Saturday, April 7, 2012

This Day

At this time of the year, in the full bud of springtime, it becomes especially clear to me that every day is a gift.

So fragile it is, this life . . . and rare . . . dangling from a silver web in the wind.

To me, now, the air itself is enough, gives me all the information I need to know that every moment is gold, and to hold it all, everything that is arising, expressing and dissolving, with reverence.

Have a beautiful day, ~ Aneet

** I will return again on April 20, look forward to seeing you then.


  1. Jonathan ChesterApril 8, 2012 at 6:13 AM

    Hello Aneet,

    Very profound words as I also believe that each and every day IS a gift. Nothing to be taken for granted.

    I wish you, Erin and your family a happy Easter filled with joy, and of course lots and lots of Trader Joe's 72% dark chocolate!


    Jonathan :)

    PS- Thanks for leaving such nice comments on my drumming videos, they mean a lot. If you ever start "The Anitra Ford Big Band", I would like to be your drummer.

    1. Hello Dear Jonathan,

      Thank you so much for your good wishes. It has been a beautiful day in every way. I surely hope that your day was lovely too. How about a little apple pie with that chocolate?

      And you've got a deal. The minute I start my big band, Jonathan, you will be the first musician on my list.

      So good to hear from you, ~ Aneet

  2. Hello Aneet-

    Gold is where you find it, isn't it? Ah yes, back to that discussion of where we find "gold" in our lives. Like Jonathan, I wish you, Erin, and your family a bountiful Easter.

    Regards and best wishes,


    1. Joseph,

      Yes, it is a similar thought, like that "gold" we talked about a number of months ago. I so like the word you use, "bountiful." I hope that your Easter was pleasurable and fulfilling too.

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful sentiments Joseph.

      My warm regards to you, ~ Aneet

  3. Gorgeous sunset, Luv!! Perfect illustration of WHY we should try to enjoy each day to the fullest. You'll never trump God's Miracles, which is a totally appropriate sentiment for Easter, no?

    Hope you and yours have a fabulous Easter!! Have some Ghiardelli Extra Dark bunny EARS for me, if ya would.

    1. Chris, hello,

      I surely hope that you had a beautiful Easter.

      When I saw that winged cloud in the sky, I screeched off the highway and ran a good two blocks to catch the unobstructed view.

      Ghiradelli extra dark bunny ears, wow, what could be better than that?

      Sending smiles your way, ~ Aneet

  4. Had a very pleasant Easter, yes. Gorgeously sunny and warm, which is unusual for Nebraska in early spring. I'm not surprised you pulled off the road to get the shot; I would have done the same with that kind of "composition" staring me in the face. I've got a couple lovely sunset shots on my Facebook page that are riots of color and beauty - both taken with my humble cell phone! Never knowing when to expect the chance for such shots is part of the fun, the way I see things. Ties in with nature's beauty, and the Lord's Miracles.

    As for the dark chocolate bunny ears, they taste wonderful if you dip them in Smucker's Natural peanut butter, which I daresay you can relate to............

  5. Hi Chris,

    I'm glad you had a pleasant day. It's always nice to hear from you. You are filled with artistic inspiration, not to mention the bonus of your original recipes: dark chocolate bunny ears dipped in peanut butter -- oh my goodness. Eat your heart out Reese's.

    Thank you for sharing. My good wishes to you, ~ Aneet

  6. The children hand in hand by the pond, the mallard couple floating by, what a beautiful reflection of life.


    1. Wrangler, hello,

      You're very observant. I'm so glad you caught that. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful words.

      Sincerely, ~ Anitra

  7. This beautiful and inspiring...thank you for such thoughtful words and photos.

    Tom :)

    1. Tom,

      So lovely to hear from you. I will return your kind words and say, you're welcome.

      ~ Aneet

  8. Thanks Aneet, for the wonderful words and images.

    The air itself really does communicate so much in spring - the fragrances which seem to vary almost by day, the birdsongs, the softness of balmy temps - this day truly is a sweet gift

    peace to you, and all


    1. Al, hello,

      I really appreciate your words and reflections. They communicate so well the tone of the season.

      Delightful to hear from you. My good wishes,

      ~ Aneet

  9. The four photos on the right hand side of the blog... some of the most beautiful photography I've ever seen. Fragile, rare, magical.

    1. Hello LRN,

      It's so nice to hear from you. Gosh, I am humbled by your kind words and delighted that you like the photos in the sidebar. I need to more than share your compliments with the flowers themselves. They are truly magical. If you're not familiar with it, the third one down is a kangaroo paw. When they pop open into tiny stars, I wish the whole world could get a look-see. It makes me happy that you have recognized it.

      Sending good wishes your way. ~ Aneet

  10. Aneet, thanks for giving me the name of the plant. I did a little research on the kangaroo paw and have added it to my list I would love to see in person. Having a fair amount of free time, I tromp around the desert in search of new plants to photograph and am constantly amazed by how such delicate blooms flourish amongst mesquite and cactus. I'd love to recommend your blog to my own readers. Looking forward to your next installment but may not be able to comment on it for a while due to my daughter's upcoming surgery later this week. Returning good wishes to you. Louis

  11. Hello Louis,

    Yes, Kangaroo Paws are well worth seeing in person. they come in red as well as yellow and possibly another color too.

    I understand what you mean about the desert foliage. It has captured my heart many times. When you have time, I'd like to know if you have a blog or website with your desert photos?

    Meanwhile, I want to express my wishes for a successful outcome for your daughter's surgery.

    Sending my good wishes your way, ~ Anitra

  12. Anitra, thank you for the good wishes. My daughter's doctor is skilled and experienced but our knowing that doesn't take away our concerns. Will post a note to let you know that she's recovering well.

    LRNArts blog at

    The December 29, 2011 entry features "Five Desert Plants." You also might like "Holiday Time In The Desert" posted on December 16, 2011 which features pictures of Pearl, our local mermaid. A fair number of the other blog essays have some area landscapes.

    There are several photos of our desert flowers in the Wall Photos of my Facebook account (Louis Nugent, San Angelo TX). You can visit, browse and comment since it's open to anyone who wants to drop by.

    BTW, thanks for asking about the local flora. I'll be doing a piece soon on more of our plants, probably concentrating on the wildflowers that pop up after rain.

    Good wishes for you and yours, too. Please keep doing this wonderful blog.

    1. Hello Louis,

      Thank you so much for your message. I'm looking forward to seeing your blog, as well as your Facebook page, and I hope that our interested readers do the same.

      I trust that your daughter is in excellent hands. Even so, these times are never easy.

      My warm wishes to you, your daughter and your family. Sincerely, ~ Anitra

  13. Hope you enjoyed (or will enjoy) the blog and wall pictures, Anitra. Your kind encouragement to your readers to visit the blog is probably the reason almost fifty more visitors dropped by. Thank you.

    The girl child's surgery went well and she's antsy and wants to get back home.

    Enjoyed the vintage cars and trip to the mission in your update today. You mentioned the elegant homes of the area. When you have time, and if you haven't had the chance to seriously explore the city, do a little research on the pre-1900 architecture of New Orleans in my home state of Louisiana. Vieux Carre, Garden District, Uptown, even the Irish Channel... all sorts of treats for the eye.

    Wishing you the best. Louis

    1. Louis, hello,

      I almost missed commenting on this message, as I thought it came in under my newest post. These things can sometimes be confusing.

      I'm happy to hear that all went well with your daughter's surgery :) I'm sure that patience is in order now.

      I'm also glad that you got some extra visitors to your blog. I enjoyed seeing the foliage and terrain of your area, and your very nice photos as well.
      I'm sure that the architecture of pre-1900 New Orleans is magnificent. I plan to check it out soon.

      Meanwhile, it's good to hear from you Louis. I hope that your artist's spirit is happy and well, ~ Anitra

  14. HI Aneet,
    It Has Taken me some time to write about this Post.It really touched me in a profound
    way.Your beautiful words resonate in my Family and I felt that you wrote this
    Post especially for the same time you wrote these beautiful words my Little brother
    passed away.It was something so unexpected,and so Painful.We all must value each breath
    we take,and every moment that we are here.So on behalf of my entire Family we thank
    you for these precious words.Please know that you are very much appreciated,and good things will continue to manifest in your life Sincerly The Smith Family

  15. Hello Dear Roger,

    I am so moved by what you have shared and glad that you have found some solace in these words. I'm terribly sorry that you have lost your little brother. Everyone in a family is changed by such a loss.

    That out of your loss you find the depth and beauty of life is profound and speaks of the unique wisdom and understand of your precious kin.

    It's an honor to know you Roger. With my sympathy and warm regards, ~ Anitra