Monday, May 13, 2013

Ordinary Day

The scent of summer
lifting from the still moist soil of spring
Santa Barbara blooming, glistening.
Every day the interplay of fog and sun.


How delightful it is to be back here in this welcoming arena -- this forum of friends 
-- the open channel where I take the images that have greeted me over the past two months, strain them through the filter of my perception, fashion them 
into form . . . and deliver them to you. 

 With gratitude, I welcome you into my blue world by the sea. This month, I have made two posts, both prompted by the phrase, "the scent of summer." They are fairly free-form, from the white Matilija poppy, to cactus flowers blooming in my garden, to a bucked-tooth gopher (in need of a good dental hygienist), who was plump, large and completely indifferent to my presence. Even when I stood in front of him and spoke, he looked at me, but didn't flinch, just continued 
with his plight of digging and gnawing.

The Princess Cruise Line that has been showing up from time to time in our harbor: a stunning sight, surprising in its breadth; cedar waxwings clustered on bare branches; a hooded oriole; an artist capturing the slough in oils and even a white cat staring through her green window are a few of my offerings today.  What's missing is the birdsong, which you will have to imagine, or perhaps you could go for a walk in your own neighborhood and hear some similar music.

On another note, my work continues and is going well. Posting every two months now, feels just right. It's wonderful to see you :) I will return on the 15th of July.

Bountiful wishes and happy summer solstice my valued readers and friends,  ~    Anitra


  1. Jonathan ChesterMay 14, 2013 at 7:17 AM


    These photos are a nice reminder of the great weather we are all about to enjoy.

    That gopher can always make an appointment with my dental hygienist, she's quite good. He looked like he was in awe being in the presence of such a beautiful Barker Beauty.

    Aneet, I'm glad your work is going well and that your sticking with your post. Even if it's every 2 months, it's always great to be in touch with you!

    When you make your next post in July, I'm sure the smell at the beach of Coppertone will be in full effect......

    Your friend always,


    1. Ah Jonathan,

      Yes, you saw the post. I knew you would relate to the gopher. We'll have to set him/her up with an appointment with your D.H. Humor is undoubtedly your forte.

      Thank you so much for you good wishes Jonathan. Hope life is treating you an your household kindly.

      Wishing you cool breezes, ~ Aneet

  2. Hi Anitra,

    What a lively variety of photos! You've helped me feel the blooms of your spring and hear the rustlings of the birds and critters as they become more active. Although, I must say the gopher brings back horrifying memories of pocket gophers we fought for a couple of years as they chewed the roots of many of our landscape plants! It's very challenging to garden in Colorado as it is and pesky varmints make it nearly impossible!

    Your first photo is amazing, capturing the hovering bee with its shadow reflected in the flower. Such movement and action from a still shot! And I love the little five petal flowers in the background. Do you know what those are?

    You look very relaxed posing along the tree's stout, protective arm. Did you cut your beautiful long hair or just give another look hiding it in your hat? You look terrific with short hair as well!

    Thank you for bringing us these beautiful images and words. Have a great rest of spring and summer and I hope your assignment continues going well!


    1. Alan, hello again,

      Thank you for your impressions of my photos. It's a pleasure to get your take on them. I don't know what the little white flower is, but I felt it was important to include it. If I find out, I will post it here beneath this comment, but it may take a week or so.

      I appreciate what you have shared about your gophers. It's hard to get angry at such a plump and cute critter, but I know exactly what you mean. They are a nuisance.

      And no, I did not cut my hair. Sometimes when I take photos on windy days, I pull it back in a ponytail, to keep it from blowing in front of the camera's lens.

      Again Alan, so glad you liked the photos. I appreciate your astute vision. Hope you are taking many photos yourself. And thank you for your good wishes.

      Happy Summer Solstice to you and your family, ~ Anitra

    2. Alan, it's the ever so fragrant jasmine :)

    3. Hi Anitra,

      Thanks for checking and so kind of you to let me know. I thought that might be jasmine but when I did an online search I didn't see any images like that.

      That reminds me of the time I was in Santa Barbara almost 40 years ago visiting relatives. They lived in some cottages or bungalows (I think there were a handful clustered in the area). We walked to the beach one day (maybe a mile or so) and if my memory serves correctly, we walked generally east (may not have been true east) and then turned right on State Street(?) to get to the beach. We passed a lawn bowling court which may have been a senior citizen center (at least there were seniors bowling on the lawn that day). I remember being infused with the jasmines that surrounded the court. Does that general location sound familiar? I always thought if I ever get back to Santa Barbara I'd try to find that area again.

      Thanks again for letting me know and bringing back such vivid memories. I think that was the first time I smelled jasmine, at least to the degree that it would infuse my memory forever!

      Hoping you are enjoying the end of spring!


    4. Hello Alan,

      Your welcome :)

      The Santa Barbara you describe sounds familiar, but more like a composite of several different sites in a three or four mile radius. Yes, you describe the tone of Santa Barbara. I think if you do return, that simply tooling around downtown in the area State Street and Victoria, that you'd recognize familiar sites.

      Right now, jasmine is everywhere. It's quite extraordinary this year, along with Jacaranda.

      Thank you for your message Alan. Sending my good wishes to you and your family, ~ Anitra

    5. Hi Anitra,

      Thank you for your guidance. I looked at an online map and near the intersection you suggested is the Santa Barbara Lawn Bowls Club on De La Vina Street. I noticed a grouping of bungalow-type homes near there at the corner of De La Vina and W. Victoria Streets. That seems like it could be the place (although I thought they were set at an angle to one another, but it was many years ago so it's likely it's my memory that is skewed).

      Thanks for your help. Brought back some great memories.

      Take care.


    6. Hi Alan,

      Glad I could be of some help. I think quite a few things have changed in the city since you were here, but your memories seem so very clear to me.

      My good wishes to you, ~ Aneet

  3. Oh my! The land and sea, the garden, life teaching itself to us in a new way from day to day, moment to moment, is what an ordinary day should be. I shall learn here.

    1. Geo,

      What a beautiful comment. So simple and true. Glad this post inspired those words. I will read them again.

      Exquisite days to you Geo, ~ Anitra

  4. Hello Aneet!

    Well here we are flying through spring with summer just around the corner. Thank you for sharing this beautiful collage of spring images. Santa Barbara never seems to be lacking color. I hope everything is going well with you and your current assignment. On Mother's Day I thought about you and Erin, particularly when she appeared on TPIR with you to help present the toy-themed showcase.

    I'm very happy to tell you that I did get a new job at the beginning of April. The last four weeks have been very busy for me as I have been in and out of training workshops. The ironic thing is that my new office is only a short 10 minute drive from home, and for the last year I had been talking about wanting to move out of state.

    It's always lovely to read your posts and enjoy your pictures. May your summer be full of warm sun and cool breezes.

    Best wishes and warmest regards as always,


    1. Joseph, welcome!

      Wow, what wonderful news! I'm so delighted to hear that your diligence and perseverance has moved you forward. Challenges don't cease, but we succeed and reach pinnacles. You deserve so much acknowledgement for what you have accomplished.


      And thank you for your kind words and lovely sentiments. Thinking of Ery (Erin) on Mother's Day :)

      Well it's an exciting new time for you. Wishing you much good fortune, Joseph, and a summer filled with blue skies and clear vistas.

      Sincerely, ~ Anitra

  5. Hi Anitra:

    I hope that you had a great Mother's Day with Erin and family. Thanks for sharing your personal and environmental pictures. Anitra, I've always thought that you are beautiful person, inside and out, no matter what stage of life. I always enjoyed how your creativity infuses your life. I enjoy seeing the vibrant colors of the flowers that you captured in your recent photos.

    Where I'm from in Chicagoland, lilacs are in bloom only during May and early June. It is truly the scent of a warm spring. Do lilacs grow by you?

    I'm also working on freelance assignments. I do an article for the Tribune for one of its special sections called Prime Time Views. This is where I ask questions to active seniors 50 and over. I really enjoying talking with these folks because I learn much from them. It's always fun. Hope you have a great and safe summer. Hope you visit some fun and interesting farmers markets.


    Marie L.

    1. Marie,

      Hello lovely lady. It's always a pleasure to hear from you. I know lilacs from my time in Milwaukee and was so taken by their beauty and fragrance. I am not aware of them here.

      It's great news that your investment in time and creativity, along with your insight and perseverance has led to yet another job. This one at the Tribune sounds excellent in so many ways. What an interesting subject for your focus. I'm sure you're doing a wonderful job with it.

      Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words Marie. Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy summer, ~ Anitra

  6. Anitra,

    Such beautiful images - the kaleidoscope of color and visual splendor of the nature is a gift to see. It reminds me somewhat of time spent on Catalina during my first ship posting (out of San Pedro), when I would go for long walks or horseback rides to unwind. My solitary visit to Santa Barbara happened during a winter road trip that began in a snowstorm and was often beset with weather typical of the season...though the day we reached Santa Barbara it was a sun-drenched oasis.

    Our own May started with days as good as you could ask for during the summer season, before becoming a more unreliable by mid-month. Still, a person cannot complain. Everything looks lush and verdant, the deer and bear are back, the hummingbirds are in abundance, and berry season is just around the corner. There is always something special to look forward to!

    all the best,

  7. Robert, hello,

    Again, it's so nice to read your lovely prose. Thank you for your kind words, and for relaying your colorful memories. I do believe you have much material for a blog of your own.

    You are obviously in a very beautiful environment, and have a splendid way of conveying your experience.

    May this season shine on you. Sincerely, ~ Anitra

  8. Hello Brian,

    I received your message, and I would be interested in discussing more about your request for an interview. Do you have a Facebook Page? I don't regularly give out my e-mail address, but perhaps you could contact me through the message application on my Facebook page. I have several pages.

    It would be nice to hear from you there. Thank you for your interest.

    Sincerely, Anitra