Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fa, la, la, la, la . . .

And this year, once again, the Christmas light extravaganza on Quinientos Street.

PEACE, LOVE, LIGHT and JOY to you all, ~ Anitra

** I will return on New Year's Day


  1. Merry Christmas Aneet!

    Again I hope you've had a chance to enjoy these last few fleeting days of the season, but judging by the beautiful pictures, you have.

    Being a part of this blog for roughly 10 months now, it's been Christmas the whole year through. Every new post is like a new gift you give to us readers. You've given us such wonderful gifts of your photography as well as how your pictures inspire you, in addition to occasional annecdotes about acting and modeling.

    I think the biggest gift you've been able to give me is the feedback about my writing. When I first saw reruns of your work on TPIR, I never thought that one day we'd been exchanging observations and that you'd be giving me tips and feedback on my writing. It's been an immense honor, and I'm truly grateful.

    I hope your Christmas Day is full of happiness, peace, and love. I wish you, Erin, and the rest of your loved ones a very happy holiday.

    Regards and Best Wishes,


  2. Merry Christmas Aneet! Enjoy the holiday with Erin, your granddaughter, Charles, and Ruby!


  3. Aneet,

    That shot of Quinientos Street has it lit up like Times Square! I'll bet the astronauts can view it from outer space.

    Wishing you and your family the best of Christmases and may 2012 bring continued health and success with your projects!

    Your friend always...........Jonathan :)

  4. Aneet,

    I would also like to wish a very happy holiday as well to all of your viewers: Joseph,Mark,Roger,Bitsey,Chris,Tom,and everyone else who contributes to your wonderful blog.



  5. I'll second the notion that your postings here are Christmas gifts to your readers. Your photography and prose are wonderful complements to each other, and in my case, are wonderful inspirations for my own works. Thank you, Luv.

    Have a Merry Christmas, and a Fantastic New Year - I need to find my sunglasses after seeing the Quinientos Street pic...........


  6. Dear Cherished Readers,

    It's been such a treat to check into my blog over the Holiday and to read your delightful comments. I'm not as timely as usual in my response, as I've been out of town and had trouble posting my comments.

    Joseph, your suggestion that these posts are gifts warmed my heart and made me smile. I'm so glad that you've ignited your interest in writing once again. Jonathan, your comment about the astronauts made me chuckle. You have a wonderful sense of humor. You Christmas wishes to the readers of this blog, was a special and thoughtful treat. I'd like to add Dave F's name to the list, as his comments have contributed to my photography and to the heart of this blog.

    Bitsey, your comments are aways enjoyed and welcome! And your right, I did see Erin, Charles and Ruby. They were all in fine fettle. Charles was especially animated as he romped with his new catnip mouse.

    And last, but not least, Chris. Again, your words made me smile. I so enjoy your spontaneity. And sunglasses not less :)

    I'm so grateful to know you all. Wishing you my warm regards, ~ Aneet

  7. Happy Holidays from the Smith Family!
    Always wishing you the best!
    Peace and harmony

  8. WOW!! Amazing!! Must take them forever to create this display!! And imagine their electric bill!!

    Mark :-)

  9. Mark,

    Good to hear from you. Yes, it takes a month to set up and a month to take down. The owner of the house is a gardener who has a small crew. They help him a bit with the setup, but he does most of it himself. It changes to some degree every year.

    He says that even though the electric bill is steep, he bites the bullet because it makes him so happy to create the display.

    Be well Dear Mark, ~ Aneet

  10. Hi Aneet. Granted, I'm a little late writing to this, but, the light show reminded me of these two shows, holiday traditions:
    Fantasy of Lights is a unique experience in that you are right on New Haven Harbor.
    Bright Nights is a great trip to another world, actually, a few other worlds.
    If you ever come East, I encourage visiting both. Jones Beach used to have a light show too.

  11. Hello Joe,

    Nice to hear from you again. Thank you for sharing these dazzling light shows. I can see that your city does great justice to the beauty of the Holiday season.

    Sending you my good wishes, ~ Anitra