Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Scolari's Serenade


I continue to post on this blog every other month on the 15th. My next post will be on the 15th of July. On my other blog, "Anitr's Book of Days", I post intermittently, and on my two public Facebook pages: "Anitra Ford's Celbrity Page" and "Anitra's inspiration", I have been making weekly posts.

Cool Breezes and Happy Days to you,    ~    Anitra


  1. Anitra,

    It's wonderful to 'hear' your thoughts! The happiness in your voice makes me smile. I understand... :)

    Everyone is partial to one decade in particular and for me, it will always be the 70s. The music, the movies, the TV shows, the books, all the pop feels comfortable, it feels right, and it still makes me smile to this very day.

    My best wishes,

    1. Tom,

      What a delightful comment you have made. Our connection is derived from the 70's, and yes, that music speaks to me too. I tend to live in the moment, and love finding that same kind of joy in the here and now. But there it is, that surprising hook while strolling through the supermarket: an instant time travel into the past.

      It's always lovely to hear from you. Thanks so much for sharing :)

      My fond wishes, ~ Anitra.

  2. Anitra, this delightful poem comes at a good time. Following your dance through the produce section has repaired my mood. I am grateful.

    1. Geo, your message brings a smile. I'm so glad you like the post. It's always an honor to hear from you. Your humility, coupled with you gifts are an inspiration.

      Health and Joy, Aneet

  3. Hi Anitra:

    Wow, what a cool memory. I could imagine you twirling around. I love peanut butter pretzels, too. I always enjoy hearing you describe vivid images. Sometimes, it's nice to hear an author speak. Well, the farmers markets are around the corner and I can't wait to get out there to pick up some great produce. May you always have warm and creative thoughts.

    1. Marie,

      It's great to see you here, back at our old stomping ground. I so enjoyed your words. Thank you for sharing them. Ah yes, those peanut butter pretzels are irresistible.

      And it's true, the season is inching forward. Soon you will be partaking of all those colorful, healthful and natural delights.

      Cool breezes to you, ~ Aneet.

  4. transcendent moments of gliding across a dance floor... spaghetti squash and peanut butter pretzels... twirling and rocking... paris and rodeo drive... days of joy and wonder for you... and for us, too, now that you've shared them with us...

    1. Ah Louis,

      You have such a wonderful way of encapsulating your experience and turning it into to poetry. I'm delighted by your joyful response. Thank you.

      Wishing you cool breezes, Aneet

    2. Merci, Mademoiselle Anitra! My imagination had a wonderful time creating a mini-movie following your dance through Scolari's. Wishing you cool breezes and very gentle rains to chastise Santa Barbara's heat wave...

    3. Louis, it's a treat to read your thoughts and to imagine your imagining creating a movie from my Scolari's experience.

      Thank you so much for your kind wishes. Oh, that those rains (which can't possibly appear before November, if that) will waft in monthly like a dream and save everything.

      Cool wishes, ~ Aneet

  5. Aneet-

    I absolutely LOVE this post. It's wonderful to hear the happiness in your voice as you lyrically describe the beautiful memories the song triggers.

    For me, my decade is the 80s, the decade of my early youth. Even as I write this, I have iTunes up on my computer, listening to various song of the decade. Allow me to share an example of memories a song triggers for me. The song currently playing as I write this is "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis & The News. Every time I hear this song, I am transported back to the summer of 1985, being on the beach in Redondo Beach, playing under the warm sun while coconut-scented sunscreen wafts in between the breezes.

    Thank you for sharing such a delightful post with us.

    Cool breezes and warm regards,


    1. Joseph,

      I'm delighted that you so enjoyed this post. I wrote it several years ago, when I first began this blog, Published the text, and then, for some reason, deleted it.

      Recently, it began to feel current, and only yesterday did it dawn on me to speak it rather than to write it in text form. As I've said before, it matters greatly to me to live in the present moment, but now and then, there are those memories that arrive unbidden. And it's especially sweet when something quit beautiful wells up, and our heart is full with it.

      Thank you for sharing your special moments with Huey Lewis and the News. I can picture it and catch the coconut scented lotion in the air. Even the grains of sand are there. And, of course, I know Torrance Beach.

      I'm so happy you contribute to this blog, Joseph. Even though I've been repeating myself today with this one, what else can I say in our heat wave, but "cool breezes" to you,

      ~ Aneet

  6. It's good to dance or to think when you danced last. It eases the mind and sets it in a happy mood.. My favorite from that time is " The Hustle ", I play it from time to time with my headphones on and just start dancing. I do not care if I get caught, as a matter of fact, it would be so wonderful if people let down their guard and join me.

    1. Mister Monnier,

      How lovely to see you on this page. Yes, it does set one in a wonderful mood to dance and think about dancing. "The Hustle" I too appreciate: the delightful celebratory melody, and the kind of whistling bells -- definitely one that moves you in your shoes.

      And you are one of those rare individuals who will let your hair down and respond to impulse. I have had the impulse, at times, to dance (a little) on the street corner while waiting for the red light to change. If I bump into you one day on Little Santa Monica Boulevard doing "The Hustle," I will surely join in.

      Cool days and happy writing to you,, ~ Anitra.

  7. Jonathan ChesterMay 16, 2014 at 7:46 PM

    Hi Aneet,

    You have a very soothing voice. And organic apples at $1.49 a pound! Who could beat that as I buy organic apples weekly. As far as tapping out that drum beat to the music, you know that's my specialty. I can only imagine being in Scolari's with you as you're dancing from the spaghetti squash to the peanut butter pretzels. I'd be right beside you tapping out the rhythms of that Ashford and Simpson song. Nothing like going back in time for a moment and re-living the past. It's almost as if we never left. We hear that song or see an old TV series, and there we are for the moment. It happens to me quite often. Late night I'll watch Three's Company and it seems I'm re-living the 70's all over again.

    Aneet, do you eat organic produce regularly? I try and make a habit of it at least for breakfast on a daily basis.


    1. Jonathan,

      Welcome, welcome! So good to hear from you. As usual, your comment brings smiles. Particularly the image of you by my side accompanying me with your drum as I dance and twirl through the aisles of Scolari's. What a performance that would be.

      And Three's Company would definitely take me back too.(not transcendent, like the dancing,, but back in time). Back to the days of shag haircuts and bell-bottom jeans.

      As for organic produce, I know that in many 4 season areas it's hard -- if not impossible -- to come by. Yes, I try to have organic produce whenever I can. I'd say what I consume is about 75% organic.

      Again, Jonathan, always lovely to read your messages.

      Happy and healthy days to you, ~ Aneet

  8. Jonathan ChesterMay 17, 2014 at 12:36 PM

    Aneet, anyone who eats organic I feel has the best chance of staying healthy. It pleases me to know that you consume that much organic food.

    As I get my parade drum ready for Scolari's, I just wanted to mention one more thing:

    I was watching just this very moment a segment on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" with Guy Fieri. It featured a delicatesson in Santa Barbara by the name of Norton's. Have you ever been there? Looks like they're known for their pastrami sandwiches. They make them so many different ways. Dennis Miller was there and it seems like he's a regular customer.

    Perhaps after we're done drumming and dancing at Scolari's we can march down the road and end up at Norton's? We will go from eating healthy to shaking up our bodies a bit!


    1. Jonathan,

      I find it interesting that you think organic food will keep one healthy. I mean, their is a lot of research out there that suggests it's true, but you act as though you might have personal experience in this area. Do you?

      I know that it usually has a better taste and texture, and I do detect feeling better from consuming it in general. But I also realize that when I skip eating produce (esp. veggies) after a while I begin to lose energy, and any kind of fresh produce, organic or not will help.

      I recall eating at a restaurant called Norton;s years ago, but I haven't heard of it lately. Guy Fieri is a bombastic fellow. I'm a big fan of the Food Network, and so catch him now and then He lusts over the antithesis of healthy dining.It's a weird dichotomy isn't it, that deliciousness is so often associated with the foods that are the worst for us and vice versa.

      As for Fieri, I think he's talented and quite a phenomenon, but I can't help imagining him in various contrasting situations. Such as: on a date with a shy meditative woman. She would be chanting "Omm," and he would be shouting "WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT TREE!! BIGGEST TREE I"VE EVER SEEN." They've already done a sketch of him on SNL. I'd like to see them branch out with his character since he is so over the top.

      Lovely chatting with you Jonathan and fantasizing about our SB Jaunt, happy days, ~ Aneet

  9. Jonathan ChesterMay 17, 2014 at 9:36 PM


    Actually, my personal experience has been through my own research along with trial and error. I know I have a list somewhere here of about 10 or 11 fruits and veggies that you always need to buy organic simply because it's almost impossible to wash off all of the pesticide residue. I find what works best for me is a diet high in fruits and veggies, and extremely low in wheat and added sugar. All this along with plenty of exercise of course!

    Likewise, it's always lovely chatting with you too Aneet and also fantasizing about our SB Jaunt.........


    1. Jonathan,

      Thanks for responding to my questions. I really appreciate it. I too have the list of most toxic produce. In fact, it just happens to be at arm's reach. I would think that avoiding both sugar and wheat would give one a really balanced and steady energy. That takes a lot of will power for me.

      Anyhow, Jonathan, so lovely having our chat.

      With gratitude, Aneet

  10. Hey Aneet,

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I love your evocative language. I need to seek out more of your poetry. Do you have a book link you might share?

    Bradley (from Fangoria)

    1. Bradley,

      Lovely to see you here. Welcome! So glad you like the post. And no, sorry, no bool link. I do have a few poems within my two blogs. One here, entitled "Claret Cup Cactus" I think it was posted in 2011, during a time I visited Joshua Tree, and I have a few writings in poetic style on my other blog: "Anitra's Book of Days."

      The piece above glances into my past (which you can relate to) whereas the others are more present time.

      Happy days to you Bradley,

      Sincerely, ~ Anitra

  11. HI Aneet,
    I closed my eyes and listened to your beautiful voice,and I was transported
    back in time to the 70's.I felt great inner peace,fond memories of my High
    School days,and the music of that time flies.I could really meditate to your beautiful words.Thanks for sharing! I do hope your having a Fabulous Summer Roger

    1. Roger,

      Lovely to hear from you and read your poetic and generous words. As you suggest, I am savoring these summer days. I am grateful for your kind and sensitive presence here.

      I hope and trust that your life and your family are happy, healthy and thriving.

      My fond regards, ~ Anitra

    Anitra, I make custom birdhouses with themes. I would like to make one for your garden with a Price is Right theme. Please send me your post office box address and I will get busy. I really enjoy your blog and especially the pictures of the beautiful area your reside.


    Joel in GA

    1. Hello Joel,

      In order to answer your message, and because you didn't publish your email address in this comment, I published your request.

      I wanted to thank you very much for your generous offer. it is thoughtful and kind of you to think of me. I am delighted that you enjoy my blog. It's a personal expression, and I am happy that it speaks to you.

      I'm sorry to say that I can't accept your offer for various reasons, but I want to tell you that I am truly honored by it.

      I encourage you to share again in the future, Joel, and if you haven't met my Facebook pages, I invite you to visit me there as well. My public fan page is:" Anitra Ford's Celebrity Page"; and my artist's page is "Anitra's inspiration."

      I am pleased to hear from you and want to send you my sincere good wishes,

      ~ Anitra