, and a good ol' eight-track tape deck!! Without hesitation, I'll wager that the turntable could accommodate 45's and 78's, as well as "long-players." Pretty far cry from today's 5.1-Surround digital HD gizmos and gadgets - my current computer monitor is a 27" Magnavox digital hi-def flatscreen that fits comfortably on my 3x2 desk. Cost a whopping two hundred bucks a couple years ago, too.

      Yes, I do feel old..........

      BTW - neat piece of trivia. Bert Convy was born in St. Louis, then moved away as a youth - but not before one of his first stage appearance in a play at the old Fox Theater in midtown. I've been on those same boards myself several times over the decades, the last time being Halloween 1999.

    3. Thanks for the link Chris. I took a look, and Dian does look great in the outfit. As a musician, you can surely relate to those old music devices. And an 8-track no less.

      There is so much in this post that strikes a personal note for you: Dian's photo and even the old Fox Theater. Our lives spin so many fascinating webs.

      May you sip from that glass that's still half-full of youth.

      My best to you Chris, ~ Aneet

  2. Hi Anitra: I love these clips. I always thought Bert was a sexy man and what girl wouldn't want to wrap her arms around him and steal a kiss.
    Was this encounter with Bert an idea from Jay Wolpert? What was it like working with Bert? Was he nice? I so much enjoy reading your blog. Have a great rest of July. Sincerely, Marie

  3. Hello Marie,

    It's always lovely to hear from you. So glad you like the clips. Bert Convy was a charming guy full of joie de vivre. The kind of person you meet once and feel you've known all your life. Yes, he was very special.

    I don't know whose idea the kissing scenes were, but I assumed they were Bert's :)

    I trust that your summer is going well and that you and your twins are having fun and keeping cool.

    Sending you my best, ~ Anitra

    1. Hi Aneet,

      Really enjoyed watching these clips! I remember watching the one with you when Bitsey came across the link for the video. Bert Convy seemed like a nice person. Sometimes those things just come across! Was this done on the spur of the moment or was this rehearsed?


    2. Jonathan, hello, hello,

      I've been waiting for the right time to publish this clip, as I find it fun and energetic. As videos are so often here today and gone tomorrow, I decided I best wait no longer and ought to publish it while I could.

      As far as your question about rehearsal, the camera needed to rehearse everything we models did in detail. Bob never attend rehearsals and only arrived for taping the show. My memory isn't particularly clear on this one, but it doesn't make sense that Bert would have been at rehearsal. The bit must have been planned, but only acted out once on camera.

      Always so good to hear from you Jonathan. Sending my good wishes your way,

      ~ Aneet

  4. Hi Anitra:

    It always nice hearing from you as well and I hope you're having a fun summer as well. Thanks for asking about my son and daughter. The twins are keeping my husband and myself quite busy and they're staying cool as well.

    I bet Bert had that kissing idea in mind too. He had very lovely women to work with-both you and Dian. As a game show fan, I think personalities like Bert made the genre interesting with their sex appeal, intelligence and humor. Today's hosts really can't stand a candle to those men and women of the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

    I wanted to say that I recently saw a 1972 episode on Youtube where you and your lovely daughter Erin presented a kid-friendly showcase complete with a large, stuffed Snoopy and a car for the younger set. It was fun to watch. Did Erin appeared in any other showcases while you were on the show? What she think of her mom being a gracious and glamorous model on TPIR?

    Wishing you the best in all your endeavors.


    1. Marie,

      Hello again. I agree with your descriptions of the game show hosts of the past. One word I would add to the equation is class.

      You commented on my daughter, Erin's, appearance on Price. She was on just once. I think she enjoyed the fact that I was on the show. She didn't express it overtly, but it seemed like she liked the attention I got and that her friends enjoyed it as well.

      Thank you so much for your good wishes, Marie, they are much appreciated.

      Once again, lovely to hear from you, ~ Anitra

  5. Hello Aneet-

    This clip always makes me laugh, especially how Bob says to you "Anitra, unhand that man!". Bert seemed like a very funny man. I watched him during my childhood in the 80s when he hosted "Super Password". I believe I read somewhere that he was also active with Bob regarding the fight against animal cruelty.

    Again thank you for sharing your TPIR memories with us. It's always so much fun to get your "behind the scenes" perspective of the show. Oh and regarding Chris' comment about the later version of the elevator operator outfit, it had a short black skirt with almost knee-high black boots. Dian looked good in it, but you would've looked even better.

    Best wishes and warm regards,


    1. Joseph, hello there,

      I enjoy receiving your insights and knowledge. You have access to so much interesting information. It seemed like Bert and Bob had a true friendly rapport.

      Chris sent me a link of Dian's outfit. It was really cute on her. I'd be hard-pressed to top that. But thank you so much for your sweet words.

      I surely hope that life is delivering kind surprises to you.

      Sending my good wishes, ~ Aneet

    2. Hard pressed to top Dian's outfit?
      What about that LAS cameo you did in the tight turtleneck, hotpants, nylons and boots?

      As I recall, the skit was a takeoff of the Superman "quick change in a phone booth" routine, but the dude who saw you strutting down the street in that outfit got so flustered by your beauty that he locked himself in the phone booth and couldn't get out!

      Lucky stiff - I'd have done the same thing myself, were I in his shoes......


    3. Hello Chris,

      The outfit you describe was pretty much my uniform in the early 70s. But I don't recall doing a scene like that. I remember doing only one Love American Style. They were hour-long shows with three sketches in each. The one I did was with Gig Young and it was set indoors in a bar. It was a role reversal scene, where I hit on Young in the way a guy might hit on a girl.

      Don't know what else to tell you. I'd love to take credit for the scene. It sounds cute and very much of the times.

      Take care Chris, ~ Aneet

    4. Well then you've got a doppleganger, Aneet!!

      The item I'm talking about wasn't a full sketch; it was a "blackout bit" bridging commercial breaks and/or sketches. Avery Schreiber and Carol Wayne among others did a bunch of them, if memory serves. No dialogue at all; just some incidental piano music on the soundtrack. You or your twin were simply walking down the street looking sexy as all get-out. As you passed by a Wally Cox-type man, he did a triple-take, sprinted into the phone booth, stripped down to his "Superman union suit," then couldn't get out again to chase after you.

      Come to think of it, Phyllis Davis might be the actress I'm thinking about, but I rather doubt it. She was a bit more ample in certain areas of her anatomy, and such would have stood out like a neon lighthouse-beacon in that tight, skimpy lil' outfit. My recollection is that the lady in question was "pleasingly proportionate," anatomy-wise; just the right amount of curves, minus any over-exaggeration.

      This bit drove me crazy ages ago, and it's starting up again for different reasons!!

      You sure you don't remember a burgundy top / black and white striped hotpants / burgundy or medium brown knee-high boots outfit during your LAS shoot?

    5. Love the scene, but don't think it was me.

  6. Ending a busy week with a chuckle... unhand that man, I say!


  7. Louis,

    Lovely to hear from you. Bob was a master at thinking on his feet. Your message made me smile.

    Sending good wishes, ~ Aneet

  8. Aneet,

    When I was a kid, the happy times from TPIR, Tattletales, and Match Game were all such innocent fun. Makes me wish the Game Show Network would add TPIR to their rerun roster, similar to what they've done for the other two shows in years past.

    Your post made ME smile...those were the good ol' days. Unhand that man, indeed!

    Best wishes,

  9. It's always delightful to hear from you Tom. I think GSN used to air reruns of Price. I gather they don't anymore. Here's to the happy times and innocent fun of yesterday. Let's hope for something (not the same, but) equivalent in our present day and tomorrow.

    I enjoyed your charming message.

    Sincerey, ~ Aneet

  10. Good Evening Aneet! Hope you are enjoying the summer.

    It's a busy summer. Awaiting a verdict in one trial, while another trial is scheduled to begin in late August. At this time, the parties are not interested in a settlement. I say settle, so that everyone can take a vacation. LOL!

    Thanks for sharing the showcase featuring Erin. Erin was beautiful and graceful - just like her mom! I viewed the "I Knew Anitra" You Tube clip from your childhood friend. Very sweet!

    I have to ask if you ever met Marlo Thomas. I watch "That Girl" reruns on Me-TV. I looked at your magazine cover photo from an earlier posting and thought, "Wow, Marlo and Aneet could've passed as twin sisters!"

    Me-TV airs "Love American Style" reruns on Tuesday evenings. We can't miss your episodes.

    Have a good week, and enjoy the Summer Olympics!


  11. Bitsey Hello,

    I'm so glad you caught this clip with my credit to you :)

    It must be rough sitting in a courtroom with long deliberations while summer is singing to you outside. I hope those parties involved wise up.

    Thank you for impressions of Erin's showcase, and that sweet blast from the past with Jerry's song. As to your comments on Marlo, no I never met her, but I can see the similarity (especially in the SEP hairstyle.) "That Girl" was a delightful show that both Erin and I enjoyed.

    So good to hear about the "Love American Style" reruns. I would love to see them, but don't get Me-TV. I really enjoyed doing that cameo. The role reversal was a treat. LAS was a winning 70s show: very clever, fresh and funny.

    You are really "with it" Bits. You have filled me in and enlightened me about many things and I very much appreciate it.

    Sure hope you get to join in with some of the summer fun.

    My warm regards, ~ Aneet

  12. Hi Aneet
    I so so enjoyed this clip! I had not had the pleasure of seeing it before.
    Bert Convy seems like he was just such a nice guy.You were so lucky
    to have worked with so many wonderful people.Time flies by so so fast
    I do love those clips.I was wondering if The carol Burnett show was taped
    at studio 33? I was priveledge to walk around TPIR set its not a small set at all
    I dont want to give away too much but I remmember this Huge door behind
    door number two I guess thats where all the cars came in. I sure did enjoy
    my day at TPIR set.I really hope you enjoyed working there.Hope you are
    having a great summer take care Roger

    1. Roger, hello, hello,

      I'm so glad you enjoyed the clip. I was hoping that it would be new and fresh for some viewers.

      You are right about the fact that The Carol Burnett Show also taped on stage 33. It's fun to hear your impressions of your TPIR experience.

      It's true, I have met and worked with many amazing people. Considering some of your travels and experiences that you've shared, you are living and have lived through many interesting experiences of your own.

      Thank you for your summer wishes. It's always a pleasure to hear from you.

      My warm regards, ~ Aneet

  13. What wa way to promote a new show!
    What a classic video.
    It whould be nice if you Janice Dian and Holly be Drews co host for a week!

    1. Hello Brendan,

      Nice to hear from you. Glad you like the clip. I think your suggestion is great. It sounds like lots of fun.

      Good wishes to you, ~ Anitra