Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Sending you all my sincere good wishes for a beautiful Father's Day ~ Anitra


  1. Jonathan ChesterJune 20, 2011 at 5:32 AM

    Good Morning Aneet,

    Nice message and beautiful photograph! Those butterflies were all too willing to pose for your Father's Day post.

    Even though I'm not a father, I am regarded as a favorite Uncle to my brother's 2 kids. Who knows? Maybe there will come another special day called "Uncle's Day".

    Looks like I'm waking up to a sunny morning here. Wishing you the same.....


  2. Anitra
    Thank YOU,for the well wishes.I had a most wonderful Fathers day
    I was very fortunate to have my Dad,and my 3 sons with me.I had
    a great brunch at the MOMA(museum of modern art).Then we headed
    over to the Museum of natural History to the Hayden Planeterium
    where we saw a space show.If you ever get to come to the City,YOU must check it out.I hope YOU had a great Fathers day! Love the Butterflies.
    wishing YOU always Peace,love,and light

  3. Hello Dear Jonathan,

    I have a secret place for finding butterflies. I may reveal it in the future, but for the moment, I'm keeping it under my hat :)

    I enjoyed hearing that you are a favorite Uncle. I know that uncles and aunts can be very meaningful in a child's life, and that it works both ways; neices and nephews can enrich our lives as well. I picture you watching the Three Stooges and playing three flies up with your brother's kids.

    Thanks for your kind words, Jonathan. Have a lovely sunny day, ~ Aneet


    Roger, Good Day,

    You desribed an absolutely perfect Father's Day. And knowing you, I'm sure that you were savoring the moments. How great that the five of you could spend the day together and in such a beautiful and celebrative way. Thank you so much, Roger, for sharing this with us :)

    Returning your kind words with appreciation, ~ Aneet

  5. Wow Aneet, you definitely have psychic powers! I do like sharing those Stooge marathons with them when they're on! It's fun catching their reactions.

    Are you a fan of the Stooges or any other comedy team? My most favorite was the 30 min "Abbott and Costello Show".

    Jonathan :)

  6. Jonathan,

    Yes! Comedy, I absolutely adore it. I'm not all that familiar with The Stooges, but I do know that they had great comedic timing. Abbot and Costello were my favorites too when I was a child. And that tender-hearted goof, Stan Laurel. I'm sure I've seen every Laurel and Hardy movie numberous times.

    Laughter is a gift and so healing. I can fill pages on my comedy likes, from Laugh-In to SNL, to the brilliant Johnny Carson. When Jerry Lewis was with Dean Martin, he was incredible. After that, in my opinion, he changed. In fact, as I'm writing this, I realize that so many of those old comic geniuses played the roles of innocent children: Stan Laurel, Lou Costello, Jerry Lewis.

    I wasn't a fan of Justin Timerlake's until I saw him hosting SNL. He has comic talent. Kristen Wigg is another current comedic talent. Golie Hawn, Lucille Ball, yatta, yatta, yatta....

    Thanks so much Jonathan for your delightfully thought provoking question! I'll continue to ponder the subject. Sending you wishes for a wonderful day, ~ Aneet

  7. Oh, my gosh, I misspelled numerous! As I have no way to edit my comments without deleting the whole thing and starting all over again, I'm going to leave it that way for now :)

  8. Jonathan ChesterJune 22, 2011 at 9:02 AM

    Aneet,you spelled yatta,yatta,yatta correctly though. (nyuk) Your message came across clear as a bell.

    Did you know that Stan Laurel kept his real phone number in the LA phone book so that fans would be able to contact him directly??? Incredible but true! He was highly regarded as a very nice person.

    Great day to you as always...


  9. Jonathan,

    That is fascinating information! You have obviously done some research. Thank you. And again, My Regards, ~ Aneet