Thursday, March 10, 2011

black, white and shades of gray

Though I catch a glimpse of the ocean almost every day, I continue to be surprised by its changing colors, patterns and shapes. This week, after a rain, with long clouds casting shadows, and brisk winds stirring the water's surface, the ocean took on a rare texture. It reminded me of fabric: a sumptuous tweed.

And then, yesterday, in the afternoon, reflecting the light of a low-slung sun, the water appeared slick and silver like a mirror. I think it must be the absence of color in these two photographs, that gives them the look of pen and ink.


  1. Hello Anitra-

    Beautiful pictures of the ocean. It's rather inspiring to sit and contemplate the ocean, isn't it?



  2. Anitra,hi. The top picture especially looks like it could be a great inspiration for a painting. Would you ever consider this as a project? If you do, I would love to see your work.

    Best to you always- Jonathan

  3. Hello Joseph,

    Glad you like the photos. Yes, the ocean is inspiring, though, as I have no view of it from my home, I'm usually walking or standing when I catch sight of it. I think part of the ocean's inspiration is its spaciousness. I enjoyed your thoughtful comment. ~ Anitra

  4. Jonathan,

    This blog has a mind of its own as to how it chooses to aline the first two comments. Anyhow, in regards to your message, I haven't had much time to paint lately, but I love your idea. I think doing a series of abstacts of the ocean with varying textures and colors would be great fun. Do you draw or paint?


  5. Anitra,unfortunately I couldn't draw flies if I was covered in maple syrup. However,(and there is a very big however here),since my artistic talents are as a professional drummer, I can certainly play one heck of a drum solo for you!


  6. Anitra,are you ok??? Heard about that tsunami and the residents of Santa Barbara having to go to higher ground.

    Let me know you're fine........Jonathan

  7. Jonathan, you have a great sense of humor. All art is related; they each require mastering different skills. I imagine your drumming is wonderful. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Wish these messsages would post in order of how I read them and answer them...oh, well.

    As far as the tsunami warning, we're on alert; but with the Channell Islands in front of us, I think we have a safe buffer. And, yes, I'm on higher ground. Thanks for your concern. I'm sorry to say, things in Japan look dire.

  9. Hi Anitra-

    I took a walk down by the beach today just to contemplate the ocean. The water was relatively calm, and it just boggled my mind how the ocean could be as ferocious as it was in Japan yesterday. The ocean gives so much but yet it can take so much away.

    I saw a very interesting sight, which made me wish I had brought my camera. There was a flock of pelicans flying back and forth along this stretch of coastline in beautiful formations. They looked similar to formations of military aircraft performing at shows, etc. They looked so peaceful just gliding along the breeze.


    Joseph (JH)

  10. Hi Joseph (JH),

    Thank you for your pensive and picturesque comments. I too find the flight formations of birds--and especially pelicans--extraordinary to watch.

    I think its eerie that I posted those two photographs just one day before the horrific event in Japan, and that we were all contemplating the ocean, when, just hours later, it seized up like a fist and rendered such destruction.

    On another note, you can send photos to my FB message center. I'd be glad to see them.

    Again, thanks so much for your poetic and thoughtful comments. ~ Anitra

  11. Your pensive photos remind me of Japanese woodblock prints.

  12. Ah, Chris, so good to hear from you. I so appreciate your impressions :)

  13. Anitra,

    I'm a big fan of black and white photography...and your photos are mesmerizing...with just a slight trace of color visible, they evoke a mood...something difficult to articulate, but I wanted to tell you they are quite beautiful.


  14. Both taken within 24 hours of each other, they seemed to me a pair. Though the scene in the top photo is more rare. It was the broad sweep of the texture on the water, as well as its lack of color and then, the unusually clean air, which gave it a lot of clarity. I'm so glad it reached you, Tom. Thank you for your kind words :)