Monday, December 12, 2011

As Christmas nears,

I'm finding the visual treats of the season not only in gift stores and in window displays, but I'm seeing them in Santa Barbara's foliage as well. And I believe that this must be how Christmas ornaments evolved, from the desire to bring nature's abundance close.

At this time of the year, when the trees in much of the world are bare and their surroundings colorless, having an evergreen in the house, lush with the beauty and promise of nature, comforts the heart. And Christmas lights too seem to mirror the natural world like stars twinkling through the branches of the pines.


  1. Hi Aneet,

    It must be some really good mental telepathy. Earlier today, I was in Whole Foods supermarket and bought one of those Ready Pack salads that was labeled a 'Santa Barbara' salad. I've had this salad before and it's actually one of my favorites. So naturally I have "Anitra" on my brain. I check on your blog and sure enough you post something prior to Dec 20 "As Christmas Nears".

    This is one of your usual beautiful posts. I love all of those elves and snowmen gathered on the steps. Your ideas are very creative I must say. But then again, that's the sign of a true artist.

    Jonathan :)

  2. Jonathan,

    It's lovely to hear from you. It sounds like there was some serendipity happening today between your SB salad and my blog. Thank you for your kind words. You're very generous.

    I'm really busy (aren't we all right now?) I tried to honor my date of the 20th, but the season is so full of wonderful sights, in spite of my schedule, I couldn't resist publishing a post.

    So glad you liked the characters on the porch. Hope you're finding warmth and happiness Jonathan.

    Sincerely, ~ Aneet

  3. Hello Aneet-

    Beautiful photos as usual. I think definitely that "Christmas is where you find it", meaning there's so much out there that can symbolize the season. Certainly with the recent rain here in southern California, it washed away the dust of an almost month-long dry spell and left behind a fresh, green carpet of vegetation on the hills and a brilliant coat of white snow on the distant mountains, as if to set the scene for the big day.

    Speaking of lights, as I write this I'm also looking out the window trying to catch a glimpse of a meteor shower that was supposed to be visible tonight, and I have seen a few brilliant shooting stars across the night sky. They're the natural illumination to go along with the many houses decked out in Christmas lights in my neighborhood.

    Being back at work, I don't have as much time to enjoy the season as I'd like, so I do have to find a little Christmas wherever I can, whether it be looking at the Christmas tree in my living room, walking through my neighborhood looking at the lights, or even enjoying a seasonal coffee variation at Starbucks (and maybe a slice or 2 of pumpkin pie at home for good measure).

    Like Jonathan I must have been having some telepathy too as I was just watching a TPIR clip, and decided to take a look at the blog.

    I hope you're enjoying the sights and sounds of the season too.

    Regards and warm wishes,


  4. Joseph,

    So nice to hear from you and to read your flowing and expressive words. You describe so well our beautiful weather of late and your personal experiences. Thank you so much for sharing them, they paint a wonderful picture. It sounds like you already have the Christmas spirit. May it continue.

    My good wishes Joseph, ~ Aneet

  5. HI Aneet,
    Christmas is my favorite time of the year.All the beautiful scenary that
    you capture oh so well with your magnificent lens.This year im treaking
    with the Family around Europe to see the many beautiful Christmas trees.from the Swarozsky tree in Zurich,to the Grand platz in brusells.over to London's magnificent Harrods windows,and the Champs Elyscee in Paris.
    I am truly blessed to be able to see all of this,and im truly grateful.Your
    pictures brought a smile to my Family today.Wishing you the best always

  6. Roger,

    Hello, hello and welcome! It's always lovely to hear from you. The travels that you describe sound extraordinary. That Swarovski crystal tree must be out of this world. And all of the sights you describe, will you publish photos on your blog? I'd love to see them.

    I will be making a couple more posts this month, at least. Wishing you and your family a blessed Holiday Season.

    My warm wishes, ~ Aneet

  7. Aneet,

    Your holiday photos always lift my spirits. Your eye for color and beauty is quite astonishing. Thank you for giving me a break from the often typical holiday's nice to pause and reflect.

    Mary and I send our best wishes to you, your daughter, your family and your friends during this holiday season.


  8. Tom,

    It's lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your kind and generous words. I want to extend my warm Holiday wishes to you and Mary and your greater family as well.

    Sincerely, ~ Anitra

  9. Hi Anitra
    Ive got an autograph picture from you 15 yrs ago(i have trouble finding it)but it was great to hear from you back.You still look beautiful,&i hope you & Erin have an aven more beautiful holidays.

  10. Ward,

    It's so nice to hear from you. Thank you for your kind sentiments. Sending good wishes back to you.

    Thanks for sharing. Sincerely, ~ Anitra

  11. Hi Hi Aneet:

    Before viewing your photos, I did not feel the holiday spirit. But now, I am humming holiday songs! Thanks so much!

    On an unrelated note, I viewed one of your guest appearances on "Starsky & Hutch." The episode is titled "Pariah," on A good episode, and your scene with Starsky was funny!

    Enjoy tomorrow!


  12. Bitsy, hello, hello,

    Always great to hear from you. You bring such spirit and energy to everything you write. So glad I could return a little bit of it back to you.

    Thanks for the Starsky and Hutch lead. "Pariah", I'll have to take a look at it. Haven't seen it for a long time. I enjoyed shooting that episode. You're so thoughtful. Glad you're humming those holiday tunes.

    Warm wishes to You Dear Lady, ~ Aneet

  13. Hello Anitra,

    I hope all is well with you and your family. This holiday season most definitely brings me closer to my family and friends. This is also the time of year I tend to volunteer most in my community and give back for those who are not as lucky as myself. My favorite picture of yours this post is all of the cute snowmen and little elves Haha so precious! I also liked your picture of the plants with all of the colors its so fantastic. I live in Portland, Oregon so I don't see plants that colorful. I wish you a very happy holiday season full of laughter and love. :)

    -Thalia :)

  14. Thalia,

    So nice to receive your exuberant voice again and to see your attractive photo. You obviously have some of your priorities in good order, as you give back to your community. You deserve to be commended, and then again, I know that this work is its own reward.

    I'm glad you like the photos. Those happy elves and snowmen are a kick. I couldn't believe it when I found them -- just turning around a corner to take a photo of something else, and there they were.

    Interesting to hear that you're from Portland. Haven't been there, but what I know of it, I like. I so enjoy sharing the Southern California foliage, especially with those who don't have the opportunity to see it often.

    Warm Holiday wishes to you and your family, Thalia, ~ Anitra