Sunday, October 17, 2010

gray day: saturated color

Clear is not what we have, nor sunny. Today not only brought more fog (our trend now for a record six months,) but the mist has thickened into something close to rain. The saturated sidewalks are dark with moisture, and the hills obliterated, as if rubbed with chalk.

The thing is, gray weather rewards photographers. It enriches color and obscures the bleaching effects of the sun. And so this kind of dark day -- and I guess it's true for every day, really -- when explored more closely, delivers jewels.


  1. what a Beautiful Photograph and Comments.I would love to take better photos I was walking thru Central Park in New york today and it was a
    beautiful Autumn day,so many colors so much nature,and i thought to
    Myself how time flies.I used to walk thru the Park with my Grandmother
    in the Sixties.I must start taking more Photographs

  2. Roger, Thank you for your kind and sensitive comments. I must say, that there is nothing more beautiful than the East Coast in the fall. I encourage you to take more photos without judging, simply for the enjoyment.

  3. Anitra,Thanks for the encouragement.I will be puchasing a new Camera as the one I have my sons have taken it I grow older,I appreciate life more and especially the Arts.I try and encourage my three sons to really
    look at all what art has to 16 year old really loves your Photographs and think your a Beautiful Lady.I thought the same thing
    when i First saw you oh so many years ago on TV.I guess the apple
    does not fall far from the tree.Peace and Harmony