Sunday, April 10, 2011

Five Views of The Claret Cup Cactus in praise of National Poetry Month

Oh, little cactus
tucked in shadow
lost in camouflage
I overlooked you at first.
But within the desert's myriad shades of gray
a patterned texture scratched my attention
and drew me in.
That's when I saw them:
your buds--
scarlet knots twisted tightly
in the grasp of your thorns.

And when it came time to leave,
I couldn't bear to turn away
from the promise of your flowers;
and so, I'm back,
scaling ramps and mounds of rock and stone,
seeking out your hidden enclaves
for the bounty of your blooms.


  1. Hello Anitra-

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful poetry. The desert can inspire a wide range of thoughts.



  2. Aneet,

    From a distance,did you think those buds were red roses? That's what it looked like to me viewing the photos. I was curious as to where this desert is? Jonathan

  3. I've finally figured out how this blog posts comments. All of them, including mine, are posted in chronological order as to time and date--no exceptions. There must be some way around it, but at this point, this is the only way it works. I don't like it, but at least I now understand.

  4. Joseph,

    Good to hear from you! Yes, it's the space and quiet.

    ~ Aneet

  5. Jonathan, hello!

    You're right, they do look like roses. If I had first seen them from a distance, I might have thought the same. It was the cactus I saw first, and then, on closer inspection, the buds. All of these photos were shot at Joshua Tree National Monument, the same park as three posts below.

    The thing is, I had to leave before the buds flowered, and I couldn't bear to have never seen them bloom. And so, that, along with my allergies, compelled me to return. I'm so glad I did.

    As always, so good to hear from you, Jonathan, ~ Aneet