Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Price is Right - Marx Brothers Showcase

These were my favorite moments on The Price is Right: doing the wacky, zany Flaky Flick showcases.

I remember how much fun it was to depart from my model/hostess role and unleash my playful actress side. When rehearsing our Flaky Flicks, I never quite knew how they would play out. I just let go and allowed my background in improv to run free. What usually happened was a completely spontaneous and wild ride.

It was so much fun breaking loose from the tightly choreographed constraints of the show, where every tiny increment of motion needed to blocked and rehearsed wtih the camera. I don't think you would guess from watching Price, that being a TPIR model was so exacting. It was, in fact, very hard work.

My all-time favorite Flaky Flick moments were when I performed in "Phony Lady," a parody of the movie funny girl. For the sketch, the makeup department glued a unibrow across my forehead that looked like a scrawny cat's tail with mange. They also attached a huge Jimmy Durante Schnozz to my nose. From there, the hair department borrowed one of Cher's long black wigs for my tresses (At the time, the Sonny and Cher Show also taped on our sound stage.) In this hideous getup, I lip-synced to Barbara Striesand's passionate rendition of "People," and when I did, I pulled out all the stops.

I'd love to see that Flaky Flick again. In fact, I wish there were a collection of all the Flaky Flicks of that 1972-76 era.

And now . . . am I dreaming . . . or do I detect the scent of chocolate in the air? Ah, but yes, it's the sweet aroma of Valentine's Day, wafting in from the future. I will make my next post then -- on the 14th.**


  1. Hello Aneet-

    Ah yes the fun Marx Brothers showcase. In a few of the "Flaky Flick" showcases I've seen, I can tell you thoroughly enjoyed letting your playful and improvisational side show through. I agree, most viewers would not ordinarily think that being a TPIR model was a particularly taxing job, but there was a lot more to it than meets the eye. There were of course various costume changes, you had to remember the staging of the prizes for each game, etc. In fact, in an iterview in the mid-80s, Janice said something to the extent of "it's much harder than it looks because it's not natural to be that friendly with a refrigerator". In that same interview, Dian said "you're staring at the camera holding an object trying to make it look like it's your best friend".

    The picutre of you as "Phony Girl" is a riot. Of course there was your "Emmy-winning moment" as Bob described, when you came out on a motorcycle in full biker gear in a 1950s-themed showcase, although I'd wager the "Phony Girl" performance was just as Emmy-worthy. I sincerely hope that more of the Flaky Flicks surface in the future either in a collection, or if someone gets the rights to air classic TPIR again.

    Thank you so much for sharing another "behind the scenes" look at TPIR. It's so thrilling to read about what the show was like from your point of view.

    I hope the new year is finding you well, and yes, the aroma of chocolate certainly is in the air.

    Warm wishes and best regards,


  2. Hello Joseph,

    I really enjoyed your comment and your writing style as well.

    I'm glad you liked the post and the new information. You're extremely knowledgeable where it comes to "Price" and know so many of the interesting details of the show. I often learn things from reading your comments, such as, what Janice and Dian had to say about working on the show.

    I'm sorry that we've lost the "Emmy award winning moment," from YouTube. Maybe one day it will return.

    Meanwhile, Joseph, I surely hope that life is being kind to you. Your comment made me smile.

    Sending you my regards, ~ Aneet

    1. Hello Anitra,

      I think I actually remember when this showcase aired in 1974. Your terrific acting skills sure came out here in this Marx Bros tribute showcase. You guys reminded me of the Keystone Cops the way you all chased into the audience! That ragtime theme sure brings back memories as I believe it was used in other showcases.

      Hope life is treating you well in the new year!


  3. Jonathan,

    Lovely to hear from you.

    It's amazing that you remember this showcase after all these years. And yes, I can see the Keystone Cops connection. We also did a Keystone Cops showcase, perhaps they used this music there as well.

    I surely hope that you are acclimating well to your new surroundings. It always takes some time.

    Wishing you, your family and each and every one of your cats my fond regards, ~ Aneet

  4. Aneet-

    I sent you the Keystone Cops showcase. Maybe you've seen it already. =)



  5. Oh Aneet, what a fun showcase! Thanks for sharing!

    This is my first time viewing the Marx Brothers clip.

    As you have noticed, many TPIR clips have been removed from You Tube (intellectual property laws). Your "Phony Lady" and "Emmy Award Winning Moment" clips are must see viewing. Your appearance with Bert Convy can be viewed on You Tube.

    Have a good weekend.


    PS: Your appearance with Bert Convy was more entertaining than Dian's.

  6. Bits, hello, hello,

    Boy, your enthusiasm always bubbles off the page. It's delightful to hear from you.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the clip and that you hadn't seen it before. Sorry so many clips have been removed. I haven't been able to find the Bert Convy clip. Would like to know how to access it again.

    Meanwhile, Bitsey, wishing you a warm and super weekend.

    My fond regards, ~ Aneet

    1. Aneet:

      Click below for the Bert Convy clip.

      You were adorable with Bert Convy. Dian with Bert Convy - no comment.

      Earlier today, I watched Murder She Wrote reruns on TV Land. Bert Convy was a guest star (and a murder victim).


  7. Bits,

    Thanks so much! That's really thoughtful of you.

    I took a look at the clip again, and it's a lot of fun. the audience went crazy. When you do those pieces on camera or on stage, I don't think that you so much hear the audience as feel their excitement. Another memorable moment.

    Again, Bits, be well, and thanks a mil, ~ Aneet

  8. Classic!! And another NEW car for around five grand - those sure were the days. Your Groucho's a stitch Luv, but I'm still smitten with Sveltana and her adorable hand gestures. She would have been perfect for Harpo to chase!! Great find nontheless; I could watch Flaky Flicks all day, as long as you were in 'em. ;^) I wonder if that dude who runs the TPIR appreciation site has any new clips? Might be worth a look-see.

    I'm a bit blas`e about the "chocolate season" starting up, 'cos for me every season is chocolate season! The darker the better. Why not treat yourself early this year, Aneet? Valentine's Day hasn't been the same for me since the "massacre" aka my d'horse. Just another day for Hallmark Cards to get filthy rich from, IMHO.

    Be well, Luv. Have Sveltana try a dark-chocolate daiquiri; methinks she might like it.


  9. Hello Chris,

    Nice to hear from you. I hope this message finds you well.

    As far as your feelings about Svetlana, I understand. Quite frankly, I prefer to air clips and photos that put me in a more attractive light, but as we all know, there is so much more to a person than looks alone.

    There were a couple of your references that went over my head. Though I know of a Valentine's Day massacre, I don't recall the details, nor do I understand your initials, IMHO. The fact is, I love Valentine's Day an so many, many other things. I'm perfectly fine with Hallmark raking in a few big bucks for the occasion.

    I enjoyed your fanciful reference to Svetlana and a chocolate daiquiri. You surely know how to spell it right. It seems the perfect drink for her. Though for Aneet, we shall skip the drink and make it candy: something dark and exotic from the Chocolate Factory. Maybe chocolate with chili, or chocolate mint ganache.

    Take care Chris. Sending you my best, ~ Aneet

  10. Clarifications: The Valentine's massacre I'm referring to was the famous bloody one in Chicago during 1929, where Al Caqpone's mob slaughtered 7 of Bugs Moran's mob in a Northside garage.

    And IMHO is short for "In My Humble Opinion."

    Enjoy the chocolates, Luv - like I said before, it's ALWAYS "in season!"


  11. Wow, you have all the details, plus the date. Thank you! And I love that: "In my humble opinion" with initials. Perhaps I'll steal it. As for chocolate, I agree, everyday is chocolate worthy.

    Thanks for filling me in Chris. Sending my good wishes your way, ~ Aneet

  12. Aneet:

    Can't remember if I forwarded the link to your guest appearance on Starsky & Hutch. You can click below. Enjoy tomorrow.


  13. Bits,

    Oh, thank you! I have wanted to see that again. You're so thoughtful. I'm just delighted.

    My fond regards, ~ Aneet

  14. Oh, and Bits, one more thing: I'm so impressed with your resourcefulness.

    Thanks again :) ~ A

  15. Hi Anitra - vintage stuff! Looks like that show was alot of fun to do. Classic TV!

    Hope you're well, looking forward to your Valentine's Day "sketch" - I'll have some chocolate while I read it...maybe dark chocolate w/ almonds...

  16. Al, hello, hello,

    It's lovely to hear from you. I so enjoyed your message. Perfect really.

    So far, I know not what I will post on Valentine's Day. I'm hoping it will simply appear. Meanwhile, it may be time to change the title of this blog to the Cheery Chirpy Chocolate Club :)

    Sending you my regards Al, ~ Aneet

  17. Hello Aneet!

    Happy new year to you...though it's a few weeks in now I know :)

    I must say the showcases from TPIR were my favorite moments during the 72-76 years. This is where your personality was really shining through...and this is where you became my hands down favorite. I was so sad when you left the know, I stopped just wasn't the same! I never truly warmed up to the others that followed.

    I always hoped they'd have you return for an anniversary show or something similar. Were there ever any discussions about a "surprise" return? Probably not...but I'm sure I speak for your many fans...we can dream can't we?

    My best wishes to you,

  18. Hello Tom,

    I hadn't realized that you were such a strong TPIR fan. I'm surprised to hear that you stopped watching when I left. Mark Goodson once told me that I added something special to the show, a certain energy and vivaciousness. I was very flattered.

    As far as my returning, I came quite close to it on Bob's final show, but the logistics were too awkward and I changed my mind.

    I wonder how many Flaky Flicks we did during that era? Maybe one day they will make them available to the public. Yes, we can both dream, can't we Tom :)

    I surely hope that your New Year is treating you well. As always, it's delightful to hear from you.

    With appreciation, ~ Anitra

  19. Aneet:

    Enjoy Super Bowl weekend!


  20. Thank You Bits,

    Hope you have a great weekend too! While this gorgeous weather lasts, I think I'll take a walk on the beach.

    My warm regards, ~ Aneet

  21. Aneet,

    Re: "added something special to the show, a certain energy and vivaciousness"...Mark Goodson was absolutely 100% correct!!! While I'm sad the reunion did not work out for Bob's final show, it's wonderful to know that it was considered. You were such a vital part of the's great that they all remember that! (Because I sure do too!)

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  22. Hello Aneet-

    Wanted to check in again on this great topic. Speaking of our unusually warm weather, last Sunday I went to my favorite Starbucks and sat out in the sun for almost an hour enjoying an iced coffee and the glorious views of Catalina Island on one side, and Malibu and Ventura County way in the distance on the other side, but I digress.

    Mark Goodson was a brilliant, creative man. I've enjoyed so many of his works over the years. One day I will have to go to his resting place and pay my respects and grattitude of all the enjoyment his shows have brought me over the years. At the risk of embarrassing you, Mr. Goodson was correct, you brought a certain energy as well as glamour to TPIR. A while back on youtube there was a clip from a TPIR around 1998 or 1999 in which a contestant named D'Anitra told Bob that her mother was a fan of yours from watching TPIR and used your name as an inspriation to include your name in her daughter's name. Bob then briefly mentioned your work on the show.

    Having had the opportunity thanks to GSN, and these days youtube, to watch TPIR shows from over the years, there was an unmistakable prescence you had on the show. Without a doubt you had a major contribution to it becoming a hit so quickly. I'm very proud and honored to be able to share my enthusiasm and appreciation in this forum.

    Hope you're having a great weekend and enjoying the weather. Supposedly it may rain in a few days.

    Warm regards and best wishes,


  23. Tom,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. The longevity of TPIR, attests to the brilliance of so many different aspects of the show. The people behind the scenes, from wardrobe to makeup, and even those who chose the prizes, were all truly extraordinary and gifted. To think that what I contributed was memorable is an honor and a delightful idea to entertain. What comes to mind is my name, Anitra. I do believe that being given this unusual name (by my jazz musician father,) caused me, at least somewhat, to feel that I had some unique shoes to fill.

    As always, Tom, it's delightful to hear from you. Sending good wishes your way, ~ Aneet

  24. Joseph,

    Gracious good day! Yes, it is beautiful in Southern Cal. right now. Nicer than it was all summer. And I have to say that it's extremely difficult to stay on track with my writing assignment and not fall under the spell of the weather. I'd love to share some of the scenes around me right now, here on this blog, but it's just so time consuming. It's a challenge holding out for my Valentine's day post.

    You will have to read my comment to Tom, Joseph. Some of the sentences there respond to your comments as well. Mark Goodson was a visionary and a fascinating success story. He would be very happy to receive your appreciation.

    I enjoyed your comment about D'Anitra and Bob, as well as the exquisite picture you have conjured of clear coastal views seasoned with iced coffee. Thank you so much, Joseph, for what you contribute here.

    My fond regards, ~ Aneet

  25. Hi Aneet,

    From time to time I check in to read some of the posts and was fascinated to find out that your Dad was a jazz musician. Being a jazz drummer myself I was curious as to what instrument he played and what type of venues he played at?


  26. Jonathan, hi,

    Your comment comes as a nice surprise.

    My Dad played the alto sax during the later part of the Jazz Era in NYC. He played in a combo and in bands that had gigs around the city, as well as on cruise ships, resorts in the Catskills and even a speakeasy or two. Like you, he had a wonderful sense of humor.

    I surely hope that this message finds you happy and well. It's lovely to hear from you Jonathan. ~ Aneet

    1. Hey Hey Aneet,

      Wow,that's incredible! What a small world this really is. If I may be so inquisitive,what was your Dad's name? I guarantee that some of the musicians he played with are guys I played with as well probably going back to the early 1980's. I also played in the Catskills at some of the Resorts.(The Catskills were nicknamed "The Borscht Belt).

      One summer,our quartet played at the Brickman Hotel. It was a singles weekend and we were so excited. I remember that as soon as we arrived,they had to cancel it at the last second due to not enough single men checking in to balance the massive amount of single women that were supposed to be there. So instead,we ended up playing for about 75 senior citizens. I must admit they did the Hustle pretty well.

      The sax was my second choice for an instrument. It really is a cool instrument to play. When you get a chance and you want a chuckle,log onto You Tube. Just enter "Jon Chester drumming with knives". It's only 1 min 19 sec. A High School kid with his friends shot me on his cell phone playing a quick drum solo on a luncheonette table with a pair of knives.

      Likewise,just like yourself,your parents were very talented. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. It's really a blessing.



  27. Jonathan,

    Your YouTube performance, "Jon Chester drumming with knives," is amazing! Really miraculous. You are very gifted, and I hope that all our readers take a look. I'm so glad that you have shared this. I'm wondering how long it's been on YouTube. My Dad would have been very impressed.

    As far as sharing more about by Dad, I think I'm going to wait and save it for another time. I enjoyed hearing about your experience in The Borscht Belt. It takes me back to some of my Dad's stories about his experiences there. I remember that he knew and had worked with most of the musicians in Johnny Carson's Tonight Show band.

    Yes, it is a small world in so many ways. I'm delighted that you shared your wonderful clip. Thanks a bushel Jonathan. My fond regards, ~ Aneet

  28. Aneet,

    Thanks for watching my little knife drumming segment. It's been on YOU TUBE a little over 1 year. All I was doing was having lunch with a good friend of mine and tapping on the table with a knife and a spoon. The place was empty except for 1 table at the very end filled with about 12 High School students that were watching me tap on the table. Before I knew it, one then two then five, then all of them including the restaurant manager and his staff asked me to do something. So I made up this thing on the spur of the moment and there you have it. There will be more to come but anyway I'm glad you saw it Aneet. After watching you, I'm glad that you were able to now watch a little of me.

    Jonathan :)

  29. Yes, it's magical, "Priceless," and sounds so beautiful -- and the way you finalize it at the end with the new sound (of cymbals), it's an inspired piece of music. I don't know if it would work, but I even had a thought about putting it on this blog. And you say there's more to come -- how wonderful!

    Thank you Jonathan. My regards, ~ Aneet

  30. Hi Aneet!!

    I remember this showcase as well!! So much fun to see it again!! There were a lot of great moments that come to mind!! You were definitely missed after you left. The show was never the same for me.

    I remember you took a leave of absence at one point, and they brought Dian on (though she was Diana then)to take your place, wearing a horrible brown wig, and then brought her back permanently when the show went to an hour.

    Watching some of those shows on the DVD set, she really over did it, like she was trying to upstage you and Janice.

    Once Janice was gone, that killed it for me, and I honestly can not even sit through the show now with Drew Carey. I can't even remember the last time I watched it.

    So great to see the, Bob, Janice and Johnny Olsen.

    I always enjoyed the night time version with Dennis James as well. I wish they'd put out another DVD set and include some of those.

    I have watched the very first night time show on You Tube and there is a third model, an African American girl. I don't know if she even made it past that first episode. She was not too great modeling the prizes, I must say.

    Anyway, hope you're well and a Happy Valentines Day to you!! Hope you get some chocolate from someone special!!


  31. Mark, hello, hello,

    It's lovely to hear from you. I enjoyed reading your comment and your memories of the show. They are clear and perceptive. Dennis James had a lot of heart. I always felt a bit sorry for his position, as Bob had such a running start, taping weeks and weeks of shows to Dennis' 3 or 4 per month. He never really got a chance to warm up and catch his full stride. He was such a consummate professional, as was Bob. They were both so different and both so good at what they did.

    I would like to think that this message finds you under sunny skies and involved in exciting creative projects.

    Sending you smiles and my good wishes, ~ Aneet

  32. Hello Aneet,
    as I've said before TPIR brings back the best memories of Growing up in New York City.
    I was a Happy Child,and you made a tremedous contribution to the success of the show.When I see the clips from your era,I can always associated it with something that was happening in my life at the time,and i would tell my sons about it.I want them to know
    everything about me,and my Childhood.The Night Time Version i have to admit was my favorite.The showcases were spectacular.once before I metioned on the Night time version
    There was a showcase that Featured you in a house boat.I could have sworn it was taped in a Marina.You were in a white Bikini or maybe I dreamt it.I wonder if any other reader of this Blog saw it.I wish I would have commented when you first Published this post.Wishing you always good Health Roger

    1. Hello Roger,

      It's lovely to hear from you. So glad you were able to find time to pay a visit.

      It's interesting how these old episode can take us back to earlier times and bring up memories and past feelings. I don't remember the episode you describe (or maybe just barely.) It's fun to hear about your impressions of it.

      It's always nice to hear about you and your family Roger. Sending my warm wishes your way, ~ Aneet

  33. Hello Anitra! Funny,I was wondering about your name and just read what you wrote above about your musician father being the culprit who came up with it, lol, I wonder were he heard it? Anyway,cool name,it fit you perfectly! I hope you are doing well! Take care, -Sergio

  34. Dear Speed2011,

    Hello again. When my dad studied jazz, it was required to also study the classics. When studying Peer Gynt Suite, by the Norwegian composer, Edvard Grieg, Dad came across the piece: "Anitra's Dance." When he heard that name, he said to himself, "If I ever have a daughter, I will name her Anitra. And so, the name was waiting for me before I was even conceived.

    Life is amazing, no?

    Thanks for your question. Sending you my regards, ~ Anitra

  35. Aha, so that's where it came from! I like stories like that. Yes, life sure is amazing! What was your fathers name? I'm a bit of a musician myself(guitarist)though jazz isn't my expertise. Actually I'm more of a rock musician myself but not so much into hard stuff, more like Dylan and Beatles with me. Anything nice and mellow. I do however deeply appreciate other kinds of music. I love Chopin and Bach. By the way, do you play an instrument? Any favorite musicians? Rock groups? Hoping you have a pleasant night! -Sergio:)

  36. Sergio,

    Hello again. Ah you too are a musician. There are a few fine musicians who read this blog. I wonder if there is any special meaning in that.

    On my profile page I list some of my musical interests. Of course they go well beyond that. I don't play any instruments per se, but I have improvised on drums now and then.

    As for my dad, I will mention more about him elsewhere.

    Thank you so much for your interest and your feedback Sergio. It is enjoyed and appreciated.

    Sending my good wishes your way, ~ Anitra

  37. Hi Anitra, thank you for the good wishes! Yes, I'm a musician too, that is, when I'm not working on a painting. I like to relax with the guitar and write songs for friends.I'm not sure there is any special meaning in that you are attracting musicians, but then again, maybe there is, maybe they heard you playing the drums! I read your profile page, I do remember Ashford & Simpson, great act!I believe one of them passed away not too long ago? I remember their song "Solid" very well indeed. Big hit. I read in your profile you have an interest in art. Can you tell me who are some of your favorite artists? Thanks again for the good wishes and kind responses. You're a very nice person. Goodnight!- Sergio

  38. Sergio,

    Hello again. Yes, that's right, you are a painter first . . . ? There is so much art that I like. French impressionists like Monet and Cezanne. I'm particularly drawn to the Non-representational abstract movement of the 50s. Artists like Rothko, Robert Rauschenberg and Hans Hoffman. Assemblage is wonderful. Even California landscapes. We have a place in Santa Barbara where people make art from scrap. It's all good.

    And what kind of art do you create?

    Sending my regards, ~ Anitra

  39. Hello Anitra,

    How are you?
    Yes, I'd say I'm a painter first then a musician.
    My work is mainly realism but I also like painters
    such as, Degas, Dali, Corot, Monet, Delacroix and
    a few others. I enjoy their use of color. I guess
    you could say my specialties are portraits and still
    lifes. Never tried abstracts, I don't think I'd be
    good at it! Yes, I've heard many artists go to Santa
    Barbara, it is a beautiful city. How long have you
    lived there? I ran across a clip of you on youtube,
    pretty funny scene where Burt Reynolds throws you off
    the bed and leaves you grumbling ha ha! I haven't seen
    that whole movie though, I'll have to find it. Hope you have a good night,- Sergio

  40. Hello Sergio,

    It's been nice getting to know you here. I have been enjoying your questions and am honored that you have an interest in my blog and my history.

    Most of the blogs that I read or follow, have very brief comments of just a sentence or two. For some reason, the comments on this blog are longer and more personal. It's probably because I publish and answer most of them. I do, however, have to monitor the tone of my blog. I prefer to have the main focus of my blog be the posts themselves. As much as I enjoy hearing about you and answering your questions, I feel that I've gotten off track here. As I have quite a few comments and requests coming in both here and on other sites, I won't be able to continue to follow this thread in depth.

    I'm so delighted that you have shared with us, and I hope that you comment again on some of my posts in the future. Thank you so much for your interest.

    My sincere good wishes, ~ Anitra

  41. Hello Anitra,

    I understand completely and I'm glad you mentioned this.
    It's the first time I join any blog and was only going by what others here were doing. Thanks for being upfront about it!

    Best wishes- Sergio

  42. Sergio,

    Thank you for your understanding. I am honored that you've joined my blog, and even more-so that it's the first blog you've joined. I enjoy your questions, and they are quite similar to the other comments on this blog. Most comments come in on my newest post after it's been published. Most readers make one comment and now and then a response to my answer. There are exceptions, but this is the general tone, and it keeps the balance and flow of the blog going forward. I'm very glad that you share and hope you continue.

    If you want any further clarification, please contact me through the message application on Facebook.

    Once again, Sergio, sending my good wishes, ~ Anitra