Wednesday, June 22, 2011

finding gold in the gray

I notice the difference in my energy on gray days. And there's no doubt that sunshine is uplifting. Over the past two weeks, I've been tying to convey in photographs the mood of our gray days. At first, I wanted to express the bleakness. But then, driving past the ocean in Carpinteria, I noticed a certain grace in the small, glassy waves, and also a rare depth in the jade color of the water.

I lightened the photo of the children, as the dark sky made the detail difficult to see.


  1. Hi Aneet-

    Again what a beautiful set of photos. Sometimes it is difficult to catch the ocean's colors on a gray day, but they revealed themselves to you just nicely. It is so true how gray, overcast days can drain one's energy. Last week when I was up north in Lake Tahoe, there was beautiful sunny weather and I felt so energized. When I came home, the coast was wrapped up in fog, and all that energy and adrenaline rapidly disappeared. It's like when I go to my favorite Starbucks that I have mentioned before, and if it's a foggy day, it's not as enjoyable to contemplate the ocean while drinking my coffee as compared to a sunny day when I can see Catalina on one side and the coast all the way up to Malibu on the other side. Again thank you Aneet for sharing these beautiful, thought-provoking photos.



  2. Goog Morning Joseph,

    Lovely to hear from you. So glad you like the photos. Enjoyed hearing your take on fog versus sun and getting a broader glimpse through your eyes and perspective.

    Thank you so much for sharing Joseph. Sending some gold your way :) Aneet

  3. Jonathan ChesterJune 23, 2011 at 2:10 PM

    Hi Aneet,

    Here in New York, the gray has captured our skies as well. I definitely know what you mean about a zap in one's energy-yes that's very true!

    So what if my birthday is a wash out,there's always next year!

    Wishing you sunny skies.........


  4. Hello Jonathan,

    You're having a birthday! and it sounds like its coming up soon. Those children at the beach are having a great time in spite of the clouds, and the guys in the water are enjoying themselves too. For your birthday--clouds or sun--I want to wish you happiness and that you find lots of gold.

    With Fond Regards, ~ Aneet

  5. Aneet-

    I took something interesting from the photo of the wave and the fence along the beach. That gap in the fence to me symbolizes a gateway. It's an open door to the vastness of the ocean and also symbolizes an open door to opportunity.

    Regarding "gold", when I was in Lake Tahoe, I was walking through a patch mor marshland down the road from my hotel, and stopped to look out over a small creek running through the grass. In the water, dozens of gold flakes shone brilliantly in the sun through the water. In fact the Lake Tahoe region is still very rich in gold deposits underground. That's something I learned as a kid. So gold for sure is where you find it, and up there you can find it even in the water. ;-)

    Sending you lots of gold in my search for the Golden Road,


  6. Jonathan ChesterJune 23, 2011 at 7:12 PM

    Thank you Aneet. I appreciate your well wishes.

    There's something they say about digging for gold. "The gold is 2 inches behind where you stopped digging". Always keep trying and never give up! I've always loved that saying.

    My birthday wish for you is to see that bleak gray turn into uplifting sunny skyblue!

    Best to you.......Jonathan

  7. Hello Joseph,

    I so enjoy your gateway metaphor. It makes me think that in the absence of sun, one needs to look closer, that beauty is there, just quieter and more subtle.

    I also appreciate the images you've shared of Tahoe. It's obviously a glorious place with gold "even in the water"!

    Thank you for sharing your colorful insights and perceptions. Sending my good wishes your way, Joseph, ~ Aneet

  8. Jonathan, hi,

    I hadn't heard the saying that gold is always 2 inches from where you're digging. I know of a Zen koan that implies something similar and I find it both inspiring and liberating. I see that gold can be a subject for much enlightening symbolism.

    Thank you for your sunshine wishes, Jonathan. I send them back to you and double :) ~ Aneet