Sunday, March 15, 2015

Nearing April

Poppies closed at dawn
open to full sun
and I catch my shadow picking blossoms.
A white-crowned sparrow pecks seeds beside stone Buddha
acorn woodpeckers, clutch bird feeder-- twirl in twos and threes
Air, thick with scent of orange blossoms
sweet and soft as velvet
and I am adrift
between sunrise and sunset
on the cusp of a season sparking.

The flowers of my past
and the garden of my future
eluding to the fact

today is enough.

Hello you beautiful people. I welcome your comments and messages. Wishing you a scintillating springtime. It's wonderful to see you again. My next blog will remain true to my current schedule, and be published on the 15th, in two months. That will be in May.

Until then, expressing my warm regards. Health and happiness,    ~   Anitra


  1. Hello Anitra,
    Love the recent pics!
    The shadow was a very nice touch!
    We've had an awful winter here in Boston!
    Can't wait for SPRING!!!

    Keep Smiling,

    1. Terry,

      Lovely to see your name here. Delighted you liked the pics :) And yes, Boston has been hit hard this year: record numbers all across the boards. Thanks for your good wishes.

      Bright sun and warm days ahead, Anitra

  2. I love how you've connected your shadow to the flowers, Anitra. These are wonderful photos that enhance your poem.

    1. Geo, Thank you. It's always a treat to see you here. I'm delighted that you respond to the shadow photos. These were a fun new development this spring.

      I trust that you and Norma too are delighting in all that is arising. Happy springtime to you Geo,


  3. Dear Anitra: Wow that makes two Boston dwellers here that desperately needed to see this post. One of these days I'm going to go West!

    Mitch ("all things 70s")

    1. Mitch Dandi,

      It's delightful to see you here. I always got an East Coast flair from you, but somehow picked up that you spent time in L.A. How coincidental is it that my first two comments come from Boston? And yes, you've had more than your share of snow and cold this year. So happy the poppies could beam color your way.

      My fond wishes, Anitra

  4. Hello Aneet!

    Beautiful pictures and poem to demonstrate how Spring is already in full bloom here in California and it brings the usual array of bright, vibrant colors with it.

    I hope your Springtime blooms with nothing but happiness, and as usual I look forward to your next post two months from now. Also of note, it occurred to me that February was 4 years that I discovered your blog. Thank you so much for sharing these enchanting posts with us, and I'm so happy that I've not only been able to contribute in my own way, but also as a TPIR fan, interact with you and thank you for your work on one of the most entertaining shows in TV history.

    Best wishes and fond regards,


    1. Joseph,

      It's delightful to see you here and to read your lovely words. Yes, it's been a long while since you first arrived here on this blog. Those were the early days, and I can see changes in both you and me.

      I agree with you, TPIR is one of the most entertaining television shows. I remember the commitment and devout professionalism of the people who worked on and developed the show. It was impressive. That you now visit me on my pages all of these years later -- a great Price is Right fan -- is an unexpected bonus for having raced around stage 33 at CBS for four and a half years.

      It's fascinating to see how our lives change, and I'm grateful for your radiant presence. Thank you once again for you generous words.

      Happy springtime to you Joseph, My fond regards,

      ~ Aneet

  5. Well Ms Ford, your words as well as photos speak in volumes. Are we not blessed to be given the beauty of nature? Here in the beautiful PNW we have had amazing weather. Last month most were like spring days. I am still on my media break, living it & not looking back. I am happy to hear u are enjoying your time for your projects as well. As March comes to a close, I will be celebrating my Fathers' 79th birthday with our family, having his favorite-German Chocolate Cake made by a dear family friend. My Dad enjoys nothing more than to be surrounded by his loved ones. Looking forward to your next blog as always. At that time I will be just 2 days from celebrating my 48th birthday on The Portland Spirit River Cruise with a friend for her company party for her business. Spring has most definitely sprung & I hope it brings you bountiful offerings from every direction. I agree with Joseph, I am so honored and grateful to be in contact with a favorite from my life growing up that brings such smiles and the fondest of memories!
    Regards & Warm Happy Blessed Days Ahead

    1. Riche, hello, hello!

      What a nice treat to see you here. Thank you for your message. I find your media break to be inspiring. It is no easy task to remove yourself from the time-eating cyber machine.

      And yes, we do live in great beauty.

      I very much enjoyed reading about your father and his love of family, friends and, of course, German chocolate cake. Sounds like he's got his priorities straight.

      I want to wish you a wonderful time with your Dad, and it sounds like your birthday too will be a very special event. Thank you, thank you, Riche, for your generous words and sentiments. It is I who am honored by your presence. I am fortunate indeed.

      Health, beauty and happiness to you Riche. Sincerely, ~ Anitra

  6. Years ago, Pete Seeger challenged us folkies to tell him "wo die blumen sind". Well, Ms Anitra, I think that rascally old imp would admit now that the flowers decided to head down Santa Barbara way to remind us beauty hides in plain view and waits for the right person to share it with the rest of the world.

    Your words about flowers past and gardens future are most welcome at this time of year. The right combination of moisture and sunlight has yet to hit Texas west of the 100th meridian and south of the 32nd parallel and few native plants have bloomed. When they do, the landscape will NOT duplicate last year's crop of wildflowers. Everything depends on the timing of the rains and the amount of available sun-- some of our plants prefer dry and warm winters, others sprout only if the winter has been wet and warm, still others need wet (or dry) and cold between November and March to flourish. Still others won't germinate unless wildfire has passed over the ground in which they lay dormant.

    And since our rains are erratic and our temperatures are rarely predictable during the winter, each spring wears a different coat of flowers-- as does each summer and each autumn.

    Ah, Spring-- Nature's kaleidoscope of magic!

    1. Yes, spring is a magic kaleidoscope. The air virtually pulses with life. What you say about the flowers blooming, relative to the temperature and rain, is something I ponder especially at this time of the year. And each year, what the earth delivers, is always a surprise.

      I imagine you exploring the desert floor and coming across those exquisite delia flowers, and who knows what else is likely to manifest in the face of nature's sorcery. What I do know, is that you, Louis, will be brimming with joy, creativity and originality. That is a given.

      Thank you Louis, for this beautiful comment. I so appreciate your words and the fact that you share your gifts with us.

      My fond regards, ~ Anitra

  7. Hello there Anitra......

    Yes, although it seems as though spring has sprung, for us New Yorkers it will be delayed a bit as they're expecting some snow for tomorrow! What a way to get rid of a lousy winter here in the Northeast! Well, anyhow this should all be over shortly as I get ready for another baseball season.

    I must tell you that shot of your shadow is real cool. And that Buddha! Looks just like someone I used to work with. If he stood outside a Chinese restaurant, the patrons would throw coins at him.

    This spring should bring some new adventures as I'm opening up a new business with my brother. How is Aneet? I hope this note finds you and your family healthy, happy and looking forward to great times ahead!


    1. Snow on the first day of spring. It ain't fair. And yes, it has been a brutal winter in the East this year. But isn't it great that winter's end is within view and that your treasured baseball season is anon.

      I must say that it is a worthy reward for enduring each winter: the Diamond Season.

      So happy that you like my shadow photos. I've gone through eight years on this hillside which delivers poppies every spring, and it never dawned on me until now that my shadow could come into play. It's been fun.

      I must say that I thought of you in posting another Buddha photo, and the fact that you mentioned that they kind of give you the creeps. Sorry about that Jonathan. I see them as the embodiment of serenity, and of course when flowers bloom beside them, or birds frolic nearby, there it is: an irresistible photo op.

      And wow, opening a new business, that is so exciting. Jonathan, I wish you a world of success and good fortune. I won't ask too much about it until it's well up and running. Don't want to spill any of your energy. But, in a few months, or when it's finally going in full swing, you must tell me more.

      It's always a delight to hear from you, Jonathan, sending you my fond regards,

      ~ Aneet

  8. Jonathan ChesterApril 5, 2015 at 6:52 AM

    Hi Aneet!

    Just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Easter! Spring has finally sprung and looking forward to great weather ahead after such a brutal winter.......

    Jonathan :))

    1. Jonathan,

      So nice to hear from you :) I trust you are having a lovely Easter too with family and felines. So happy that the punishing winter has departed and brought spring breezes your way.

      My warm wishes, ~ Aneet

  9. Jonathan ChesterMay 10, 2015 at 2:50 PM

    Hi Aneet,

    Just wanted to wish you a happy Mother's Day! Hoping you and Erin have some wonderful times today.......Tonight, I'm taking my Mom out for dinner at a fine Italian restaurant here in town. The sun knocked me for a loop a little playing baseball this morning, after all. I'm not as old as I used to be LOL.

    Jonathan :))

    1. Jonathan,

      How lovely it is to hear from you. Thank you for your Mother's Day wishes. They are happily received. Erin and I did have a wonderful time. I trust that your Italian dinner with your beautiful Mom was simpatico.

      Happy to hear you are playing baseball now, and that you are also a member of our club that is "youthing." :)

      You are so charming Jonathan, My fond wishes to you,

      ~ Aneet