Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Post on Anitra's Book of Days

Letting you know that after a three month hiatus, I have made a post on my other blog: "Anitra's Book of Days." You may find it on my profile page here (click on last line in side bar highlighted in red,) or by searching Google. My every other month post here is scheduled for January 15th.

Cheers to you beautiful Readers, and a sparkling New Year,

~   Anitra


  1. Hey Hey Aneeeeet..........

    How is the end of the year treating you? Any interesting new year's resolutions?

    I saw that video you posted of Erin and yourself driving through Beverly Hills at night. Loved it! Still looks great. Last time I was there on Rodeo Dr was 1979!

    I want to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy new year filled with everything great for you!

    Jonathan :)

    PS- Oh, and by the way......What's the difference between in-laws and out-laws? ANSWER: Out-laws are wanted!

    1. Oh Jonathan,

      Your PS question made me guffaw, and then breath in with a horse laugh. What would Jerry Seinfeld think of me? I am grateful for you presence here, and for your humor and your many many gifts :)

      I hope the end of the year is treating you well and ushering in health, success and joy. As for resolutions, I'm sure there are many lurking in my sly subconscious, but they haven't reared their heads to face the light. Exercise, healthy food, writing, taking time, kindness and savoring as many moments as I can, are always on my list daily.

      Cheers Jonathan! ~ Aneet

  2. Your work is inspiring. I have to admit ending up here by accident. My search was based on seeing you in a Banacek episode I first saw when I was about 11 that's now on Youtube. You look great, then and now.
    - Lou


    1. Hello Lou,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am delighted that you find my work inspiring. So glad you found your way here via YouTube. Lovely to hear from you -- and welcome!

      Sincerely, ~ Anitra

  3. Hello again from beautiful (& foggy) Oregon Anitra. Since I cannot post on your celeb page, I just wanted to tell u I finally saw the "Pariah" episode of S&H tonight. I told my Father about corresponding with you via media. He said quote "She is a very pretty girl"...u know I must say u have a really great speaking voice and I really the roles I have seen u in so far. I am really surprised u did not do more acting. But life does guide us into many different & diverse directions. Hope that this, the beginning of 2015 is the start of an amazing year for u. Until next time.
    Regards Always

    1. Riche,

      So lovely to see you here :) Glad you made the effort to post in this different venue. And you saw "Pariah." I'd love to see that again myself. Thanks for forwarding your Father's complimentary words. And also for your kind thoughts about my voice and acting.

      You have wisdom, Riche, in that you realize life sometimes guides us in diverse and unexpected ways. I really appreciate your generous comment. May you too have an amazing year.

      My sincere good wishes, ~ Aneet