Friday, April 1, 2011

Salute to Dr. John Barrett Clapinger

One of our viewers, Joseph Hecht, alerted me to this video -- perfect for our first day of April.


  1. Anitra,

    I can't imagine anyone who would want to win a trip to Flushing unless of course they were looking to see a Mets game.

    I'm sure those women will wipe up the floor with the good doctor (if of course they can find him)

    And last but not least Aneet,you can rub your feet against mine anytime(athletes foot or not)

    Great April Fools Day post that brings back great memories!

    Love ya..........Jonathan

  2. Jonathan,

    Good to hear from you. Glad you enjoyed the post. I always appreciate your insights and keen sense of humor, ~ Aneet

  3. Anitra-

    So glad you enjoyed the video. I bet that this is one of many showcases in which you all were laughing quite hard after the cameras stopped rolling.



  4. Yes, the "Flaky Flicks," in particular, were the best -- always such a blast to perform.

    Thank you so much Joseph for this video; it adds a new spice to the blog.

    My Regards, ~ Aneet

  5. Hi Anitra,

    Wanted to send an unrelated message...but one that's I'm posting on top of your last "show biz" post...

    I've just read that The Shout Factory is planning a blu ray release for The Big Bird Cage! How fun is that? Planned release date is the end of August. (The regular dvd release is in June.) The Shout Factory has re-released many of Roger Corman's titles and they do a good job. It will be great to see you on blu ray!

    Best wishes,

  6. Tom,

    Great to hear from you. You are plugged into the information circuit. I was not aware of these dates. It would be interesting to know how you heard about it.

    I do know about the new DVD. In fact, there will likely be snippits of me in a special interview section that was filmed recently for the new release. It was quite a bizarre, and kind of time travel experience, to be filmed now, 40 years later. Especially as I have melded into the real world, let go of my public persona, and aged truly without the manditory, Show Biz, cosmetic relief. Yes, in that respect, it took some guts to bring myself to the table. But, it was really fun and a treat to work with the delightful and professional people who put it together.

    Thak you so much for the information. I will accept your good wishes, Tom, and return them to you doubly, ~ Anitra

  7. Hi Anitra!

    So good to hear from you. I'm a big dvd fanatic, so I do check various websites on a regular basis. I enjoy searching for and hopefully finding my favorites in old TV series and movies. I found out via this link:

    Amazon has the pre-order up for the regular dvd due June 21. The blu-ray pre-order is not up or officially announced yet.

    Now the big news...I am so happy that you participated in a new interview!!! You have truly made my day. I always hoped that some day we would see you again in front of the camera. Thank you for agreeing to doing this...I can't wait to see it! You are a great actress...and this will be a treat.

    Hollywood is a weird place...the pressure on actresses to use cosmetic surgery is unfortunate. As one older actress once said: you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Personally, I say only do it if YOU want to, but don't do it because the industry expects you to. As for your interview, I think it's great that you appear as "you"...that's the way I prefer it!

    Best wishes always,

  8. Tom,

    Thanks so much for sharing your link. It's fun to hear from you and to feel your enthusiasm. I recall that Betty Page never allowed any post- career images of herself to be seen. Several big stars of the 30's hid from view. There is a huge gap when one's image has been so publicized, to reveal oneself years later. I have no idea how the interview will read or play. I'm sure it will be a bit of a jolt to see it. Meanwhile, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and saying, "Hey, that's life!"

    Again, Tom, so nice to hear from you and thanks for your feedback :) ~ Anitra

  9. Anitra,

    I know from the recent pictures you've published and the words that you've written that you're a beautiful person, inside and out...always have been, always will be! It will be a treat to see you on the dvd.

    You got me thinking and I started searching more of my favorite sites...

    Your Mannix ep. is due on dvd July 5th in Mannix Season 5. I'm looking forward to seeing this as I've never seen it before.

    I see a new credit listed for you via Did you do a movie (released in 1974) called Dirty O'Neil? I've never seen your name attached to this until now. Imdb isn't perfect, but is usually correct. This movie will likely be a challenge to find...but I'll add it to my still searching list!

    Best wishes,

  10. Tom,

    Thank you once again for your kind and generous words. I really appreciate them.

    On the Mannix: I had no lines in that episode, played a model being photographed. It was a very small snippit, but it would be fun to see it again. It came at a time when I was just beginning to bridge the gap from my modeling career into acting.

    As far as the other film is concerned. I recall the title, but not the film. I have a sense that it might be a film I didn't care for that's been retitled, but I'm not sure.

    Anyhow Tom, it's great to get all your feedback. Hope that things in your life are going well.

    Sending You My Regards, ~ Anitra