Monday, September 20, 2010

found art

What do you think this is?
The identity of this object will be revealed in two weeks or less.
10/2/10: It is paper. A close-up of iridescent wrapping paper (see new insert above main image) photographed outside in the direct sun.


  1. Little pieces of colored, shiny paper reflecting the light from the sun (hence the christmas light effect)? Very cool picture!

  2. Glad you like the photo. Your answer is very close -- almost perfect. You must be a photographer.

  3. Ah! So that's what it was! I guess I was pretty close then :)

  4. Yes, Lina you were -- good guess

  5. Anitra,what beautiful photos! they look like post cards,I have never heard of this place,but i will make a trip their with my Sons.They would love it,as they rock climb in these in door places when we are in New York.

  6. Hi Roger,

    Always good to hear from you! So glad you like the photos. If you come to JT, make sure it's not too hot or too cold. I'd check with the Chamber of Commerce to get the best months for visiting. This place is well worth the journey. It's about 50 miles north of Palm Springs.

    And so, your sons rock climb at an indoor facility in NY, how interesting. Wow, this is the place for them, and from the things you write, I think you would love JT and be amazed by it. On top of the wonderous images, there is great peace here and quiet.

    My warm wishes to you and your family, Anitra

  7. Anitra
    I"m so jet lagged most of the time,and with everything else going on in my life.I posted it in the wrong section........ sorry
    Thank YOU so much for the info.I will visit it in the cooler months
    wishing YOU the best
    Roger Smith

  8. I'm glad I accidentally came across it again. When it first came in, I thought it was odd that you had posted it here, but, I figured you had some good reason. I had never considered jet-lag. It makes perfect sense. Glad you finally got the info!

    Be well Roger, ~ Aneet